WEEKEND VLOG | Plant shopping, Trader Joe’s haul, + more! ✨

I hope you’re having a super happy day
so far it is Memorial Day weekend and it’s a long weekend so feeling good
feels like we have little vacation staycation because we still have today
and tour days of the weekend left so very thankful for that and today we have
a pretty cute day planned well at least the morning portion so I wanted to take
you all along it’s a very me Allison day because we’re doing a bunch of things
that I like to do but Brandon is gonna come along and spend time with me and I
want to show him some cute places in Winter Park which is one of my favorite
parts of the greater Orlando area it is so precious and there’s so many neat
spots that he hasn’t been to yet so I want to take him there and we’re also on
a mission today to find a fiddly fig I’ve been wanting to get one for quite
some time and I just haven’t made it a priority but I really hope to find one
this weekend and it doesn’t have to be a totally fake but I’m thinking about what
will work best in the space where I want to put it in but it’s in our bedroom
I’ll insert a clip of where I want to put it and we actually have to take the
measurements so we know how big of a plant we can actually get so we’re gonna
pop by this place called Palmer’s nursery in downtown Orlando cannoneer
blue Gardens area hopefully we’ll find something there and
then I also want to get like a cute pot or plant stand for the plant and then I
also have a huge bag of clothes that I want to try to sell at Avalon exchange
which is a really cute place in Winter Park also and last time I’m
going to Apple in exchange and took a bag full of stuff they actually bought
everything and I put it on my instant story because it was such a miracle that
they actually bought everything because whenever I take places to Plato’s Closet
or anything like that it’s usually just a walk of shame they they pick out two
things and offer me like $4 and it was really embarrassing but last time I went
they actually took everything so I’ll be interested to see if that happens again
hopefully at least they’ll take a good amount because I’m trying to declutter
my life so but we’ll see stay tuned for that and then I want to take them to a
cute little bakery called buttermilk bakery and then we’re also gonna go to
our favorite Trader Joe’s this is my big bag of stuff to try to sell today we’ll
see how we do I sold a good amount of stuff on
Poshmark which I like but when I have a big pile like this it’s just way more
efficient if I can drop it off and try to sell it all at once without having to
ship stuff this section of our room where I want to put the fiddly fig this
is the little corner they need to look so cute with the marble wallpaper but we
don’t have a ton of room so we can’t get a really big one which is probably good
because they could get kind of expensive and we also have some room to scooch
this over a bit so we’ll see also if you watched my last week in my life video
you know I already looked at Lowe’s for one and didn’t have any look so the news
crust will get lucky today this is my outfit of the day which I
will link in the description if you’re interested in any other pieces but my
favorite Free People hat that I truly wear all the time and then I’m wearing
this precious little dress from princess Polly that I recently got and I’m
wearing these little platform sandals from Lulu’s when I was logging back in the car ad so
I didn’t sell anything spoiler still pretty full back there but
oh no I didn’t sell everything they say anything ever to say didn’t sell
everything but I did sell something so it give you five seconds to guess how
much I see Brandon gets seven dollars off first and
then he accidentally soft but I sold $30 worth that’s pretty good so bad you know
easy thing to do so okay with it and last time I came here I only sold $40
worth of stuff and I just brought less last time so there was a better chance
recently and everything that you know little bunny move for a
Saturday not bad how we’re popping over to the heavy
which is a super cool spot in a winter park it’s such a mystery because doesn’t
even throw oh gosh doesn’t even say the heavy Oh we get home
but we’re popping over to Palmer’s garnets and guys right now hopefully
find our dream little e-cig or some kind of plan see how we could do that instead
gonna head home if we do buy a play we might stop
somewhere to try to find like a pot or basket for it but that is to be
determined once we check out their inventory we found their fiddle leaf big
laces they’re everywhere and there’s these cutie pie one there’s still like
$50 for a small one but worth it this one’s my favorite so far so
there’s so many butterflies babe no I see to report their successful flight to report unhappy purchase we found our
dream little fiddly pig there’s this really modern cool if you
ask me we love looking at houses but we just found our little fiddly big
it’s so precious it’s the one that I showed you just then we were in that
little nursery but I’m excited I’m nervous I hope I don’t kill it
I’m pretty good with plants but I hear totally states are a little tricky so I
gotta do my research got to be diligent got to be a good caretaker but I’m happy
we found the one hole and now it’s time for a little trailer Joe’s home because
I need to the freezer up so we got some veggie burgers because we’re gonna grill
out this weekend with our friends and they’re gonna have me but we don’t
really eat red meat so veggie burgers it is I think they’ll
taste good on the grill not totally sure but these are the ones we got and they
look super team and then you got two packs of the frozen acai I love this
kind because it’s unseen so they don’t add any extra sweetener which is really
good the only ingredients are organic eyesight it’s a trick Aspen which I’m
not really sure like two ingredient it’s not bad and then we also got some cheese
we got cojito cheese for some Mexican cream
before then I’m gonna make with my grill and then also some unexpected cheddar
cheese it’s just the Trader Joe’s brand but I’m very curious about it because it
literally is called unexpected cheddar cheese very mysterious
okay now we also got lots of fun stress but we got some produce
we got some wine go back behind and then got some
avocados so I can make vodka moly which I haven’t made in far too long and then
we got like six things of corn so I’m not gonna take them all out now but a
lot of coin into grill which has a yummiest thing and it just whenever we
grilled corn it just feels like summer we got jerk style plantain chips when we
were checking out that guy who is dragging our stuff so these were so good and then we got like more snacky stuff
than usual because we’re going on a road trip next weekend and we’d like to have
little snacks for that and then we got these rolled corn tortilla chips chili
in line if you watch our Fort Lauderdale roadtrip vlogs you know how I feel about
these and ever since we said if you mash like they just get better and better so
they’re dangerously good and then to my things for the road trip
we got the organic apple lingo fruit pouches and then also these ABC bars
issue like oil canola birth with almond butter and cocoa here’s our precious gem
of a finale fig we’re so pleased with him we’re trying to brainstorm names I
think we landed on fiddle Bert but if you have any better suggestions let me
know comment them down below there he is our sweet little fiddly fake I’m not
100% sure that we’re gonna keep him in that spot yet but we’re playing around
and anywhere this bill we fig is it just makes it so much happier and brighter
and we’re very happy with this purchase but I think that’s all for today I
hope you all enjoyed this vlog for the rest of the day we’re gonna try to go to
the gym if we can work up the energy and just do different chores and household
stuff and later I really want to watch the notebook which was delivered like
you see the library barcode so last week we thought a library card we all know
that if you watch last week’s blog but it’s so cool because the Orange County
Library System they deliver books and movies for free and obviously a library
card doesn’t cost anything so it’s just completely free which is so nice and I
think I put in the request for the notebook on Saturday last Saturday and
it came yesterday so it took like a week to get here maybe a little less isn’t
that so awesome and next weekend we’re going to Charleston and Savannah Georgia
and Charleston is actually where the notebook was filmed so that’s why I
wanted to rent it out and watch it but that’s the plan for the rest of the day
thank you all for watching I hope you enjoyed this little vlog and I will see
you in the walk around the neighborhood
feeling blessed

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