Unlicensed daycare: Hidden camera investigation (CBC Marketplace)

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  1. I. Use to have a licensed day care . This is scary to say the least. I had CPR training an other training before I even thought of being licensed day care because I wanted to know it for my children. I updated it when I decided to do day care. And I took in only the allowed amount I was always full. Till unlicensed people charged less I ended up closeing. That was years ago. As parents you need to be careful who watches your children please.

  2. My children were abused in 3 licensed daycares. When reported I was told they all had complaints but never charged due to no evidence. I felt guilty and sick to my stomachs that they were neglected.

  3. Why tf wouldn't you put your child in a license day care? i get finding day care is hard but i would rather quit my job or take an extend leave because my childs safety is all that matters

  4. Looks like I need to move to Onterio after College because I'm in College for Early Childhood Education and I could help and be another licensed day care

  5. Sorry, but if you don't have the time to take care of a child, don't have a child. People don't realize that in a perfect world, one of the parents would be responsible of taking care of the children full time, too bad we're not in a perfect world, and we can't afford to have kids without having both parent working.

  6. It’s absolutely terrible that these in home daycares are unlicensed, no qualifications in early childhood education, not certified, no certificates in training, unsanitary, unsafe with the poor conditions such as not having gates around the steps, doors, and no locks around the cabinets inside the kitchen doors. These children can get into anything and that’s how things happen with these children due to unsafely hazards. Plus no widows or smoke alarms in case of a fire. These in home daycares need to be licenses. What bothered me is that 30 kids in a home daycare which is a lot of kids to be in a home daycare. While outdoor play, a two year old slipped and fell into a big pool. And he was pronounced dead. No parent should go through that. Plus the daycare was unlicensed which is unlegal. In home daycares, you should have at least up to 5 kids. Not eight, ten or 30 kids. Daycare providers like this don’t worry about the kids safety. Intentionally they care about enrolling more kids. The more they enroll, the more they worry about the money. It’s all about the dollar than the safety of the children. Especially in unlicensed daycares. Which I find very sad. I’m glad this women is going to these daycares and recording it on her tablet. To really see what’s going on in these daycares. And to show the parents what goes on at these in home daycares in the hands of the provider that you put your child in. I’m also glad this women definitely did her investigation by recording the women putting the children in the van. And these are infants and toddlers with no car seats. Absolutely DANGEROUS. The government needs to look into all of this because it’s not safe for the children. I also learned this from my professor from college go to the daycare and observe the daycare and ask questions about the daycare itself. Too many things are always happening in these daycares. Never read the reviews always go in person to observe and see it for yourself. And it goes for the same thing if teachers are looking for a job at daycares.

  7. im from England and our childcare is way more safe. yes we have babysitters around but there are so many registered childminders and nuseries/daycare and they all have to be safe. fire training, cpr and some healthcare training, training in children, pristine background checks and a safe clean environment, with playtimes and educational/developmental help; even disability/special needs training!. seeing this digusts me and i am concerned for all those poor children and parents who have no choice.

  8. They don't have CPR certification? I'm 16 and had to have CPR certification to work at a summer camp with multiple other councilors more experienced than I! What would happen if the only adult in the facility doesn't know the heinlick??

  9. This is very sad 😭 I hope that lady is really taking care of those kids good if not I feel very sorry for the parents but soon their gnna learn the hard way n sadly it maybe the only way to stop this Daycare 😔☹️ poor little angels I swear 🙏🏽🤔😔

  10. When I decided to open my home to run a daycare, I visited other places in my neighbourhood to see what they are offering and get the ideas and pricing. OMG! I couldn't believe what kinds of dumps people are calling a daycare. One lady was so old I couldn't think she is in shape to run after kids yet she had 8 of them of all age. Her husband lingered around for 'help' but he creeped me out, he never said a word just stared at me or who knows what he fixated his eyes on. I have an ECE diploma (that's 2 years of community college in a tough and demanding program), I'm European where girls start to babysit at an early age, I have a big playroom upstairs, no basement rooms, those kids who needed a nap had their own bedrooms, big, fenced in yard, First Aid certified, police clearance certified. Last time I checked, college was some major expense. In fact, all of this costs money so if you're asking for the childcare provider to get those certifications, be prepared to pay the price. No, $5 per hour won't cut it. Needless to say, all that didn't mean a thing to the parents, they only wanted to put their kids into the cheapest place they could find. Then when their kids aren't cared for properly or get hurt, it's the childcare provider's fault. Yes, yes it is, no matter how much (or little) you're getting paid, watch the kids and don't allow things that could happen under the parent's watch to happen under your watch. In another word, be better than the parents. It's hard, but it's doable. And parents, don't be cheap. Do overpay a good childcare provider. You are not going to find the good ones at every corner.

  11. 1. A childcare room MUST have windows. And they don’t need a separate room for sleeping. But storage space should also be AWAY from the children. And there needs to be a set schedule, I doubt in these daycares there’s a schedule. I find so many things wrong with these home daycares. I’m in an Early Childhood Education class and there’s so many things wrong. I’ve already had my background check and been to work in childcare centers. Trust me, these have so many illegal things. It’s disgusting and these kids need licensed daycares.

  12. Licensed or unlicensed, PARENTS NEED TO DO THEIR RESEARCH. I watch children for a family I know which I can do without a license. I am cpr and first aid certified because I feel I need to be when there are children under 5 in my care, we have safety plans in place incase of fire or earthquakes, and we have pre-k lessons that we do every day. No, I am not licensed, but the kids are safe and loved here. Parents have to be responsible enough to check their providers out before leaving their kids anywhere.


  14. A lot of comments are like "luckily my parents just left me with family when i was little so I didn't have to go through this. " I was left in the care of my great aunt once and it was such a nightmare that it only happened once. If they don't know child cpr and first aid and don't have a good environment for kids it doesn't MATTER that it's family, it's just as dangerous. How can your elderly mother who has trouble walking without her cane provide good enriched care to a rambunctious toddler?? Childcare really is more than sitting in a chair with the tv on all day. I worked in childcare for 6 years and i only left because it paid pennies. And it pays pennies cause everyone thinks it's so easy and that any moron can do it.

  15. My day care was weird… they had three toilets in the same bathroom.
    After lunchtime, they told us to go to the bathroom and use the toilets or wash our hands. Anybody could see you during that. It was also a licensed daycare!
    Thank god that it shut down though.

  16. This why I'm glad I stay with my sons, while she goes to work, we rotate; who ever isn't working cares for the children.

  17. This is so eye opening and makes ne realize why people need certifications and everything else. And parents TRUST these daycares!

  18. This I investigation is crazy. It's the parents fault for letting there kids go to these places. And it's not a day care, it's people. Baby sitting for money. People do it all the time, so it's not a damn day care.

  19. When I was a kid, my sunday school teacher ran a daycare out of her house. She started having youth group at her house so we would watch the kids. -.-

  20. Deuteronomy 4:19

    Verse Concepts

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  21. Come to think of it…all women and men wanting to be parents NEED ECE training. Do you know how many people have children to meet their ego's needs to be worshipped??

  22. Its up to parents to screen these places. I wouldn't let my kids in any of those shacks, if a parent puts their kid in a home daycare without even checking po ut the damn house they shouldnt have kids. 🙄

  23. It’s really sad that some parents don’t really know what goes on in one of those places. Have to pay to take care of their kids while they’re at work. Probably don’t have relatives nearby or have nobody to help them out. I wouldn’t put my kids in one of those. I would have my mom/sister or mother in law to help me out. Wouldn’t even trust the ones with a license.

  24. I am an Early Childhood Educator. Reading these comments is making me sick … man you're not even allowed to touch the children. And I'm reading people are ABUSED? Cmon 🙁

    I work so hard in my program to teach the children to be nice and respectful to each other. How can you do that if you don't show it yourself x.x

  25. I'm sorry, but many of these things are obvious. If the parent isn't going to ask these questions or continue to enroll their child after seeing the conditions, who is really at fault here? Its one thing if the provider does a bait and switch. Its entirely different if you show up and see the place is unsafe and still enroll your kid.

  26. my guess is the parents are so defensive because if that daycare is shut down, they have no where else. I hoe that they have been able to up the amount of licensed day cares.

  27. Let’s give a shout out to all the wonderful people running good daycares, licensed or not. I ran and continue to run an inhome unlicensed daycare for almost 4 years and I love those children like my own. Not down playing the bad ones but let’s also just shout out to the good ones. Having a place where kids can go and feel safe and at home is something all parents one and I pride myself in being able to give that. ❤️

  28. Why can't we live in a world where the mother stays home with her children any more? I am all for women in business, but I would much prefer to be with my child instead of working and having no choice but to send them to an expensive daycare just so I can make sure they are being cared for by licensed adults. ):

  29. If the child count for unlicensed daycares has a limit, why are the licensed daycare's wait lists so long? They can legally accept more

  30. Well, then a stay at home parent should be payed and families given a choice other than just having to give they’r kids into day cares

  31. I have CPR, im city certified, I have first aid training and education based on “high-five” emotional and social learning. I could take safer care of these kids than these people. It takes a totally of 12 hours of training to have all the training necessary. (Eduction takes more time) but it’s not hard and really fun courses. This is disgusting

  32. Makes me sad to know this is what i world has come too. We all messed up in some way and made our world what it is. We should all be ashamed. This is small part of whats messed up in our world.

  33. Licensed or unlicensed daycare there's crazy people everywhere! Children died in unlicensed daycares and children died in licensed daycares and Kids getting shot up at schools. It's a worldwide problem.

  34. This is so worrisome. Im currently on mat leave but i work for a licensed daycare, used to have cameras. If i had an unlicensed, it would be to the standard of licensed.

  35. That basement with no other exit is scary. I've been in a house fire so that really is scary

  36. Yes it's different than when it's your child. All daycares can be licenced. I use to babysit for my siter, two children at a time. But I now have my one boy and I'm scared because I can't have my eyes on him all the time. These unlicensed daycares should be closed down because they just don't care. Transporting children with no car seats? Smh. I'm very nervous. God help those who can't help themselves. Helpless unknowing children.

  37. I went to a daycare as a child that was part of the public school, it was a really hot day and they had all of us outside. I remember feeling more and more sick as the hours went by and I asked to sit in the shade and was told no. I asked to go inside for a drink and was told no again. I eventually fainted and I don’t remember what happened after that. That daycare is still open and there have been a lot of complaints from parents throughout the years. I’m 26 now with my own child and would never send my daughter there. I actually went there for a job interview that was posted in the local newspaper. When I arrived I saw a toddler running around an empty room unsupervised holding a battery and a screw driver…. I didn’t take the job because I was told it was “unpaid” volunteer work…. wtf?

  38. This only showed terrible situations. I am sure through all the daycares they supposedly looked at there had to be some decent ones. I own an unlicensed daycare. I am trained in first aid, CPR, and childcare classes. I follow state regulations to the best I can. I only watch 5 kids at the most. I am not licensed but I still have a nice daycare. I have parents on waiting list to get into my daycare. Not all daycares are bad and people need to see what actually happens at daycares were the provider does it out of love for taking care of children not just for the money.

  39. Blah blah regulation this.. regulation that.. How about parents take more precautions? Unresponsive daycare? Don't ignore the warning signs… Pull your kid out and find a better one with good reviews. Better yet, maybe a daycare with cameras in every room is the way to go.

  40. so filthy some of these homes are not even fit for humans. omg they really need to teach people in school how to keep a nice clean house and not become a hoarder, rather than focus how to add protons and neutrons together .

  41. Let those trailer trash moms and dads send their kids to kiddie dungeons, if they dont care where they send their little monsters, who are we to judge

  42. I went to a home daycare for a short amount of the time the place was small and there wasn’t much to do but the lady running it was nice and there were only 4 or 5 kids. I only went for a week so I don’t really know if it was a good or bad experience

  43. My NEW Neighbor just moved in & brought a bustling business WITH Her.
    The DOORS Start slamming, & car alarms start to chirp at 5:45 a.m.
    She lets them out to "play" at 10 a.m. & there's TRASH EVERWHERE.

  44. It shocks me how parents would risk their children's safety for their job at McDonald's:-/
    I understand single parents needing childcare but a two parent home? Smh

  45. I have a unlicensed daycare and I am following the regulation.
    Not all unlicensed daycare are in the same boat.

  46. I was an office manager of 7 years when I quit my Job to complete my family. I have been home for 4 and half years. In that time I had my 2 boys. I am a steady at home. I watch and train my kids. I'm blessed to have this opportunity to stay home. If you're not watching your kids the devil is.

  47. As someone who works in a daycare this is terrifying and giving people who work in this field a bad name. I'm glad I work in a daycare so that when I bring my children there I know what kind to look for and what questions to ask

  48. In Australia we have VERY STRICT regulations when it comes to setting up a childcare centre either in ur own home or making a centre.
    If the DOCS catch u (the offical board of all childcare centres around the country?) u get a huge fine n NEVER BE ABLE TO AROUND KIDS AGAIN!!! (Literally!!)

  49. My babysitter wasn’t much of a horror story but she left me and my cousin by ourself with scissors and he cut off a big chunk of my hair 😂 then we got a amazing new babysitter in corona named miss Dayanna and she was AMAZING she had amazing toys and made healthy meals (from what I can remember)

  50. I don’t live in Canada, but the US has similar problems. My baby sister was in a licensed daycare run through a church and it was the worst daycare to put her in. She was one of those kids that did a million things at once and couldn’t sit still so she would eat and play at the same time. She would come home hungry because the “teachers” would take away her food because she wasn’t eating. She would come home with bite marks from other kids every other day and she was always covered in bruises. She was so quiet and reserved because of it. Now she’s 13 and so amazingly confident because we found a daycare that cared for her

  51. I forgot parents are required to know how to preform cpr and have a extremely safe environment for their children oh wait they are not required to do that so why should day cares be?

  52. It's called the two-income economy. Women wanted to go to work AND have 1 or maybe 2 kids. This is the result. The 1% figured it out and raised the price of everything. Now women feel they have no option but to go to work. So both parents think they must work in order to afford a certain lifestyle. Who the hell is raising their kids? Daycares and school. What happens if teachers go on strike? People are screwed because their kids have to be somewhere safe during the day. And so, the most important job in the world–raising the next generation to be decent, compassionate, and productive people–falls to people running shady day-cares and public school, which is full of bullies, lice, viruses, and undertrained staff who have to deal with psychological and social problems they, as educators and not therapists, don't even understand. I'd bet money you could correlate the rise in school shootings to the rise in the two-income family. But everyone–including women–wants their freedom, their career, their opportunities to self-actualize.

  53. If the government even cared about these things, they would make iron proof rules and regulations. But they don't. Everyone who runs a daycare systems needs to be licensed plain and simple.

  54. I was in a day care from Kindergarten until 5th grade, run out of her and her sisters home. It was kind of cluttered but she was completely certified, and she converted her own day room into a room for the older kids. She became my little brothers baby sitter when I got in my 20’s. Luckily the women wasn’t crazy. Because my grandma did meet her in a park because she was baby sitting other children, so my grandma gave her a try. She’s still baby sitting to this day, and i still visit her.

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