Watch a Train Run Through Thailand’s Most Dangerous Market

– [Narrator] Okay, just watch. Three, two, one. (horn blowing) This is Thailand’s Maeklong Market. (brakes squealing) About an hour south of Bangkok, every day beginning at
6:20 in the morning, a train runs through
Maeklong Railway Market, one of the largest produce and
seafood markets in Thailand, through the stalls selling
fruit, ice cream, fish, through everything. And if you’re wondering which came first, the market or the train,
the answer is the market. The Maeklong Railway built
a commuter train to Bangkok back in 1905. The track they laid ran
right through the middle of this market, which had
been around for decades. Rather than moving,
the vendors stayed put, adjusting their business
to the train times, eight times a day, seven days a week. (speaking Thai) – [Narrator] This system has
been perfected over the years. With produce just inches
from the train’s wheels, tourists and vendors wait
as the train passes through. Then, everything goes back to normal, or at least as normal as an
active train line market can be.

100 Replies to “Watch a Train Run Through Thailand’s Most Dangerous Market”

  1. They should build a monorail over the market or an underground train under the market. To have a train going THROUGH a market is downright irresponsible.

  2. I went here before some people were walking the tracks to just film the train . They got in trouble but it's still pretty cool.

  3. ThaiLand Has A pet market too. They sell legal animals.

    I have been too one, and they sell squirrels, foxes birds, many types of cats, dogs, monkeys, hedgehogs, just think of all the animals you can get!

  4. Yaa it's so exhausting to pull on and off your plastic roof!
    It's rare for me to even make bed this tho seems so boring and moreover it's gets more boring when some of your fruits suicides.

  5. Where I come from railway lines are guarded by 7ft metal fences and warnings that promise hefty fines should said fence be breached. And don't even think of approaching without a hi-viz vest and hard hat.
    These Thai really don't give a flying…

  6. Couldn’t we just see the train run it’s fastest speed without your cutting it? And moving the camera all over from one flash to another? For 4 seconds? Too much to ask? 🤔

  7. I feel sorry for these people, 8 times a day you go through that. Moving your products back and forth. Must be hard.

  8. This is the stupidest thing ever. Would anybody like to pitch in for a little dynamite? I'll go halfses on TNT and plane tickets and we can go blow this stupid track up. They really don't value life in Asia and it shows.

  9. Good experience, but the place is too much crowded and people go there specially the tourists, only for that 15 seconds train pass

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