Waking up as a meme-hero | Andras Arato | TEDxKyiv

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  1. What a decent fella, wholesome and well spoken. One never really thinks of the people behind the gif reply or shitpost and or posting in general, neat to take a peak into the dudes life and his take on being a meme.

  2. What a legend. Not everyone his age would be able to not only accept and understand becoming a meme (and essentially be made fun of worldwide) but turn it into something positive!

  3. we may born to late to explore the world, we may born to early to explore the space but here we are in one of the best times in the whole history of humanity ever seen

  4. I love it how he didn't try and fight it, instead he just embraced the meme and look at all the cool stuff it has resulted in. Good man.

  5. You've brought such inexplicable happiness with this video and throughout recent years, thank you sir. A counter-balance to some of the terrible things going on in this world

  6. I'm a fan! Thanks Andras because you make my friends and I happy with your expressions. I'm happy to know you are enjoying all of this. Respect!

  7. why do you think he skipped over his entire childhood in his "life story." this man is clearly hiding the pain as professionally as humanly possible

  8. Ooooh Cheesus!
    I'm so happy to have found a video of him!
    I love him Soooo much, and I don't know why, I think is just the tenderness he gives us

    Keep doing what you do, making people happy!
    Thabk you!!!

  9. we live in a time where we don’t recognize someone for being a famous actor or singer but instead, but we recognize someone from getty images and memes

  10. I'm glad he had some previous presentation experience and could actually deliver an entertaining enough presentation, even if it's not earth-shatteringly important information.

  11. What would you feel if one day you wake up and realize that you that you clicked on a TEDx Talks and then it shows you the nightmare fuel that is 0:09 ? Me? I'd click off after leaving this comment.

  12. I'm glad he was rational about it. He wouldn't be able to do anything about these photos, good for him that he simply accepted what happened.

  13. Wake up and wonder why the internet loves your face.
    Embrace the face that internet adores you and make the best of it.

    Meme generation version of Bob Ross.

  14. Andros seems like the kinda guy you can talk to about anything. Not like a "not so fresh down there" kinda conversation but just a conversation about anything. Even if he doesn't know what you're talking about, he would still listen just to appreciate your interests

  15. Yo that photographer is a db how is he just gonna use your photos for a competition why not just use random internet pictures.

  16. Its hard to not smile while watching this man talk for the first time lol. Ive always wondered what Harold sounded like!

  17. Ah, this brings back memories of Mr.Trollololol.
    He also said it was awesome and fun that he and his song had become a meme.

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