US-China Trade War & Hong Kong Protests Expose China’s Critical Weaknesses—Steven Mosher

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  1. Organ transplant business in China is so bloody. In China, the human body is not holy, but just a money-making product for the Communist Party.

  2. One sentence said in the interview here in the video "…the biggest political disaster in human history ever.." => I can assure you that this is what is being talked about on the streets in the past two years more strongly. It is going to go down as the biggest ever failure known in the entire universe; horrific to say the least. I am relieved that something is being done, and I pray that it is being done effectively and fast, before it is too late.

  3. Mr. Mosher pls make sure the democratic world has the power to stop the evil nazi fascists communists. The evil are now cooperating with corrupt evil greedy politicians in many countries, especially Asian countries like Philippines and even in Americas. Btw you are partly wrong about the Philippines right now since the evil greedy china puppets have taken power their and want to convert the country into a totalitarian state labelled "federalism" – to make it sound or look like it was modelled from the U.S of A when in fact it is all a scam by the political evil greedy who want total impunity.

  4. Why isn't this talked about or taught in america? I'm 33. I've been exposed mostly to the idea that the United states is a bad guy. That were doing wrong on all fronts. I've been exposed to the idea that China is the next great threat, the threat being them becoming more powerful than the U.S. I have not been exposed to ANY of this information about China. This needs to be more widespread knowledge.

  5. Hong Kong could be the seed of freedom for a future China with a representative system of government….. Any seed needs the right soil and cultivation to grow and nourish……come to fruition. One can only hope for the best.

  6. I think that it was an informative interview, surprised that Trump didn't get praised for his achievements, but understand the reasoning behind it.

  7. The vacuum left behind if CCP collapsed is HELL ON EARTH for ordinary people. Then the world have to be ready for EXODUS of over 1 billion human beings from China. This will include criminals, die hard COMMUNISTs etc

  8. With all these information going around the world except China of course, I'm pretty sure there are millions of Chinese who live around the world who have access to all these information……what do you think are they thinking and what are they doing to help their country men and women enjoy what they are enjoying now living outside of China. Nationalism? I don't care attitude? It don't affect me directly kind of attitude? Maybe fear? Remember you still have relatives living in China. What can you do as Chinese living outside of China do to help your fellow Chinese that lives in China live the way you live now.

  9. Good elaboration to uncover the devil ! No matter at what cost, this shall be a war between humanity and devil ! Time up ! Let destroy this CCP monster ! God anger must fall on CCP.

  10. Destroy CCP and its headquarters in Beijing and all the western corporate elitists and Wall Street bankers and investors

  11. I am tired listening to Americans and Westerners complaining as to why the communists are lying and cheating and not honoring agreements they entered. They are either too naïve or too stupid and know nothing about communisms and thuggism that is part of communism. They sound like they live in utopia….

  12. This piece reminds me of the thinking and opinions of Westerners about Hitler and his intention in the days, weeks and months leading up to the outbreak of WWII…..History does repeat itself and in 100 years Western human minds and bodies have not evolved an iota….since we are still as stupid, naïve and sucker as we were 100 years ago….

  13. Mismanagement, inefficiency and corruption are financed by trade deficit and IP theft with the West—-particularly with America—-to a tune of a trillion annually. If it is a closed system it would collapse quickly but since it is an open system with capital inflow from the West it will never collapse as long as the flow is maintained……

  14. Rubber bullets
    Anyone who thinks they are just rubber bullets has no idea what they are

    These are rubber-coated steel sheets

    I am an officer in the IDF who fired "rubber" bullets in the 1988 Arab uprising

    The IDF has special instructions for firing this ammunition

    A '' rubber bullet '' fired at close range is fatal

  15. The CCP would agree to EVERYTHING the West demands and then RENEGE on EVERYTHING the West demanded that they have agreed to (like it has happened in the last 20-30 yrs)…and the CCP continues on its way to rule the world because the West is either too naïve or too stupid to pull the string tight……until there is a big WAR to put the evil communists in their place (aka hell.)

  16. Organ harvesting happens in all prisons in the world and then they turn the rest of your body into hot dog or hamburgers. Who has the highest prison population? They falsify records drug ppl and kill them etc. In some religions you don't go to heaven if parts of your body is missing. God will say hey what the heck man you missing an eye, or what happened to your bravery i thought you had a heart or are you a zombie you have cravings for brains and where is your brain?

  17. Leader of communist of China’s FACE has dad smeared with all kind of human FECES. They do not worry about saving their face.

  18. Everyone should thank TRUMP for putting Global-level pressure on Communist Chinese Party. The CCP is the enemy of 🇺🇸Freedom. No Trade Deal that cannot be enforced. #USexitChina

  19. The Communist rule are murderous, evil, 100% corrupt, and Totalitarian. Chinese don't know "freedom": criticizing your government without concern for retaliation. In US, even a US hater, Ilhan, got elected.

  20. 13:00 we need to have a law that is renewed every year for normal relations with china. it is only these universities that are benefiting from normal relations with china. they get to take all the chinese money to come to our schools. the other beneficiaries of the normalization of US-China relations is the CCP, Wealthy Elite from China (Mostly CCP) Multinational Corporations(but they will soon realize that the CCP always takes more than it gives) and our politicians who are being bought out by foolish corporations and chinese lobbyists (and spies).

  21. How people would see Trump tariff on China and what the true reason its for, interesting. But media, will never tell the truth

  22. COMMUNISM is an OBSOLETE ideology. Communism or SOCIALISM is good on PAPER or in THEORY. When it comes to implementing it is VERY DIFFICULT since the so-called "LEADERS" is CORRUPT themselves, to BEGIN WITH, A SAINT or SOMEONE LIKE- JESUS CHRIST must be the leader or LEADERS to have a succeed.

  23. Mr. Mosher, great interview/presentation, but let's not forget Hillary Clinton hopping into bed (a real sickening thought to be quite honest) with the Chinese Communist party and giving them all kinds of classified information from her laptop, and that is only for starters. What about what her husband gave the Chinese in terms of technology?

    Great interview. You and Steve Bannon need to meet one of these days!!

  24. MSNBC hates you guys at “The Epoch Times” so I’m loving it. I support you, even though I’m totally against Zionism. Let us hope that Trump does not go along with Netanyahu or any other ashkenazi Zionist high priest. He is reported to be pro Zionist. God willing, anyway “Don’t Worry Be Happy” Godspeed to you all.

  25. BOY! I’d love 2B in the same room with Mr. Mosher when the subject of Biden’s views of 🇨🇳 is brought up😉
    Great 👍 interview.

  26. Steven Mosher you are 100% on Communist China. America is bliss to have Donald Trump in stopping Communist China. Mr. President Donald Trump please continue the Trade WAR with Communist China until their economy collapse.

  27. China is so disgusting if what i heard is true . Watch JOHN Q , one would understand what is this all about . And why we still in America is letting China have all the respect , seat on Security Council, why we are still importing . I am not sure why Apple CEO is taking appropriate action and rebuilding their manufacturing. Corporate america needs to get out of China. We do t need profits from China business . Does Barack knew all this and he still did business with China ? What MBS did looks like a baby feat …we still going after that guy rightfully, but China?.. I am personally try to avoid anything made in China with best of my amity from today . This is barbarism at best . Disgusting disgusting…

  28. For the most part I agree w this. But as the modern evils of China as pertaining to the end of this video "America's long relationship w China" the man mentioned " Boxer Rebellion" but skipped over " Opium Wars"

  29. Last month my friend sold his house to a Christian Missionary. He just brought his family back from China. He described how the Chinese Government is paying its citizens to turn in religious groups to the government. The citizens go around on the weekends and listen for suspicious activity , singing mostly, and report it. Arrests are made and people are sent of to camps to be " indoctrinated" or "re-educated".

  30. You must be crazy to think that the British empire were a fine example of how to be fair judges….The British killed more people on our planet then any other empire in human history…..They are devils in terms of justice to other ethnic groups…..

  31. How do I spread this news to people without video playing capabilities? They have xm satellite, or slow internet. They can read articles. Epoch Times have a news site?

  32. The World capitalists are fully responsible for the rise of China – PERIOD !!!
    And until China is no longer valuable to them China will do what it wants.

  33. WISH 330 million Americans watch this video from the beginning to the end including Hollywood, the democratic party, Sam's club, Costco, Walmart, target, Sears, the greedy American people that go to a CHINESE AMC movie theaters ,making China rich and powerful corrupt, and eventually killing millions of Americans from TONS and TONS of drugs coming from China true MEXICO and many others countries ways.

  34. why is the whole world so FUCKING stupid and greedy and allowing China to RIP everything including Cuba,Pakistan, VENEZUELA, Africa continent, Nicaragua, Bolivia,Tonga, Egypt,Russia south China sea,Germany, Canada, Australia, Philippines,Panama, Hong Kong, the Vatican, Israel, Islam, christianity, Catholicism, China is the worst it can happen to HUMANITY including animals and space and the natural resources of the whole world.

  35. The politicians and unionized government employees in the U.S.are as corrupt as any nations on Earth. Wake up it is later than you think.

  36. Stop the anti-China shit show and stop pretending you give a sht about HK. Open you eyes and see what’s really happening in HK

  37. China has about 55 minorities and a few dialects/languages. It would be interesting to see how "democracy" in China would play out. The people in Taiwan and China are both mainly Chinese, but the situation in both countries is different.

  38. The Communist China is a bully not just on Hong Kong but to the entire neighbors around the region. No price is too big to pay to stop the CCP.

  39. Damn, this guy is such a liar. Almost everything he said is a lie.
    « I was the CIA director. We lied, we cheated, we stole […] We had entire training courses… It reminds you of the glory of the American experiment. » – Mike Pompeo, ex-CIA director
    extract :

  40. I think the Committee on Clear and Present Danger China should also be aware of the psychological warfare used by the CCP to brainwash the overseas Chinese elites and the Western academic and business intelligentsia to support the CCP.

  41. Hope that Hong Kong does not back down – Let the World see China's UNCIVILIZED / INHUMANE Behavior against you !!
    __________Good Luck from the USA !!

  42. So in China you don’t have to fill any form to become a organ donor, you automatically become one as soon as you land
    Only difference in the west you have to die first, this doesn’t apply in China
    Is just the west always complain that there in enough organ donors, they should take some advice from the communist party, problem solved

  43. Is this guy stupid enough to not know that a person must be criminal in both Hong Kong and China mainland to be extradited to mainland? Or is he just ignored it intentionally?

  44. I very much doubt that the CCP will go softly into the night.  Taiwan will be looked at as the cash cow that supports the CCP for a few more years if China can take it.

  45. They should separate, why be wage and tyranny slaves?
    The world is run by the most insane and by Babylonian money majick.
    There is no need for currency in Utopia.

  46. Science Fiction writer Larry Niven first predicted this happening in a short story "The Jigsaw Man" back in 1967. Though he had the victims/donors as American jail inmates. His central character was guilty of traffic violations.

  47. Hong Kong is a demonstration that the Chinese people under western style law and western style government can prosper. The Chinese people, and the world would be better off with out the CCP.

  48. Masters of deception! That says it all about the Chinese mindset that with such cunning mentality, that they eventually delude themselves in why they hold human values with ready disposability to achieve the totalitarian goals. It's not that they're incapable of being democratised as a nation, it's only that they SEE no value in doing so by virtue of their unshakeable belief that they have the divine duty to rule over people with the even more extreme belief that they can do so by whatever means necessary. Death is only the very means by which they carry out such 'duty'! And that's how frightening it is for the mainland Chinese people who still have no idea that they need to know that they themselves are only too easily disposed of to see how their lives are nothing but a tool for the CCP to retain power!

  49. Based on the ramp up of nationalism and CCP propaganda, it looks like China is going to take the tariffs on the chin and use their police to hold everything together. Or looking for an “other” to rally against.

  50. totally agreed! HK should have given democracy well before 1997. I guess UK wants to trade HK for more trades with Beijing and don't want to upset them.

  51. The HK Crises does influence me…I am already looking at alternative supply chains for a mega project that I am heading. Whatever I need, I can purchase from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, India, Eastern Europe etc. Plenty of choices. The value runs into the tens of millions in USD. I do not think I am the only one who now thinks like that. For e.g. TV sets for hotels (that my project will be building)….clearly I can buy either Sony or LG. Or solar panels… Korea, Taiwan, USA, etc. also make them.

  52. I never ever trust any media from evil America , the media of evil America are full of bullshit and lies , the world are already know all this of the fake news ans fake media of America , America don't like any nation are better then America , evil America will try anything to destroy any nation who are better then evil America , America printing fake money , America are always on war's with the world who are not follow evil America fake democracy , America are good at media lies , this is 21st Century the world don't belong to evil America anymore , keep lies Evil America then America will be great again , keep lies with your media evil America


  54. AII these nonsense just because PRC is a threat to the US global Domimance and Supremacy. Biased Media and Speaker Steven. No point debating as US is no better than the PRC. Just look at the ongoing Wars and Sanctions, sadly they are all manufactured by the US while PRC has non. Millions of people are suffering from it. US is just a Paper Tiger Aggressor living on Life Support Fiat Currency. Sadly but Truely the US Era is coming to the end as everything is Manipulated and endless Conspiracies. Tens of TRILLIONS in National debt and lavishing seven Trillions on insane last two decades of Wars which causes millions Casualties, misery, and unimaginable destruction.

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