Trump Plays Hardball With China on Trade | US China Trade Deal or Tariff

Stalled progress on a US-China trade deal. The threat of new tariffs coming Friday. Trump is playing hardball. But what’s really at stake? Welcome back to China Uncensored. I’m Chris Chappell. Friday’s coming and you know what that means here at China Uncensored— It’s Friday, Friday gotta get down on Friday! If you’d like to feel old, that song came out eight years ago. Anyway, this Friday, you know who might not be partyin’, partyin’
yeah? See, for five months, US and Chinese negotiators have been trying to work out a big trade deal. Back in December, President Trump had said he would raise tariffs on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods on
March 1. He extended that deadline, and then kept extending it, so a trade deal could be made. But on Sunday, President Trump said enough is enough. Well, he Tweeted enough is enough. “For 10 months, China has been paying Tariffs to the USA of 25% on 50 Billion Dollars of High Tech, and 10% on 200 Billion Dollars of other goods. The 10% will go up to 25% on Friday.” Thank goodness Twitter allows up to 240 characters now. So this Friday— two days from now— is the deadline. And maybe he means it this time. “The Trade Deal with China continues, but too slowly, as they attempt to renegotiate. No!” This is a change of tone from early April, when Trump met with Vice Premier Liu He in
the Oval Office. At that time, it seemed like things were going
well. “We are rounding the turn, we’ll see what happens. We have a ways to go but not very far. We’ve made a lot of progress.” The Chinese Vice Premier agreed there was
progress, and tried to butter up the president a little by praising his direct involvement the negotiations. “Because of your direct involvement, we do have great progress. Although we still have some remainings, hopefully we get a good result.” Oh Liu He, flattery will get you everywhere. Except maybe to a trade agreement. So why have the trade negotiations hit a speed bump since then? On Monday, US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, who have been leading the trade talks, said that Chinese officials had been reneging on previous commitments. And they confirmed that US tariffs would be raised on Friday. According to Lighthizer, Chinese officials were trying to make substantial last-minute changes to the agreement. What?! Who could have seen this coming? Well…a lot of people, actually. Bloomberg columnist and finance professor
Noah Smith says that for China to make good on its promise to reduce its 400 billion dollar a year trade
surplus with the US, it would have to make big sacrifices. “It seems improbable that China will follow
through on this big trade-war concession,” Smith argues. “Chances are high that it turns out to be
a red herring.” That’s because following through on any kind of structural reform would hurt China’s economic growth too much. But of course, not signing a trade deal would also hurt China’s economic growth. That could be why, last Friday, Trump suggested that the US would be just
fine without a deal. “We’ll see what happens over the next couple
of weeks, but we’re getting close to a very historic
monumental deal and if it doesn’t happen we’ll be fine too, maybe even better.” One reason the US could be better off holding
out for now, is that these negotiations are a unique chance to reset America’s relationship with China. That’s what hedge fund manager Kyle Bass
recently told CNBC. And there’s good reason to listen to Bass. He’s one of the few people who correctly predicted the sub-prime meltdown that sparked the 2008
financial crisis. He says reducing America’s 400 billion trade
deficit with China is small potatoes compared to the big play: forcing China to stop stealing American technology. “With China, our real issue is forced technology
transfer, it’s intellectual property theft, it’s subversive industrial policies that circumvent WTO rules, it’s basically the way the Chinese lie, cheat and steal their way through our economy.” Bass says that for the trade deal to be meaningful it’s gotta have teeth. Like sanctions on China if their promises turn up empty. “It’s really important for this new agreement, whatever it is, to be measurable and punishable.” And that’s one of the sticking points with
the current deal, which the Chinese officials tried to renege
on. But if you ask former White House chief strategist
Steve Bannon, the US has to demand that the Chinese regime make structural reforms that will transform
China into the kind of free market system that China promised to be so many years ago. And if we can’t get that from the trade
deal, we shouldn’t sign it at all. “I think we should walk away from this right
now. We ought to start playing hardball, we ought to start playing smash-mouth.” Yeah, we ought to start playing Smash Mouth! “Hey now, you’re an all star. Get your game on, go play.” If you’d like to feel really, really old, that song came out 20 years ago. What’s that, Shelley? I see. Steve Bannon is not a fan of late nineties
rock music. He just meant aggressive and confrontational. That makes more sense, I guess. Anyway, Trump *is* getting more aggressive
and confrontational. His Tweets on Sunday… were a warning that things are moving too
slowly, and that Chinese negotiators had better not get overconfident or drag things out. It’s time to make a deal. Or no deal, if they want to play it like that. And he’s gotten support from some unexpected
sources. Like Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer, who tweeted that Trump should “hang tough
on China.” Meanwhile, Chinese officials have agreed to resume trade talks Thursday and Friday, so there’s a possibility that tariffs might not go into effect on Friday, after
all. So what do you think about Trump’s threat to slap China with more tariffs? Leave your comments below. And while you’re still here, it’s time for me to answer another question from a fan who supports China Uncensored with a dollar or more per episode— through the crowdfunding website Patreon. J R Harrison asks: “Who are you interviewing this year for the anniversary of the T.S. Massacre? Is it going to be Fang Zheng again?” Thanks for your question. Last year during the Oslo Freedom Forum, I interviewed Fang Zheng— a Tiananmen Square student protester who was run over by a tank. This year, I have a new guest lined up: Zhou Fengsuo. After participating in the 1989 Tiananmen
Square protests, and surviving the massacre, Chinese authorities labeled him as number
5 on their “most wanted” list. They arrested him, and threw him in a re-education camp. Now, he’s in the US and fighting to make
sure Tiananmen Square gets remembered. I think you’re going to love this interview. It’ll come out June 3. And thank you to everyone who supports China Uncensored on Patreon. I’m Chris Chappell. See you next time.

100 Replies to “Trump Plays Hardball With China on Trade | US China Trade Deal or Tariff”

  1. Donald Trump is only a big mob who loves to fuck his daughter, Ivanka Trump. They fucked each others in Virginia. That's the best thing Donald Trump will keep doing beside stealing tax money of the Americans.

  2. Trump just want some money to build the wall.but we Chinese don't wanna pay for it. so he change the way to ask American people to pay for it.

  3. A lot of China suppporter in the west never know how things are when you're china neighbor.
    U.S. might give us an unfair trade deal but China took our land, our mineral mines and etc.

    Our business ruin by chinese investor that operate only by chinese immigrants. No job for local.
    They always have backdoor deal with countries' upper echelon for dubious tax exemption
    or nonprofit at all construction project.

    Sound like what westerner did? then multiple the deeds magnitude by hundreds fold.
    That's how business with China is.

  4. VOA was CIA department for anti-socialist propaganda
    Free Voice Asia, Free Voice Europe was funded by the U.S. government
    NED was funded by the U.S. Congress.
    Who gave you the money then? "Free" Speech?

  5. playing smash-mouth?

    you mean that donald trump plan to throw tons of onions on china? or does it mean that the plan will consist of multiple layers?

  6. Just look at Ebay and Amazon. They are mostly products from Chinese vendors selling from China to US. They can all still getting away without paying any tariff straight to USA. Unless Trump is doing something about it. Our sales slump online so much because of the Chinese vendors flooding our online markets

  7. Tariffs Are Nothing More Than a Tax on the Consumer. Where Do You Think All Those Additional Funds Go? Right Down the Rabbit Hole. Wake the Hell Up Folks!

  8. Talks fell through today, so new tariffs will take effect. But it could take up to 3 weeks from Friday to take effect.

  9. EXport to USA is just 18% Chinese total export,3%of Chinese GDP,even lose all export to USA,means a piece of cake to China

  10. We should know that,employee in USA,salary is 50 times higher than Indian demostic software engineer,but they do the same jobs..Very little India can go to work in USA,very very very little indian can become top leader or CEO,they are lucky man,just like the 2 turkey were forgiven in Thanksgiving Day..

    This unfair economics order was created by the west colonist to depression the 3rd world.China is now to change that,made in China 2025 is just a program to get tech industry reduce the salary gap between developing country and developed..If China success,3rd world countries like India,PAK,indonisia,Vitnam,…all will have similar salary level with USA..

    That is really change the world and help indian or other undeveloped country out of the trap,this is why USA begin the trade war,USA still want to enjoy the life that can hire some cheap indian servants by giving them 20000 rupee salary per month.Made in China 2025 is the biggest target they are sacred of…

    Do you want your children still live in the world that USA have 50 times higher than Indian or your country?Do you want to be cheap servant of west in your next generation?Think carefully

    Be in the right side,history will prove that.Indian and China corporate together,end the british colonist rule,now it is the time to end the west economics and tech monopoly.We need a realy fair word trade…

  11. Trump only serves the redacted . He doesn't have your best interests in mind at all. We were duped. There is no political solution. The redacted won't allow it. We aren't even allowed to criticise the redacted .

  12. You should read "The Accidental Superpower","The Absent Superpower" and "Disunited Nations" by Peter Zeihan.

  13. good luck with u guys without the import export from china , prices will go up coz u guys dont have importation from china ,,, think who will affected at he end . where all your cheap stuff come from .. made in china right .,,,,, a cellphone case made in china will cost u $1 – $5 to buy it … but how about if is made by USA .. $20 and up or more ,,,,,,, Good Luck guys

  14. i wonder when chinese become thief ? spend some time and go to museum, see who are stealing for the past 500 years. it will be a shock to know this history.

  15. You Trumpers are fucking morons. Your happy about paying more for stuff? Really? We tried tax cuts and tariffs before. It has never worked. 🥳

  16. China has been ripping the WHOLE world for a long long time on trade and buying up our company's just to steal our tech !!! Glad to see Pres Trump at the Helm on this… or we could get Obama to tell them "Knock it off" lol I just thank God Trump is our President at this time in our history… he's 100% Alpha Male Boss, what a leader should be !!!

  17. ​ @fazole  I could explain why we still respect sun Yat-sen but we would never follow the American democracy. In my eyes, Falun Gond is a terroristic organization in China. It just like an American would hate Bin Laden?But U take Falun gun as friends, just like Chinese people think Bin Laden is a good man because he deffended his country and help China prevent the attack from America.
    20 years ago America and China have much more awful relationship than now. Because of our embassy in
    Yugoslavia was bombed by American stealthy fighter plane. Three Chinese people were Killed!
    Most Chinese still hate American. In 2001 which before "911" several months, Chinese pilot was killed because of the Hainan Island incident. These issues have been taken as our national shames since PRC founded.
    20 years ago, China was much poorer than you expected. The most advanced fighter plane was bought from the Soviet Union. We didn't have any abilities to build the third-generation fighter plane, let alone the fifth-generation fighter plane J20. China is a special, because we have 5000 years and 90% of the time, China is the strongest country in the world. We admire America, but we still believe we would become No.1 again. This is our national consensuses. Most Chinese in China believe they would become stronger day by day. It just likes coins. Please look at another side of the coin. Even if we take the same policy, China today may be like Taiwan which need America to become alive.
    However, if we wanna become much stronger, we must take our steps or approaches to develop our countries. Maybe we would make mistakes like 10 years of cultural revolution. May be we would be boycotted by some countries like Japan, South Korean, Vietnam, and India.
    But we still believe our country would become stronger than yesterday's one. So if you ask me why China didn't follow as Sun Yat-sen, because his policy could help China to become wealthier. From 1911 to 1949, China followed as his policy and we failed. China was invaded by the Japanese. We have no ability to build a truck even in 1956! His policy didn't help China become strong. So we now take another policy named "socialism with Chinese characteristics". It is different from the Soviet union's one and different from Vietnamese one or North Korean one. We follow the policies which succeeded in other countries, no matter capitalist or socialist. We combine them to create the Chinese model. We didn't name it the best policy in the world because we absorb the best policy from other countries and combine them with Chinese real situations. So these are the reason why China developed so fast these years!

  18. For the last 40 years we (big 🇺🇸 business) supplied china with the economic opportunity to build its infrastructure to what it is today, while ruining manufacturing in the USA. It will take a lot to bring the business back. It's like a penny of prevention is worth a trillion dollars of cure. Who knows how this will pan out?

  19. Lol at this channel supporting Trump. Trump his trade tarrifs are hurting his own farmers and causing rapidly rising consumer prices.

  20. This is a great program which is informative.
    China wants its RMB Rimibi to brme the world currency
    Attention should be put on U.S
    Industry which started this whole mess and we the US could sell debt to 8ndia Thailand Vietnam and Australia ins6ead the whole MFN is total insanity. We do have a problem they export we import note Walmart and Amazon and Google Chinas banking industry?
    Thank you programs are very good.

  21. Frankly, after all the lying, cheating, stealing, and human rights violations, I support just embargoing China until the CCP collapses in on itself. Their might be some economic damage to the US, but some things are more important than money.

  22. Part of me wants Trump to stick around for another 4 years so the next president doesnt come in and immediately undo all this great progress we've done towards combating China's unfair relations to the US, especially looking back at your last video about how American media companies having programs for China makes them self censor their programs that air in the US to keep those China bucks flowing. If we don't have people that the top trying to fight this BS, it's only going to keep getting worse.

  23. CCP crooks playing waiting game, end CCP by 2020 in between get the crooks to pay up 500 BILLION

  24. If Trump is going hard on China, just wait until Bernie gets into office. He'll DESTROY them! He's called them a currency manipulator, something Trump didn't follow through on, and wants to renegotiate free trade.

  25. Not only does Trump like to play with pussy , he doesn't mind playing with the lives of millions of Americans. It's easy for him to do it since he's already rich while millions try to pull themselves out of the lower rungs of society. As the days go by it'll only break the backs and spirit of hardworking Americans. Rich get richer and the rest die tryin.


  27. U.S should dis-member China as a member of WTO, if China is unwilling to abide WTO regulations (its been over 15+ years now)

  28. I do not have any knowledge about China cheating Americans. However, President Trump will not attack China unless he is right. So I support him. I am very into the border and illegal madaforks situation. President Trump is on point of defending our safety from the lawless invaders. Ban all illegal – rather is mex or Chinese. Tired of these madaforks. The illegal Chinese in the Chinese communities are getting worse. Arrest and send back, please.

  29. The China gov't is totally neglecting his northwest poor people. These people do not eat well, dress well, no school, parents divorced, crimes always high. The china on the southside look modern and impressive but the poor northwest are dying daily. China gov't to his own people is known to become world power – my ass. Wants to be number one in arms, in trades, yet do not give a second look to his dying civilians. The china leader is just another money greed madaforks.

  30. He better hurry up. Unlike xi jinping, Trump actually has an expiration date on his presidency. All China has to do is to drag it out and they win

  31. USA soon has to pay way more cash for everyday goods. Especially American buisnesses will have to pay more. Also before the trade war many American companies bought way more stuff from China because they feared it getting expensive later. For washing machines alone the US middle class had to pay 1.5billion dollars more in 2018. The average price for a washing machine has risen by 86 dollars. For dryers it is even more wirh 92 dollars. An average household has to pay 767 dollars more annually. About 7 millions jobs depend on trade with China. The trade deficit stayed constant and didn't change at all.

  32. One huge problem with this trade war – USA changes its head of state every few years – China has decided to stay with their current head of state "Mr San Choy Bow" AKA Winnie the Poo. The next USA president will probably be another trouser dropping limped dick two faced lying C&^T and not anything like Trump. China can just out wait USA and they know it !!!!

  33. My view is that no matter what China agrees to in a deal they will immediately go back to dumping exports on the USA and other countries. Almost 20 years ago they joined the WTO and quickly went back to ignoring its laws. For example, they continue to manipulate currency so that their Yuan is cheaper than it would be if it floated on world currency markets–why is that a big deal–because it keeps China products cheaper than stuff made in the USA and other countries. They have many levels of NON-TARIFF barriers against our products. Remember in 2013 when just ONE COW in the USA was sick with Mad Cow disease–CHINA stopped all imports of USA beef for a full year….you can bet though that the Walton Family and Bezos are down on their knees trying to get Trump to back off. Actually Bezos has a better position since he can fulfill orders from USA suppliers while. EVERY THING IN WALMART IS MADE IN THEIR FACTORIES IN CHINA…

  34. Well done Mr president what you are doing on trade is good for the world Trade must be two ways both must benefit not other way around

  35. Well in Germany we have the same problem with the Chinese. They steal our technology. Airbus, Siemens, Daimler.

    I think the Chinese bubble comes to a end. When trump raises the Tarifs then they can’t lie about their growth anymore. First is real estate. Then this zombie companies. Also it makes me worry how chinese see this. They always say stuff like hey look we are growing since 25 years. Nothing can stop us. We are the only economy which can be ruled by one central place and a bunch of old guys which meet every 5 years to make a plan. They never saw a recession. And I as a economist have to say. They will feel this one super hard.

  36. It is VERY CLEAR that trump is one of those kids of whom his father paid for MBA from Wharton.

    The growing business failures list…

    1. Trump Airlines
    -$300 million

    2. Trump beverages

    3. Trump: The Game

    4. Trump casinos (6 casinos)
    -$500 million

    5. Trump magazine

    6. Trump Mortgage

    7. Trump Steaks – Repackaged Omaha Steaks at a higher cost

    8. Trump’s travel site

    9. Trump’s comms company (corporate phone co)
    -$70 million

    10. Trump Tower Tampa

    11. Trump University
    -$25 million + -$1.7 million Legal Fees

    12. Trump Vodka

    13. Lost future earnings from calling Mexicans rapists

    Go Team Adultery / Child Detention / Fake Charities / Money Laundering for Russian & Chinese Spies / Sexism / Racism / Fake Family Values / Actual Genuine Treason. ./ Killing Family Farms for Con-Agra & Monsanto / TrumpCare welcome back to Crappy Insurance, Large Co-Pays, Catastrophic Health Bills, and Medical Bankruptcy

  37. "Trump is a sleeping orange, let him sleep. when he wakes up, he will shake the world by Twitter" — Napoleon <me>

  38. China steals everything, not only from America, but from every country it thinks is good at some field.
    eg. Automotive, cosmetics, restaurant, dessert cafe, etc

  39. China’s takeover of the world will not be worse than it is now. The United States launched more than a dozen wars after World War II, creating millions of civilian casualties in the name of freedom and democracy. Those countries have experienced ten or even decades of turmoil. Even now it has not subsided. There is nothing more tragic than this, the United States is evil, the most evil country in the world………………………..Suddenly I found my voice to be so weird here. It turned out to be a troll channel managed by the United States.

  40. China doesn't have popularity polls to worry about. In the meantime, we're the ones paying tariffs. To reduce the trade balance, reduce the deficit.

  41. Any trade deal under which China keeps dumping its goods (it obviously will- it is second nature to China to steal patented technologies and dump goods so cheap that competition is rigged) should be considered too much concession and hence a defeat. Because China funds its weapons build up against the US with export revenues and profits earned from the US. Seek something in the name of trade deal that China can not give up and thus turn the trade deal into a dud. Sanction China immediately so no trade ever happens with China. People should also share some responsibility and avoid buying Chinese goods as much as possible. Kick China out from the american market.

  42. Trump is my new hero !! 👍👌 send him to the u k when you’ve finished with him 👍👍👍👍

  43. CCP is evil. They have spies everywhere to keep their people suppressed and to ensure no alternative thinking occurs for those who are soaking up the west abroad.

  44. Chinese CCP thug heads cannot change..If they do the masses will kill them in town squares…They are sleepwalking this and Trump's at the wheel taking them them where they'll not be able to return..hence they can't make any deals even if their lives depended on it…This is how communism dies…

  45. I support Trump 100%!! The idea isn't to put tariffs on China but to get them to remove China's tariffs on American goods!! Bottom line is I'll give you the same deal as you give me!! Tariffs for one, tariffs for all!! Trump power!! MAGA Trump 2020!!

  46. Well we’ve allowed China to become the largest producer in the world, however India is right behind them in production so I think they realize if they do not cut a deal with the U.S. they will lose their market to share to India since the U.S. is the worlds largest consumer society. However I do not think Trump is aware of the international players and their stakes, so I doubt we will get the deal that would ultimately play in our favor.

  47. TRUMP, the best President this country have,,, ever. AND OBAMA, THE WORST PRESIDENT AMERICA HAS.

  48. Trump just likes Balls!🔴🔴🔴 Putin Balls🔴🔴🔴 Kim Balls🔴🔴🔴 Saudi Prince Balls🔴🔴🔴!

  49. I love your China Uncensored Chris Chappell.

    I appreciate the elaborate efforts and discussions on CPDC, but the problem is well known and more known when discussed more, SOLUTIONS ARE TO ME SIMPLE

    1. It is good China’s real colours are known unlike Japan or South Korea both of which grew with US support and do not go against the US, China isn’t and China will never be a loyal partner, never ever trust China

    2. It is very simple reduce the trade start with 5% to 10% to 25% of the imports from China should be Managed this way

    Let us say 25%

    5-10-% Manufacture in the US, I know all is not feasible
    5-10% from Vietnam & Malaysia & Indonesia
    10-15% from India

    This will choke China PLUS IMPORTANTLY make them agree to US on more things PLUS gives an alternative supply or source and strength the US

    India has the 1.2 Billion people and cheaper labour option plus technology to support at least 10-30% to begin with and if $ 550 Billion trade is brought down to $ 300 then US has control

    India on the other hand is the highest purchaser of Defence Imports and INDIA and reciprocate the trade balance


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