US-China trade talks relaunch but little has changed since deal fell apart

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  1. Gutierrez is deep state.. NO bibles coming from China may be ok as some stupid states are banning them.

  2. Stop American companies from running our country. Bring back manufacturing and life will improve for all

  3. The doctrine of the utmost good faith—sometimes referred to by its Latin name, uberrimae fides—is a contractual legal doctrine that requires contracting parties to act honestly and not mislead or withhold any information that is essential to the contract. 
    USA and China will trade forever and both grow & develop space I guess. We are at peace entirely & allies historically having won WWII together! Before the 'communism' became the law and Russia went on an adventure in Eastern Europe and armed Vietnam with SAMs against the USA. After the wars the nations have a truce that has held for 45 years. With millions of civilians roaming there is no good military action.

  4. We have Bible apps on our phones now. No thanks China, maybe you all need to read IT. Such a "Godless" nation it is.

  5. Why do you need "immigrants" to "grow" your economy…Rubbish!!! What a BS lie they keep pushing. Maybe he should rephrase that to we need under paid "slaves" to grow the economy.

  6. If they don't play ball pull our production completely out and put it back in America where it should be. And they should never have been producing our bibles. That's for Western Civilization to do.

  7. If people are reluctant to comply with the U.S. procedures then they are not interested in the U.S.

  8. This guy is anti U.S. law. We do not go to slavery just because some corporation wants to keep their profts high with illegal workers. According to the Dems this economy does not work for the middle class. So the illegals workers benefit the corporations growth side of the economt.

  9. The u.s. Should get all its Allies and press China to do the right thing. If they don’t, we are going to have to get tough. We made China what it is today, we can put them back by not buying their goods. We can start manufacturing are own goods, we have to start some time, why not now. Trump is right, we can make America Great again and stop depending on China for their cheap goods. Made in America is the best !

  10. Put the excess Government Union staff to work! Lots of overstuffed bureaucrats doing nothing but scheduling do nothing meetings and reap cycles! Greenie cartel full of’em!

  11. It's unbelievable that a President doesn't understand how tariffs work. They are not paid by China, they are paid by the American companies that import the products. Those companies pass the cost to the consumer. The effect on China is selling less product.
    Donald Trump; “We’re taking in billions of dollars from China in the form of tariffs"
    The President of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce: “Let me be very clear: Tariffs are taxes paid by American families and American businesses — not by foreigners."


  13. China believes any new agreement will need to be evenhanded, while U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer told his Chinese counterparts that balance won’t happen, according to a person familiar with the matter.  Among China priorities will be a lifting of the ban on the sale of U.S. technology to Huawei Technologies, getting all current tariffs dropped, and accepting a lower purchase amount of U.S. goods.  Trump partially caved on Huawei.  Will he cave on the other two.

  14. im a felon who went to college and changed my life becoming a business owner and giving a ton back to my community why cant i vote but illegals can?

  15. china cant win in this trade war.. china's allies are poor countries like russia, but the US has wealthy western allies.. period.

  16. Turn is correct about immigration.  U.S. National Debt Clock July 2019 An Overview of the United States National Debt The Current Outstanding Public Debt of the United States is: $22,023,154,457,098.57 Last Updated: Thursday, July 4th, 2019 Every man, woman and child in the United States currently owes $72,486 for their share of the U.S. public debt Public Debt: $16,200,812,642,668.62.  Where is the money going to come from for housing asylum seekers?

  17. I can't believe Maria bought into his immigration and jobs " bulls**t. Globalist pandered. Yes we need and would welcome immigrants. Not uneducated, illegal, unvetted, socialist, criminals flooding our boarders with their hands out looking for our tax dollars to send back "home".
    The Marxist are great st subverting existing law and getting US citizen tax payers to pay for them bringing in millions of illegals to vote for the marxist/progressive candidates in the 2020 elections. Wake up people !
    The marxist, progressives are buying votes from people who will always need and demand government assistance.
    It's not about race, genderror religion, it about being an American or sincerely wanting to become one, to assimilate and adopt American values.

  18. No deal is in the future of Trump's White House. The talk is cheap, and the very worst that could happen now is absolutely nothing. China doesn't have to accept the US double talk nonsense and Trump has nothing to offer China. The Chinese would like nothing better than to boycott all American imports because there is nothing imported into China that they can not produce themselves or trade for tariff free from the largest global trading partners in the World.

  19. Screw China. We need to make everything here again. Stop the foolishness and a few people getting wealthy.

  20. Trump needs to rally the allies and place economic sanctions on China and put them on banking anti-money laundering and terrorist financing lists. Cut them off. Instead he's going after Canada, EU and Japan.

  21. USA must not use compromise with China. USA must deal China precisely when USA got grip over China violations in/against USA.

    Global hardware/software, internet grid, optical fiber who are in compliance with USA Export Compliance and Code of Federal Regulations? How compliance violated inside USA which lead to technology breach? Ordering closure of fossil fuel plants, steel companies,…?

    Print Bible in USA and in israEL. Remove printing out of China.

  22. Trump just wants an opportunity to declare a win for elections purposes. Looks like China may not give it to him

  23. You would think the art of the deal guy would've had a plan before starting a trade war. TPP although shady would've stunted China's economic growth by partnering with China's neighbors.

  24. Really!! Bibles being made in china. Thats a joke right. Dont they suppress every religion thats not lined with theres

  25. "we need more immigrants to grow the economy"…..ummm yeah in central banking system that needs constant growth because its backed by no gold and continually inflates the paper money to stay valid. Do away with the CB and return the power back tot the UST!!!

  26. Before the G20 meeting, China told the USA to drop pending further tariffs & lift the ban on Huawei or there would be no negotiations. trump complied to get China back to trade talks. China has now made it extremely clear that there will be no deal until the US drop all tariffs that trump has applied. Its trumps move now? Whatever the result, the US will not regain all the trade-exports it has lost with China since trump started the trade war. That boat has sailed. Good luck scavaging back what you can. trump has recently started a trade war with India, so as it stands trump has cut off US exports to approx 3 billion consumers. That's embarrassing.

  27. "Both sides are going to have to compromise." NO, getting screwed on intellectual property is not a compromise. If China won't stop its malicious behavior, we disengage trade and move beyond China. China wants total control over imports. Trump doctrine comes from China policy that says as well for the US, imports are a privilege and not a right. China wants to control its imports, and tags that allowance to control over its exports. This isn't going to work.

  28. If citizenship is not relevant, then the census is not about the US and the next census should be for Uganda. Then every other nation on earth.

  29. Not all bibles are made in China lol. I just purchased another one last month. China's are easy to spot, you open it and it looks cheap. The paper is cheap, the binder is cheaply made. But from five feet away it looks like the Holy Grail. All knock offs. America doesn't need to stop the tariffs they need to revisit the topic in two years if China is still standing.

  30. This man is an idiot. He is stuck in the past and unwilling to express new ideas.I am tired of people trying to get me to believe in unicorns and rainbows.

  31. The Trade War wont be resolved easily because t's a war that has run at least 3 decades. 3 decades of war is not resolved in weeks or months.

  32. We have plenty of people to fill in the jobs. Get all those people off of welfare that are able to work instead of staying at home having babies and collecting freebies for 18+ yrs. Start up a support program to the homeless where they can be productive again.

  33. If there's ever a reason to start burning books I would start with the Bible the Koran the Torah and every other religious garbage that is printed on paper and stop making them for the future

  34. Carlos who you selling for I don't care about your factories not having workers okay that's who you working for Chamber of Commerce shell we need to take care of our own first when that's done and if we have anything extra left we can help others.

  35. As long as the weak immigration laws & loopholes don't be eliminated the illegal immigration won't stop !

  36. No deal with China. We need to make our own bibles. And do our own laundry. And make our own cheap toys.

  37. let them get here legally, we have families going hungry, many homeless, does this impact laws and legalize robbery or mugging? Illegal is illegal and closing your eyes to criminality, tipping the scales because it's convenient for democrats to get votes or corporations to get cheap labor is hypocracy, either we're a nation of laws or we're a banana republic needs to be decided across the nation in every aspect.


  39. "Libertarian" economies outlived their usefulness. Economy should be controlled by people and for the people. The Rich – ripping off the nations and going offshore is a model of past. Enough ! They have to be reigned in and this is coming – from the Right and from the Left.

  40. The US must face the truth. China is no longer interested in a trade deal with USA because China no longer trusts USA. China has started the process of decoupling its economy with USA. It is not a sudden decoupling but a slow but steady decoupling. Meanwhile, China will push forward its Belt and Road Initiative and whatever it loses in trade with USA will be more than made up with the increase in trade with Europe, Central Asia, South East Asia, South Asia, the Middle East, Africa and South America. Trade between China and USA will decrease by 5% per year on average, while trade between China and its BRI partners will increase by 10% per year on average.

  41. Folks, we should never again vote for a Republican that is a neocon or a chamber of Commerce stooge, both of which George Bush was.

    Carlos was the secretary of Commerce for the neocon George Bush, who supported the chamber-of-commerce over Americans. Carlos said, "we need cheap labor" and" don't bring the job homes from the countries with even cheaper labor".

    No more Bushes, including Clinton's.

  42. While you can really tell this is the democratic bullshitters as long as hes a millionaire he don't give a f** about the middle class

  43. if i have a greencard, i would put down i am not a US citizen. I don't mind putting down that I am not a US citizen. FYI: I HAD A GREENCARD BEFORE. Having a greencard means you are a legal immigrant. There is nothing to hide unless you are an illegal immigrant. Asking question about citizenship is not big deal. Why democrat makes a big deal is beyond me.

  44. Just place max tariffs and go from there. If China wants to stick their nose in the air, that's a good thing. Trade will go elsewhere and the USA and others that trade with China will have a better arrangement for all. Even Apple and Chevrolet will end up better off as new models come out. In the meantime, China effectively owns them. China will make knock-offs and sell them at a low price.

  45. Ask on Census these questions: (1) are you a American Citizen, (2) are you a green card Holder, (3) are you a Illegal alien,, (4) are you a child of a Illegal alien . Simple way to find out who is in America.

  46. The citizen question was in place until Obama took it off. Now trump just want to put it back but hit a road block. It’s a legit question that why it is called a census.

  47. What has been politicized is the welfare industrial complex. Your deceptive practices are stunning. Ask Rupert Murdoch if he had a nice time on the Lolita Express…?

  48. Hey guys i'm not smart in this but it appears obvious we have to require that question! Read the 14th.Amendment ?????

  49. China and its inhabitants believe they are destined to be the sole superpower. The ignorance and foolishness isn't typical of the Chinese but they seem to be Drunk of the success brought upon them be the IMBECILES from the western powers who have no allegiance to their country. The Chinese are living well and growing fat from the prosperity of a booming economy. THE KEY THING HERE IS THEY BELIEVE THEIR PROSPERITY IS OF THEIR DOING. CHINA IS NOTHING BUT A BACKWARD COUNTRY AT LEAST 50 YEARS BEHIND IN NEARLY ALL FACETS OF 1ST WORLD NATIONS. What we have now in China is a dr Frankenstein's creation of an out of control rogue nation with zero regard for morals and ethics, with the SOLE MISSION OF WORLD DOMINANCE.

  50. Here is the lesson,
    Stable geniuses never think about consequences. Never think ahead .Just wing it all of the time and your poorly educated supporters will love you anyway when you frame a massive fail as a massive win.

  51. Good, who cares if the deals fall through. Short term economic losses for the USA but in the long term we will make much better deals with other nations that will take over the manufacturing that China currently provides. We need to start protecting IP or we will soon see the end of American innovation as there will be no incentive to invest millions in a technology that will get stolen the second you try to manufacture it to recoup your investment. It’s an erosion of our greatest skillset and once it’s gone we may never get it back. Other countries make stuff for less and have governments that are willing to deal with a democratic free market system. China was communist when we began trading with them in the 60s and our goal of turning them democratic through free trade has failed because they are still communist, so let’s let them be. The fact that we can trade with China and not Iran or Russia (for the most part) shows that we clearly have double standards based on greed. We need to treat communist nations the same and just not deal with them without reciprocal deals.

  52. I don’t trust Boomers with discussions about trade with China. It was their big money making deal and they made a huge amount of money while ignoring the IP China was accruing (stolen right from the manufacturing line), the humans rights travesties (sweatshops and labor camps), the pollution (they burn their trash and have zero EPA which has torn a huge hole in the ozone over our arctic pole), and they are now retiring leaving millenials with stagnant wage growth, industries dominated by work visa workers who protect only their own, a housing market that’s sold to the highest foreign bidder so Americans can’t even buy in their own country anymore. I know no one boomer is to blame but I don’t think most boomers can see past the easy money aspect of trade with China to all of the problems that come along with it.

  53. This man should not be on any TV.. When you have left the helm of logic into anarchy.

    Carlos: Until they change the law, I had to import a 1000 tonnes of cocaine. There are people here running a business of selling cocaine, and they just can't get the product. This is outrageous, many good god honest loving liberal Americans can not get messed up beyond recall at the weekend because of some silly law. Until the law changes we must continue to break what ever law we feel like as it is mean to business. Them strawberries will not pick themselves, and feck it if you think for a minute that I will ever bend over to pick anything apart from taking it.

  54. Move our businesses out of China take the 1-10% difference and produce in India . China will suffer greatly. They are already facing a decline in their gdp and economic growth. Their curve is over. Time for decline of economic growth in China. Watch.

  55. stealing intellctual property ? If you don't have proof, stop refering to doubts as fact, hypocrisy

  56. US is not sincere, accusations are baseless and flip-flopping, where is the evidence for IP theft? what is the basis to demand a country to change her law to suit US imagined demands and accusation.

  57. where does Fox News get these pseudo-experts from? – Gutierrez, fmr. Commerce Secretary…you can't negotiate a deal with China, any more than you can negotiate with NK. fake deal, fake experts, fake people, fake news…

  58. Why interview this globalist Carlos Gutierrez "Fmr US Secretary of Commerce"? Waste of time and he's irritating to listen to.

  59. Trade war comparatively benefits the country that is loosing the most from the trade imbalance, by reducing their trade imbalance, relative to the other country. It's true that both countries suffer, however the country most disadvantaged in prior trade arrangements, suffers less. That is just basic macro economics. How each nation compensates their own constituents, is an internal matter for each nation. Tariffs won't end. The trade war has only begun. It's a 10 year war, by which time the west will have moved most of its manufacturing out of China and into other countries like India, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia etc… India is already making iPhones for Apple, for export to European markets. The writing is on the closing door. This is the beginning of global market transition, not the end.

  60. China, the EU, Russia and whole world, has an interest in a strong and responsible USA, not a weak one. We want the American people to live in security, prosperity and dignity like everyone else — proud of their own history. But that does not mean that the USA can run roughshod over its neighbors and countries on the other side of the globe. No amount of propaganda can make right something that the world knows is wrong.

  61. Easy fix stop all trade with all countries for 3 months & stop all foreign aid for 3 months! We will see change for the better imeadently

  62. They act like China has some sort of leverage over the US. We have a very diversified trade with multiple countries. 50 countries plan to leave China for Southeast Asia. Perhaps we should seek to invest in our central and South American neighbors.

  63. Nobody was complaining about a less than accurate census (due to the citizenship question) before Obama became President. Simple gaslighting.

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