US chamber of commerce considers suing White House over Trump tariffs

100 Replies to “US chamber of commerce considers suing White House over Trump tariffs”

  1. When any Americans are in economic distress remember to break in the Chamber of Commerce and their supporters places and call it yours.

  2. I watched a lot of video showing illegal immigrants storming your boarder. Can your military or whosoever use lethal forces/weapons to stop them?

  3. Screw you walmart.. tax mexico please if there not going to help with the illegals pouring over .. i d9nt see them mocking trump now huh

  4. Those morons are only concerned about cheap labor. People aren't going to stop buying tomatoes because the cost went from $1.00 to $1.05. Most people won't even notice 5%, and there's nothing to stop Mexico or Walmart, or anyone else in the supply chain, from lowering their profit margin 5%, IF the tariffs even went into effect, which they won't. Mexico hasn't been doing anything about illegal immigrants moving through Mexico, because they don't think it's their problem. Trump just made it their problem, so now they'll do something. THAT is what the Chamber of Commerce is actually concerned about, they're just too greedy and dishonest to say it. They don't want the cheap illegal labor to start drying up.

  5. Trump promised that the Mexican will pay for the wall, and the tariffs are helping to pay for it! Trump's the only one to make America great again!

  6. There’s this thing called “National Emergency”- giving POTUS the ability to do whatever they can for National Security; the only part that was halted was the border wall funding portion of the National Emergency… He won’t have no standing in a US Federal Court (unless, it goes in front of a liberal judge who erroneously interprets the law)….

  7. Sanctions themselves aren't wrong, Trump is just over using it. The recent hoopla with Mexico is a prime example, because the Mexican Federal government has little control over their own people.

  8. Bradley is trying to blame the US for the border problem. As mismanaged as the conflict is, it is absurd to allege mass flight of Latinos and rampant gang activity in Latin America is not the prime cause of the issue.

  9. So, if tariffs are such a bad thing, why have all our competitors been imposing tariffs on the USA? It’s “good for the goose “.

  10. I can choose not to buy stuff from Mexico if I don’t want to pay more for things. The billions being spent on illegals I have no choice in paying. Democrats are just to stupid to care about this country and keep voting in globalist and open border idiots that don’t care one lick about this country.

  11. 5 bucks say trump declares war on mexico lol. closes the border and bans trade. watch our companies come crawling back begging for mercy the scumbags

  12. All I want to hear from him is how much and who have they given money, in private sector its called a bribe. And we go to jail

  13. Good luck with your lawsuit because you don’t have a leg to stand on, if the government wants to apply tariffs that is their legal and constitutional right to do so for any reason. This argument is about money, no more, no less.

  14. Idk who these people think they are! We The People have spoken and our agenda will be carried out!

  15. Just another group of sellouts bailing on a failing business model. Good luck shopping for a leftist judge.

  16. No one has explained why "tariffs are not the answer"! What a bunch of establishment hogwash, we know who is owned by China or who is for open borders!!!

  17. The Chamber of Commerce are pie in the sky socialists using clout and fantasies to spout their failed ideas! They sat there and watched the Chinese and Russians claw their way back from destruction by Reagan. sm

  18. Force of Law? Taxes by edict? Where was this fool when Obama broke the budget with his PURE TAX HEALTH CARE SYSTEM, ACCORDING TO THE CHIEF JUSTICE? Show me results not cowpies! sm

  19. Name the individuals, please. Who needs FIRED?? Fire them ALL, if you can't name individuals… President makes policy, not Commerce Dept. run by CA Democrat unelecteds!

  20. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce cares about one thing and one thing ONLY. WARM BODIES to make money on, they don't care whether that body is black, white, brown, foreign or native. Dirty, stinking Elitist Globalists

  21. Chamber of commerce is bull Mexico makes money with illegals they send money Mexico they sell dope chain migration human trafficking and Mexico will not help they keep the Guatemala border open .stick it to Mexico good job Mr president

  22. This chamber of congress butthead didn't answer one question. Every response was nothing but talking points.
    Time for coc to go away.

  23. So this anti American will not keep America safe 🖕🏻you and your tomato’s. . Let’s make America safe and then ship your tomatoes. It’s all about money with this clown not the safety of Americans.

  24. You mislabeled the CoC – there's nothing American about them. And Walmart's produce is crap. No loss there.

  25. Fair enough, then the White House should counter-sue every US company that employs illegal immigrants.

  26. It's well be better to buy Avocado, Tomatoes from Peru, more healthy Clear nature Water ( Rainforest). Mexico use Wastewater crop irrigation risks health. 🤢🤮

  27. Is Neil talking from Africa or the USA? Because both parties are not ready to solve the problem at the border. So what should the president do if he's in POTUS shoes?

  28. We don't need nothing from China and Mexico they can keep their avocado and their beans. Close the border now you bumdass.

  29. I guess we have swamp rats in the Chamber of Commerce as well. Wow, the swamp rats show up in the oddest places. Cutting off Mexico might be the best thing for them cause it sure is for us. Mexico drags us down and lowers our standard of living by fouling up our communities. Not worth the produce picking to save a little money there and throw away the rest of the nation for it.

  30. I blame the Dems on all the problems with the boarder including the those have die. Dems have blood on their hands. They should have changed the law a long time ago. They wanted to years ago and now cause Trumps draining the swamp they don't want to get caught in the dirty deeds they did. It could have been any President, if they said they were draining the swamp! Even a Democrat President.

  31. 5:58 His answer is "I don't give a F, I live in an upscale neighborhood, Pedro is my gardner, Maria is my servant"

  32. The reason for tariffs has always been to protect domestic labor. The idea of sacrificing labor in favor of consumers is idiocy.
    The whole world protects their workers by propping up the US dollar. The whole world has been at war with the US since the
    end of WWII. The US has millions of unemployed that nobody acknowledges and is the reason we have "no inflation." The
    trade deficit with Mexico is huge when you add drug and human trafficking. It is high time we dealt with crime ridden Mexico.

  33. Here's an idea: instead of worrying about trading w/0ther Countries, why not BUY & SELL AMERICAN!
    Ped0rat/IibMental politicians & their fan-base asswipes, all claim these Criminal, lIIegaI AIiens are the '0nly 0nes Who Will Pick Produce', here in America!!!
    Fresh fruits & veggies, from Mexico, that are 98% Green & ALWAYS ROT, before they ripen! That's almost every fruit/veggie you get, that comes from Mexico! What's BAD for American families, is 0verPaying for Mexico's SHITTY, Fruits/Veggies, then have them R0T! They end up WASTlNG
    $$$, waiting for produce to ripen, which never does!

  34. Taxpayers are paying for immigrants coming to USA either way we are paying for this political games you play at are expense, it’s not effecting you, and you could careless about America! It’s about your madness and hate towards the president . You Democrat’s have turned a blind eye to the needs at the borders knowing its a emergency . You stiff neck Democrat’s You’re necks are too thick , and you must be rolled over on your back like a pig so that you can look up and see the emergency of this nation at the border..

  35. Heaven forbid I would have to give up Tomatoes for the safety of an American citizen !!! What kind of Moron is the Walmart CEO? Don't bother answering. We ALL know for him it's all about bottom line. He needs to get behind the President if he wants a better deal, aka greater profits. But more importantly, there is not one thing sold in his stores that equates to an stolen American life. SMH at these corporate junkies.

  36. Gee Mr. Big Cheese of Commerce, you toss around a whole shitload of talking points but the truth is, you need to lay blame where it belongs and that is the obstructionist Democrat Party. The "Hate Anything Trump" group that is FAILING the US Citizenry. And will eventually hurt the bottom line of all companies you represent.

  37. I have never heard so many Chicken Little's in my life! Fear mongers for profit. Total unsubstantiated hysteria. Because these countries have never been brought to account before they have NO idea what will happen. They just want "business as usual". Of course it will take some time to allow this "negotiation of fair trade" to come to fruition and maybe it won't take long at all. In either case, I am standing with the efforts of the President to reign in our trade deficit and regain control of our due market share. Tomatoes, Avocados and cheap electronics be damned!

  38. These men think we are all stupid alarmists. If you are an American company in China, India or South America and Mexico, get home and you don't have too pay tarriffs. Prices are going up not because of tarriffs but because the Fed has devalued our dollar so bad, it will be worth NOTHING very soon. Then look for hyper inflation. Are these guys serious? The tiny price increase that will come to us is nothing compared to the crashing of the dollar caused by central banks or in our case the Fed. Please don't give air time to idiots. I'm 68 and a high school grad that had a small business most of my life. It's pretty obvious these guys are just never Tumpers. Congress needs to do their job and fix the boarder mess.

  39. The Chamber of Commerce should be bombed to heII by the military. Greed before country will not be tolerated anymore.

  40. In the majority of countries, the use of the term "chamber of commerce" is regulated by statute, though this is not the case in the US. Only trademark, copyright and domain name rules protect a chamber’s identity – only state corporation law defines their existence and reason for being. While most chambers work closely with government, they are not part of government although many consider the process of appropriately influencing elected/appointed officials to be one of their most important functions.

  41. China doesn't want U.S. food? Fine. I'm sure Venezuela would be extremely glad to get all the food they could get, since they no longer have the ability to create their own.

  42. What about the taxpayers money being spent on illegals coming into America every single day Americans should not have to do this that money is for Americans and America not for illegals

  43. American citizens should have standing to sue the US Chamber of Commerce for actively supporting illegal immigration as well as grossly excessive legal immigration and visas.

  44. Small American businesses should be changing their supply chains. They should not be planning on China. Find another source for your supplies American need to protect Americans China is only going to put themselves first and this economic apocalypse is going to happen at one point or another with China involved.

  45. This creep should be suing Congress not the President. Their stepping up because the President is going to impose tariffs.

  46. Until we get rid of the Democrats in the Congress nothing will change. This guy is full of crap, he wants to attack the President and not those who are responsible for not changing the laws. He is a phony.

  47. Sovereignty is not free ! just like freedom itself ! It is advisable for the members of the US Chamber of Commerce to jump out of the pockets of the Corporations !

  48. YouTubes censorship sucks. Now 95% of the recommended video's on the right are all corporate media; Fox, MSNBC, NBC etc. Maybe 1 or 2 independent YouTubers. The supposed "edgy" progressive platform is nothing more than a gatekeeper for establishment media. What a joke. Long live Bitchute, Brighteon and other rising video platforms.

  49. chamber of commerce is a left wing organization. they do care alot about an American worker having to compete with an illegal. it's just that they want it to happen and encourage it and lobby to increase it. they definitely are not trying to help the American worker.

  50. Why can't Walmart buy avocados and tomatoes from US growers? Every once in a while I see US avocados and tomatoes in Walmart, and they sell them for the same price as Mexican grown ones. They just make more profit on the Mexican ones because of cheap labor. Mexico still uses DDT poison that has been banned in the US because it causes cancer. Walmart should be sued for selling Mexican produce. They know DDT is sprayed on the produce they're importing from Mexico.

  51. Guest says this is a tax on consumers? No, it's a tax on the Koch billionaires who have factories in Mexico. Koch gave the chamber of commerce millions to fight these tariffs.

  52. They never say “reciprocity” tariffs. This is the only path to “free trade”. If a foreign country finds a “mirror image” tariff, they will eventually lower theirs to zero. I wonder why this point is “lost” in almost every news story.

  53. The globalists will try to wait us out until we elect another globalist president. In Trumps second term, he needs to pause immigration, purge all the illegals, deport all Obama’s economic muslims, and finish the wall.

  54. US chamber of Commerce was given millions of dollars by the Koch brothers to fight these tariffs. Koch's have factories in Mexico and these tariffs will cost them billions when they try to bring their Mexican made crap into the US to sell.

  55. The Chamber if Commerce is all about profits for large companies and willing to sell out for profit, not thinking about the American people.


  57. The so called "chamber of commerce" does NOT represent commerce. They are a fraud, a fraud that has been hiding long enough. What are they? A goon squad for the CIA and State Department. Everyone needs to research that human garbage and get them out of our Cities, out of our lives.

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