Viola.AI on Ethereum Blockchain: The World’s 1st AI-Driven Marketplace for Dating & Relationships

In the 21st century, it is easier than ever for people to meet and connect with each other. But the quality of dating and relationships is at an all-time low due to love scams, online dating fatigue, poor cybersecurity increasing dating and relationship challenges. Introducing: Viola.AI, the world’s first and smartest AI-driven marketplace for love, dating and relationships. Created by Lunch Actually Group, Asia’s first and largest lunch dating company with over 13 years of proven success and 1.4. million users. Here’s what Viola.AI can do.
Real-ID Verification: Elizabeth uploads a photo to create a profile on Viola.AI, Viola.AI verifies that Elizabeth is a real person by taking a real-time video scan of her face and checking against her social media accounts before approving her profile. The process is then decentralized and stored on the blockchain. AI Love Adviser:
Henry is single and wants to meet other serious single ladies Viola.AI gives Henry suitable matches and tells him that Elizabeth wants to meet him. Viola.AI checks their calendars and arranges for their date at a Japanese restaurant which they both like. One day before she reminds Henry and Elizabeth of their date and sends them the restaurants address again. Community and Crowd Wisdom: Henry decides to propose to Elizabeth. He asks the community on Viola.AI for advice and ideas. Dozens of users reply with their proposal stories while merchants respond with offers for their services and venues. Henry picks the best suggestions, and his proposal is a success! Recommended-based Marketplace: Henry and Elizabeth’s first wedding anniversary is coming. Viola.AI reminds Henry and asks if he wants to do something special. “Flowers and a special date,” Henry says. Viola AI sends him three different suggestions for roses – Elizabeth’s favorite After Henry decides on the flowers, Viola.AI arranges for their delivery and books the restaurant. Henry surprises Elizabeth and their anniversary is a special one.
All of these interactions center around VIOLA token – the open-source cryptocurrency for the Viola.AI Marketplace. It will be implemented on the public Etherium Blockchain as an ERC-20 token. Come and join Viola.AI’s ICO and be a part of the 800 billion US dollar dating and relationships industry. Sign up at today.

7 Replies to “Viola.AI on Ethereum Blockchain: The World’s 1st AI-Driven Marketplace for Dating & Relationships”

  1. About time someone applied blockchain technology to the business of 'love'. I have invested in the presale of this ICO and I think it has a bright future – well established company.

  2. I was just talking to a friend last week about how smart an idea like this would be! haha disrupting the catfishing market! 😛
    I also like the personalized touches to the app you guys thought of, such as having an assistant to keep you on your game along the way, haha the A.I. reminds me of the movie Hitch!

    In today's dating world a lot of people are hesitant to even start looking for significant others; a lot of profiles are fake and people arenot who they say they are, or genuinely don't know how dating works anymore and need a little help along the way. Cant wait to be a investor and a user of this product 🙂

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