What I Look for in Stocks I Buy

– We had a four stocks fall in the market. – Yeah yeah. – If China and the U.S.
don’t come to an agreement, and this trade war lasts
longer, like, that’s going to affect things. (upbeat music) Well, if you look, if
you follow me on Twitter, I get in fights with people,
you know, all the time. But specifically people
who are invested in pump-and-dumps and they don’t realize it. Like, V-E-R-B, Verb, used to be. I don’t even remember
what their old trader was. But I was like, “Guys, I’m
not debating the technology.” They’re like, “Exactly, you don’t
understand the technology.” I’m like, “I don’t give a
care about the technology.” And they’re like, “But the
CEO says this,” and all this, and I was like, the
stock has been promoted with email blasts, here’s the email blast, it’s a pump, pumps fail. Their technology is just a smokescreen. But there were promotions, right? So they weren’t debating the promotions, they’re like, “Okay, maybe
there was a little promotion, but the technology is good.” And I’m like, “You don’t
understand, okay? If there’s any promotion, that means
somebody put money into those email promos instead of
giving it to the company to make their magical technology. So anybody who was investing
in the pumping of their stock means that they just want the
stock up so they can sell.” Any stock that gets promoted is shit. – Yeah. – There’s only a few on, I
can count them on one hand, that actually survived. Um, True Religion Jeans.
Do you remember that one? – Oh, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. – The jeans actually freaking took off. Um, but aside from that,
and this is Verb, V-E-R-B, it went from, I mean
they did a reverse split, so it never went up to 44,
but it had the big spike due to the pump, a little
secondary pump, and now dead. And some people listened,
some people were like, “How did you know?” I was like, “It’s the
same pattern every time.” It’s, it’s not rocket science. But most people still
went down with the ship, and it’s still on the
active message boards. And now they’ve taken
their anger out on the CEO, the CEO blames short sellers. Yeah, the CEO says, “We’ve
been targeted by illegal short sellers.” He made a whole video and, you
know, they didn’t mention me, but everyone’s Tweeting
me like, “Oh so it’s just, it’s just trying to short this.” I was like, “I have
never shorted this stock, there is no shares to
short, I rarely short, I’m just trying to warn
you before you dumbos lose all your money.” And it was the same thing
with the marijuana stocks, I mean, that was when the
Men’s Journal reporter was following me, and I was trying to warn
everybody, this is a classic pump-and-dump chart. And I, you know, again, I
didn’t know that they would all crash so well. I just knew that it was a similar chart. So when you have the chart,
it usually plays out. 99 times out of 100. – So they, okay, speaking of
marijuana stocks, I actually want to buy a marijuana, I want to buy and hold a marijuana stock. But I don’t know which one to pick. I don’t know which one is
not, like, complete shit. – Well, so GRWG is a play
that I’ve been watching a few traders, like Tim Grittani,
I think, have positions. I’m just watching, it
doesn’t have enough volume or volatility, so I wouldn’t do it. But that one has fundamentals. Like if actually look at the revenues, if you actually look at their product, that’s what you look for. – You look at the revenues? – Yeah, look at the revenues. Pull it up. – So, Yahoo! Finance? – Yeah. Or you could
just go to BigCharts.com and look at a press release
and they’ll talk about it. You know, there’s many different ways. BigCharts, Yahoo! Finance,
FreeRealTime, OTC Markets. – Um. – Yahoo! Finance used to be
good, and then they changed their whole thing. – GRWG? – GRWG, yep. Grow Generation Corp. And I have no position, I
might buy, I don’t know. – So this one, so where
should I go to? Financials? – Um, yeah. – I got it up on the screen. And then, so we’re
looking at their revenues. – See they’re growing.
Year over year. Look. From the right side, show the screen too. – Oh wow. – [Timothy] Three to seven to 14 to 29. – Yeah they are. – [Timothy] They have fundamentals. – That’s it? That’s all you look at? – [Timothy] That’s it. It’s
really that simple, man. – [Woman] Did you say the Webture Society, is it Big Chat something? – BigCharts.com You could do that. I
mean, I just use it for charting sometimes. And press releases. – How come you don’t have
a position in it now, if you- – I might take a long term
position, it’s just not volatile enough for me. I know I have impatience. It actually just broke out
yesterday, which is why I’m mentioning it. Because I saw Tim Grittani,
and I know he’s talked about it a little in
the past, but it finally broke out after. He’s had it for months. – It had a really nice spike. – But it just doesn’t have enough volume. It trades a few hundred
thousand shares a day, it doesn’t, you know. – But you know, if you’re
buying it for the long term. – Well this is what you said,
you said, that’s specifically why you said, “Hey, I’m looking
for something long term.” It has the fundamentals,
it has a break out, it’s worth a shot. I’m not necessarily going to
do it because I don’t have that patience, but if
you’re looking for something long term, this is the
kind of play to look for. You’re looking for growing revenues, you’re looking for profits,
you’re looking for a hot sector, and you’re looking for an
up trending chart like this. – Sweet, I’ll buy some right now. – No! (laughter) – Why not? (laughter) You just gave me all the– – God. – Why, why, why can’t, like, why not? – I’m just saying something like that. Do not just buy a random
stock when you get a tip from anybody. You have to do digging, research. – We just did. – That was not digging and research. That was me just explaining why it’s a potential play. – So what more digging should we do? – Go to their website,
look at their products, look at their message
boards, look at Twitter. See what people are saying, see what their competitors are doing. There’s a lot of shit that goes into it. And I, you know, again, this
is why I’m not good at that. – Oh, this is an OTC? – Yeah. – Oh god. – Yeah! This is a little piece of shut. So I wouldn’t just buy anything randomly. And then also, I think,
the biggest risk right now is that the market is up so much, we’re at all time highs, and we don’t have the China deal, and we haven’t really had
any positive signs that a China deal’s happening, so. Three out of four stocks
fall on the market, so I wouldn’t buy anything
right now, because– – Why is the China deal
relevant? What are– – Three out of four
stocks fall on the market. – Yeah, yeah. – If China and the U.S.
don’t come to an agreement and this trade war lasts longer, that’s going to affect things. – What do you mean, like, a trade war? We’re not, they’re not– – Do you know about the China trade war? – No. – So the U.S. and China right
now are imposing tariffs on each other for different products. Because the U.S. says, “Hey
China, you’re not paying us enough taxes.” China says, “Go forget yourself.” And so there’s a war. And there’s negotiations on and off, like can we get this settled? But until it’s settled,
there’s extra tariffs. So any goods coming from China right now have an extra 10, 15, 20%. Different goods have
different percentages. And they’re taxed, it’s an import tax, whenever they enter the U.S. Which is not good for companies, it’s not good for consumers, so theoretically they
should come up with a deal. Because these are the
two world superpowers, but no deal has been
reached and, you know, aside from posturing from both countries, it doesn’t look like a deal
is happening right now. And if anything bad happens, where let’s say they
break off negotiations, and that becomes news, the DOW could drop a thousand,
two thousand in a day. – Wow. – And then speculative stocks like this, I don’t give a fuck what
their fundamentals are. They’ll get crushed. So you kind of have that as a backdrop. Also, this is summertime. If you look at stock market history, summer is statistically the
worst time to be invested. There’s a saying called
Sell In May, Go Away. Because if you hold stocks up until May, statistically, throughout
history, you’re better. – What would it, so we start
buying in September, right? – November. September and
October are the two worst, statistically performing months. So if you want to go through history, you don’t invest in May,
June, July, August, September. Five months. That’s about it. (upbeat ukulele music) Hey, Tim Sykes, Millionaire
Mentor and Trader. Thank you for watching my videos. I hope that they help you, I want to share everything that
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