Unreal engine 4 – UE4 – Marketplace – FX – Good Particle : Status | #04

GoodParticleStatus Installing🔥 Head : Choas Head : Evil Head : ExclamationMark Head : Heart Head : Question Mark Head : Selection Head : Silence Head : Sleep Head : Stun Head : Unlucky Head : EagleVision Shield Status : ShieldWater Shield Status : ShieldWind Shield Status : ShieldFire Shield Status : ShieldHighTech Buff : Trail SpiritWave Buff : Trail Soft Buff : Trail Poison Buff : Nebula Buff : Energy Lightning Buff : Fire Buff : Unholy Buff : Trail Sparks Buff : Trail Ice DeBuff : Chill DeBuff : Tar DeBuff : Backfire DeBuff : Burning DeBuff : Frozen Root : LakeLand Root : SnowLand Root : LavaLand Root : SwampLand

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  1. Yea, really nice job on this. Lots of usable stuff especially considering the price it's offered at. What do you think about extending the frozen ice effect to include a breaking / shattering animation? I could certainly put that to use.

  2. Hi there! I have purchased your product and have been loving it! However I have one bug I believe you could help me with. I am using "spawn emitter attached" nodes and the using a delay then destroying the component. This all occurs on a multicasted event for multiplayer. While this system works for your buffs, it is not working for the "Head Status" emitters. They cannot be destroyed and seem to loop forever. What can I do to fix this??

  3. Imaginate que con los segunda fila de efectos hicieran un juego de esos elementos toca un boton y eso seria como un escudo.

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