What is the Federal Marketplace Strategy?

The future of federal acquisition is coming
are you ready to join us? GSA’s Federal Marketplace Strategy will modernize
and simplify the federal buying and selling experience for you – whether you work in government,
supply products and services to government, or are a part of our acquisition workforce. We want the Federal Marketplace experience
of tomorrow to be even better than it is today. The current acquisition landscape is challenging. There are daunting regulations and aging IT
systems – not to mention the confusion of having the same items sold through multiple
contracts. The result is an inconsistent – and sometimes
frustrating – buying and selling experience. That’s why GSA is reimagining and redesigning
the federal marketplace based on your needs. We’re taking an iterative, people-centric
approach to ensure your acquisition experience is consistently good — even great. This means, building an easy, modern, and
efficient federal marketplace with your feedback and ideas as the foundation of our strategy. But What does this really mean? Here’s what we know from talking to our customers. Buyers want an easier way to buy the products,
services, and solutions that meet their mission needs Suppliers have asked us to reduce barriers,
making it easier for everyone to work with government. And our workforce — wants to feel empowered
to focus on performing the highest value activities. We heard you. Now it’s time for action. GSA is executing the Federal Marketplace Strategy
through an integrated set of policy, process, and technology improvements across the Federal
Acquisition Service – not just updating individual contracts or systems. Our strategy is made up of many projects and
key policy considerations, including these four cornerstone initiatives: Multiple Award
Schedule or MAS Consolidation, Commercial Platforms, a new Contract Writing System and
improved Catalog Management. With MAS Consolidation, GSA will modernize
federal acquisition by consolidating the existing 24 Multiple Award Schedules into one single
Schedule covering all products, and services. This will simplify the buying experience for
buyers. Soon, you’ll be able to buy total solutions
through one contract – no more confusion over which Schedule to use. For suppliers – we heard loud and clear that
you want more consistency both with terms and conditions in the Schedule contract and
while working with GSA. And you want speed to market – our goal is
that the single schedule, coupled with other program improvements, will begin to address
your needs. In consultation with the Office of Management
and Budget, GSA is establishing a Commercial Platforms program enabling federal agencies
to procure commercial products through partnerships with commercial e-commerce portals. This program will modernize and streamline
the commercial product buying experience leaving you with more time to focus on mission oriented
acquisitions. Contract Writing System modernization is a
win-win for everyone. For our dedicated workforce, this will improve
our system usability. This equals more efficient, effective ways
of working – and more face time with customers. Catalog Management will improve how GSA manages
more than 50 million products and services. Our goal is to make it easier for you to offer,
search, compare and purchase items. GSA will share these improvements through
coordinated releases to continually deliver progress and improve your experience each
step of the way. This will help us focus on areas that are
important to you and ensure your feedback is incorporated over time. We have a lot of work to do, but we can’t
do it alone. We need your big ideas and input to reimagine
the acquisition experience. Bookmark our website and be the first to hear
our news. Keep up to date with the latest Federal Marketplace
releases and find out how to engage with us through Industry Days, listening sessions,
and design workshops. Join us – together, we’ll reimagine the acquisition
experience, making the federal marketplace of tomorrow even better than it is today!

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