What are the best eggs? Egg crackdown (CBC Marketplace)

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  1. Can’t believe this! chickens in cramped cages. This is not normal…
    Confinement, no fresh air, not being allowed to do what they were intended
    To do. They are NOT healthy, despite what people who raise them this way
    mouth about how they are doing everything right. Don’t want a chicken or an egg from
    One raised this way. When did it come to pure profit and no consciousness about
    Or connection to understanding this animal’s need, and Being greeting and convincing yourself that this is safe
    For consumers? Shame on you! The honest ones will prevail in the end…you’re
    Cheating will come back to bite you. Remember the saying that honesty
    Is the best policy. I wouldn’t want to meet my maker and pretend that I did the best I can
    And knowing, I did NOT!

  2. These birds in the cage can’t get sunshine ☀️, very bad for birds, poor birds. Definitely eggs from birds with sunshine taste better than those birds without sunshine ☀️.

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  4. The battery cages are cruel. That is the long and short of it. Canada is usually progressive, but it has fallen down here. I wish that the public had more feeling about this issue and the idea that farmers should put out an excellent product for public consumption, as well as making it affordable. It shouldn't be a choice of one or the other.

  5. Every one of those chickens look very sickly,your best bet is to purchase from a small farm or private. The organic guy at the end is making a good profit and his girls look happy and healthy. I sell my eggs at 4 to 5 $ a dozen and my eggs are orange in the middle and have a much better taste and my girls run free ,but I only have 14 hens and 1 rooster ..

  6. I always buy Organic meadow milk , cream, but I've never seen Organic Meadow eggs in any store. About eggs, I try to buy the best I can find. And The big difference I could put my finger on was with Easter coloured eggs. One year I couldn't get to any of the stores, and I thing I bought the eggs from a regular supermarket, and they were cheap eggs. That eggs did get spoiled in a couple of days, while better eggs perform well for at least a week.

  7. Its crazy how the chickens in the close quarters cage look healthier then the "Enriched Colony"….

  8. Foolish that the public can't tour a farm ( What do they have to hide/! ) Ohh! But the media can… But when they disparage you're brand…You're crying wolf! Please Stop. If you're confident in what you do…The public…Should be allowed to see…What it is you do. :(((((

  9. Congratulations to Organic Meadows for making a huge impact and difference…The public appreciates you! :)))

  10. Congratulations Marty ! Your hard work makes a difference, when your feeding the public and have a conscience….knowing your providing better nutrition while treating the animals better..Well I’ll pay more ! Let something else go.

  11. Great video, thank you so much !
    I'm not quite understand why conventional chicken has less vitamins.
    Honestly I don't trust for that, in taste I agree but for vitamins I doubted,
    please correct me if I not right.
    I agree that chicken males is a must for quality.
    👍and subscribed.

  12. I want eggs from a chicken that was harassed, chased, beaten and generally mistreated. Where can I get those? lol

  13. Those cages look like my apartment in Mississauga. I can understand the pain those chickens are going through LOL

  14. i do not eat eggs…but if i bought an egg..it would be the meadows…free range are great for your lawn and grass, flowers, they eat the bugs organically…NOISY!!!!!!, forget TV, phone use. i think the meadows man cried in the end…so proud of his product…good for him in his life on earth…good values

  15. I was hoping to find out if brown eggs were healthier than white one's. The taste test seemed to be all brown eggs. The interesting thing I just noticed: why is the caged chickens all white? Lack of sunlight? Or stress? Plumage was noticeably absent as well.

  16. the guy with the long beard says he doesnt really care about the treatment of the chickens, what a nice guy…….not.

  17. Im not a rich person and so I need to save money. However, paying a higher price for eggs from chickens that are treated ethically is ok by me, though there is a limit to everything. In the end, what I have had to do is buy eggs less often which makes me appreciate them more when I do buy them. That's acceptable for me for now because that also equals less waste.

  18. How far does my morality extend?

    As far as u can afford…ur disposable income drives that bus…

    And no…i've not bought the lie of cage free…organic..being the best.

  19. These people are morons. They imagine themselves living in a cage and think that applies to a chicken. Chickens don't think like humans; in fact, it's a stretch to call the neural activity in their pea brains "thought" at all. They don't sit there contemplating their lot in life. They don't daydream about some ideal alternative life they wish they were living. If they aren't hungry, in fear, or in pain, they are content.

  20. I wouldn’t mind paying 8 bucks for the real cage free that had the best nutrition thats still much cheaper than even cheap junk food

  21. Interesting, although the testing procedure was more like a game and not done properly. But obviously, organic produce is nutritionally superior and scientifically healthier than factory-farm produce. I recall as a child that chickens egg yolks were always pale yellow, and remember the controversy about it. Some time later, after egg yolks were a bright golden yellow colour, it was disclosed that chicken farmers were adding a yellow colour agent to the chickens feed. Such is the nature of corrupt conventional farming.

  22. So CBC Marketplace is always like 80% good then they drop the ball because they don't have any science-based specialists with them. A nutritionist is nowhere close to what you need. In this you should've got an ornitholigist and a food scientist, and especially stress the fact that "organic" means nothing. This was all about what was fed to the chickens, and that was not even mentioned.

  23. What is it with Canadian men and crying? I saw one crying over a house he didn’t get in a different episode of Market Place and now a farmer crying over his eggs!! 😂

  24. Look how much healthier the free range chickens are. Their feathers aren't balding or plucked out and they look so much healthier. Home raised chicken eggs that are fresh are so much better tasting!

  25. I have 6 chickens on my property in my back yard that free roam my garden and go back in the hen house at night and takes nearly no time to keep them happy and healthy and I get 6 eggs a day a, people should just keep a few chickens themselves at home, problem solved. Chickens need room to roam and scratch , stretch their wings and perch. Chickens don’t belong in tiny cages their whole lives, you wouldn’t keep a dog or cat in a cage barely big enough for their whole lives

  26. I have chickens. I raise them on organic feeds and they free range my 20 acre farm eating anything they find interesting. My eggs have yolks that are deep yellow to orangish and not the anemic looking lemon yellow yolks I find in the supermarket eggs. That's nutrition and because they eat better quality things. My organic feed is very expensive since it has real ingredients and none of the stuff most commercial feeds have like ground up dead chickens and other nasty stuff. Notice the hens in the cages, even the advanced or enhanced ones, and see their Bazooka Joe bubble gum sickly looking pink color combs and wattles compared to the free range organic chickens with their red combs. Notice the condition of the feathers in the caged birds compared to the others. Even in the larger cages they are all either damaged or missing. That's not a sign of health. Notice the freerange birds eyes how clear and clean they look compared to production birds? The comment they prefer to be in the barn is crazy. Birds naturally are curious and like being in open spaces as long as they feel safe. When I open my coop in the morning they run out the door to see what's extra for breakfast. When I used to feed commercial feeds years ago the hens did ok as they were supplemented by the things they ate outdoors. When I started using a quality organic feed egg production went up 25-30%, their feathers were smoother and looked better and they were more active. I'm convinced organic freerange is the way to go for eggs and meat chickens. Yes they cost more but this is something you consume. Isn't it worth it to eat better? You are what you eat!

  27. If you can't afford to buy organic, stop eating eggs. It's not that hard to do. Millions have already done it. This is the way of the future. Apart from the taste and nutrition, eating conventional eggs much like eating conventionally grown anything comes with a huge price when it comes to your health. Choose wisely, pay now, or pay later.

  28. Chickens do not experience happiness. If they have food, water and regulated temperature, they have no other needs. If you observe a lot of chickens, they are all free ranging, each one aching as if they were the only chicken in town. Chickens do not socialize, neither do they want to. My parents were chicken farmers.

  29. I have to eat only eggs. About 5000 a year. And my issue is in shelf life and repacking. As many eggs have gone passed their shelf life into repackaging. Also how they treat them in washing them. Do not know why but use to see eggs go green before being grey or rotten. As I see lots of rotten eggs from stores that do not sell many. Where they can be repackaged three times. And not one by one. As it is usually only one or two per dozen. When they all should turn at the same time.

  30. I am a big fan of this show (not Canadian) but the way they get their data is not the most accurate method. Still enjoy this show though.

  31. I wonder how happy that farmer would be in a cage?
    I would be happy to see him in a cage, this is so very wrong.
    DNA remembers stress and this is very upsetting.
    I bet he wouldn't raise them in a cage if it cost more to do, lazy fsfkajsldjasld asd holes.

  32. garden hens are fine, it's the rooster that's the problem for the neighbors. if that bugger crows one more time, i'm going to have rooster for dinner, but without the rooster they won't lay. they should have, rent a rooster. job done by rooster. they do it with bulls

  33. freerange, need a cocker spaniel or collie, to round them up in the evening, and to deter foxes and other predators

  34. Liquid flesh , why would you eat something that comes from a chickens period . Disgusting if you think about it .

  35. I have never seen what’s so darn great about eggs lol I’d like them they stink look like boogys lol 😂 but soooo many ppl love them 😐🤷‍♀️ what’s wrong with me lol

  36. So what do they feed organic chickens? Seemingly the eat the grass outside so the cost on feed is less than that of caged birds who only eat birdfeed. So , why are organic eggs expensive by margin of 4 dollars?

  37. Sad what these farmers do to the animals. Vegan is the way to go. Imagine seeing a human slave and say " well they're happy being a slave! They go to work and smile sometimes!" Wow

  38. This 'chef' is also passed off as a random passerby on the oj segment! You can tell by the silver ring on his left hand! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8e4CEm9yybo

  39. There is no real reason for the cage-free eggs to cost more. On top of that, my own eggs are so beautiful no egg bought anywhere else has ever beat them. The yolks are almost orange.

  40. 12:27 – "Most farmers have battery cages. They'll have until 2036 to get rid of them" – in my opinion that is too long a time to wait. It shouldn't take 20 years to implement a change like that.

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