Vendor Portal Updates at Orange Shine Marketplace

Hello, Kyle from Orange Shine here. Today we’re going to take you through a quick tour of our new vendor portal. Our new vendor portal back end has been in production for months and it is now available to our vendors. We have added new features and increased the response speed so today we’re going to go through some of those features. In the top navigation bar, you will see a new message notification. In the message center, you can view buyer messages and respond to them. Soon we will also launch our mobile app for our vendors. The mobile app is designed for your brand and allows you to showcase your products provide an extra form of communication with buyers, and for you to manage which buyers can access your app’s shop. Under “customers” is “manage app customers”, you can view new accounts and approve them. After approval, buyers can shop on the mobile app. Our new “linesheets” tab allows you to create line sheets, manage, and schedule them. To create a line sheet, go to the tab and in the drop-down menu select “create a line sheet”. Here in “all products” you can add the products to a line sheet. Just select the product you want to add and click “add”. In “linesheet products” you will select the products to create the line sheet by checking the box and clicking “create linesheet”. Give it a name. Once you have named your line sheet, we will return to the “linesheet” tab and in the drop-down menu click “manage linesheet” here you will see the line sheets you have created, their names ,number of styles each one has, and date created. You can also rename your line sheet, delete, and manage. When you are ready, you will click the “send linesheet” and choose up to 3 photos from each style. Once you are ready, click “continue” and you will see your line sheet. In the top right, you will see the options to print, create a PDF, and send to email or mobile. When you send your line sheet via email you may choose your own contact group or an individual recipient. You may also give your email a title and include a message if you would like. You can then schedule a date and time that your email will be sent. You must schedule your line sheet at least 24 hours in advance. Under the manage line sheet tab, we also have “scheduled line sheets” where you can view a list of the line sheets that have been scheduled. Next in “linesheets” tab we will go to “manage contacts”. Here we will create a group by clicking “create new contact group” give your group a name and it will be created. We can then click the group and add individual contacts or import many contacts by selecting a CSV file to import. This will make things easier for sending out your line sheets to all of your contacts. You can always come back to manage contacts and edit or delete them as you like. Below “manage contacts” is the scheduler feature. You can update your customers with emails. Just turn the scheduler “on” for new products and line sheets to be scheduled. We have a couple new features under the “systems” tab. Under “systems” is “buyer login history”. This feature allows you to view your buyers login history and see who’s active on the mobile app. We also have a new feature under our “sales” tab which is “offer list”. This feature shows offers made by buyers for products. Here you can manage your offers so these are some of our new features and we hope that you enjoy them!

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