Victorian Employers’ Chamber of Commerce and Industry

I’m Mark Stone, Chief Executive of VECCI.
Mental health has been an important consideration for sometime at VECCI. We are very interested
in making sure that our staff have support in that area and our managers understand how
to manage mental health in the workplace. And we also work with thousands of Victorian
businesses, helping them understand how to better manage mental health in the workplace
and also identify problems and the best way to deal with those. Victorian businesses,
more recently, have become much more aware of the benefits of understanding mental health
in the workplace. And to their credit, I am making sure that they give the support necessary
to staff members that may be having some difficulty in that area. Mental health is one of the things that can
affect productivity in a business that can be as a result of a mental health problem
at work or it could be through absenteeism. And clearly a business is able to manage that,
it can help the staff member through that, increase their wellbeing and also of those
around them, and therefore increase productivity within their workplace. The leadership role in managing mental health
in the workplace is to make sure that there is a strong culture of support right throughout
the organisation. So, that’s the Chief Executive, that’s the management team, and it’s making
sure that everyone in the organisation understands the importance of managing mental health in
the workplace and the overall culture of the organisation is one of support. Business will benefit greatly from the Heads
Up action plan, not only getting a better understanding of how to manage mental health
in the workplace, but assisting a business into building a culture of support for its
employees in mental health management.

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