WellDeserved: A Marketplace For Privilege

privilege goes unused every single day why would we waste any of it that’s why I’m proud to introduce well-deserved the premier marketplace for privilege something about well deserved just feels right I work at Google and I get free lunch every day I’m a lot of free guests but I don’t always have one now I sell that guest lunch and I feel better knowing I’m putting my privilege to use my teeth they’re super healthy so I only go to the dentist like once a year instead of wasting a free cleaning I make it available for others I just set a price and wait for someone to click the expected button I walk a lot and I’m always seeing women getting catcalled on the sidewalk it really sucks but I had this idea the other day hey why don’t I walk with them spare them the harassment I charge them like 5 bucks while deserve we’ll never monetize any of the transactions that happen within our community it’s your privilege and you’re entitled to every cent of that sale our business plan is that ETS will just give us money because this is San Francisco and we have an idea this is well-deserved you’re welcome but don’t you think that if people were to see non straight white males going to lunch at Google then they would expect that should be the norm and what does that leave us I don’t know guys like what’s the piece of slippery slope I mean it’s it’s a risk we’re willing to take oh it’s a risk you’re willing to take

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  1. The producers of Just In New York (a Spaniard, a Venezuelan and a Mexican-American/Puerto Rican) are proud to offer the latest listing on Well Deserved: Pronouncing Spanish words Correctly Without Poshness or Irony. Finally, you can order "chorizo and tomatillo salsa" on your brunch omelette like a native-speaker without having all your mono-lingual friends give you the stink-eye, tell your buddy they've got "cojones" for canceling that Uber ride at the last minute, or offer to go "salsa dancing" with that guy from Tinder without sounding like a c*nt!

  2. "Cool video!" comment will cost you $2.
    I'll Tweet this for another $2.
    I'll upvote it on YouTube for a cool buck, since who cares about upvotes on YouTube.
    Any takers? Hmmm?

  3. I have privilege. But so does everyone else in a Western, developed country. Even the homeless have a better shot than most people in Africa.

    I could use my privilege to actually go out and change things, to make a real difference in the lives of the truly less-fortunate in the world. But that's too much work. So instead I'll fix minor problems in the Western world and pretend I deserve the same kind of self-satisfaction.

    Sometimes I don't even fix the problem. Most of the time I just reblog or retweet something somebody made or said (like a snarky video about a privilege app) and pretend that's equivalent to actually doing something.

    Most people in the Western world are either ignorant of or okay with the exploitation and suffering that goes on in the world, especially if it's in service to maintain their standard of living. I go one step further than that self-centeredness: not only do I try to make them feel bad for their ignorance and acceptance, I do so on my computer whose parts were mined and assembled by slave labor, while wearing my "This Is What a Feminist Looks Like" T-shirt that was put together by low-paid female wage-slave labor.

    Now if you'll excuse me, a games publisher has just made a video game with an attractive female lead, and duty calls.

  4. The problem with this conceptualization of privilege is that it has nothing to do with rights.  In Western countries, men, women, regardless of ethnicity, have the same rights.  To say that it is a privilege to NOT be profiled by the police confuses the meaning of the word 'privilege'.  It is not a privilege to not be disenfranchised, to not have your rights observed, because of your perceived ethnicity.  In the case of profiling, the problem is racism (a form of disenfranchisement) which completely violates the rights granted to us by law, not privilege.  It's kind of like saying that it's a privilege to not be robbed and beaten.

     It is not a privilege to live in a society where others are disenfranchised.  There is no benefit to living in a society where genealogy is a divisive issue.  If no benefits are felt by a so-called privileged group, why call it privilege?  Let's be accurate in our framing of this issue –  which is a problem of criminal disenfranchisement. 

  5. Kasima Tharnpipitchai, you are Thai. Look back at living in Thailand, in some ways and many ways it is far better than SF. I know, I have lived in both places. Cheers na krup.

  6. Are people really surprised?  Cheating on benefits claims has been a thing for a long time. Scalping company tickets.  Sample sales. Re-gifting. We humans are all about this–admit it!!

  7. Why the fuck was this racist shit video automatically included in this new autoplay function?

    Go fuck yourselves, every last one of you useless elitist fuckwads.

  8. At first I was like .. this is ok … I get it … but the ending had me fall out of my chair laughing! Well done!

  9. its so JEW idea . Same thing like renting company car only because someone mostly goes to work by subway.

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