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  1. THANK YOU Tim. I just heard of the PDT last week and I was like, what the hell are you seriousss?? But this video came out with perfect timing, and now I don't feel as bad about it anymore. I was also unsure about short-selling last week, then that "How To Short Sell Penny Stocks" video came out at the perfect time as well. So thank you for your weekly uploads on top of your DVDs mannn. You da best prof!

  2. Nice video. Please correct me if I am wrong, but you can also add to your position and scale out of a stock all in one day, and those won't count against you as day trades.

  3. Hey mister Sykes, I want to get into this, Im 37 been doing labor all my life and haven't really been in social media too much, so I'm kinda coming out of my cave. All this is foreign to me. Is there a way I could message you in some social media? The only thing I have is this and twitter I think but I'm not on there I have an old facebook. Just wanted to see if you could get me started like tell me what kind of equipment I would need. Just a laptop?

  4. I have a very control budget that's why I need to utilize my single worth of a penny.
    Tim Sir, For example – Like me as a newbie at first, if I do paper trading with your penny stocking silver($150) or Tim Real-Time($75) alert subscription and try this market just to see? what do you think? Which option I should prefer ($150) or ($75) as a beginner?????????
    I don't have $3000 to buy your expensive study material. I do a part-time job with my bachelor study. I will buy these stuff with the passage of time, don't worry! I read your all free blog posts, watched every free video, attended free webinar's and also study that 7-day challenge. It really helped me to understand what should I do with my future!

    So, on a monthly basis, what should I choose? penny stocking silver ($150) + 1month stocks to trade expense ($176) = Total ($326) OR Tim Real-Time alert ($75) + 1month stocks to trade expense ($176) = Total ($251). I have a very limited time. Your suggestion will help me a lot.
    what do think which option can I do better?
    Sorry if I asked the wrong question but I am confused, I don't wanna waste a penny. I just wanna be very careful from start.

  5. I'm getting very frustrated. Just not trading properly. Getting discouraged. I can read and read and watch ur video's but over the years I have learned from people I was in the field with and than tweaked it. Like Mechanics, I've been in the field for over 30+yrs. Have awards from ASE for being master for over 25+yrs. But was forced to retire because of Medical issues. But Just wish I could sit next to someone who can literally show me what to do and the signs of what to look for one on one. For some reason it sinks into my Brain better. Well Thanks Tim for all your video lessons and the Penny Stock book I purchased. Yeah I know about PDT rule hit it twice.

  6. When I had STT (I'll for sure get it again), I paper traded only 3 days and I took the 500 initial, and grew it 140% to ~1200. When I start trading real money, maybe I'll be on track to becoming a full time trader by the end of the year. I won't get my hopes up, but I'll do my best, study hard, and learn as much as I can!

  7. You can try to rationalize the PDT rule in any number of ways but it is a case of too much government. Trading too much may be a problem for a lot of traders but they don't need more government to control them.

  8. TL:DR- PDT is cancer to the stock market and forces noobs to have to make better plays for 2/3 wins in a week. rich get richer scheme created by the SEC influenced by the rich.

  9. You know what Tim ?, I'm, still studying over and over again, and this video is really a wake up call , too you are right, I never thought that this could get addictive, I promise I am studying and looking forward to being your student. I am glad now I botched it up when I tried to be your student earlier, it was meant to be , but I k ow I will be a student…. Everyone who doubts you are very wrong ,, people get wise and no matter how long it takes ,, believe in Tim , thanxx Tim .. see you on the other side lol…

  10. PDT rule? Not so familiar or maybe something i forgot.. Will do a revise.. Oh ya Good evening Tim.. my plan is to do real trade around October or November and for this time being i will try to absorb the idea which you've teached and to be honest I'm a slow learner.. hope you can be patient with me 😀😀

  11. Oh ya I've registered a demo or bonus with terms ac.. maybe can do little experiment about what I've learnt with it..

  12. Ok. But this doesn't help when you're marked as a pattern day trader. Now I have to use a different broker.

  13. fuck this pdt rule is cancer i missed on making 5k now i have wait 90 days like a loser while the rich get richer with no problem. and i can go buy lottery tickets and no one will stop me for losing it all

  14. PTD rule is not to keep you safe otherwise they would limit your cash investment.

    The Rule is to establish a higher barrier to entry. The gov wants to know you can already amass 25k and it ensures no average joe makes it out of the system.

  15. You should have also mentioned the six percent requirement. Being such an onerous restriction you might as well be thorough.

    You might also have stated – well, should have – that a brokerage house can flag you in less than 5 consecutive trading days if they assert that an investor matches the profile of a pattern trader. That means less than the 4 trades too.

  16. when he says "this is why brokers dont love me" like he is Bill Gate or something!! like why would Brokers care about your opinion??!! that just screams "fake" and "scam" to me. ur never getting my money.

  17. Yes, I would love someone telling me what I can and can't do with my money. I wonder who's benefiting from this, really… Because it's not the average joe.

  18. I'm so hype!!! lol I don't give a damn about PDT. I'm restricting myself to two day trades per week for dip buying morning panics ONLY and using unlimited overnight trades for "first green days". Reserving the third day trade for rare emergencies, in case I need to get out because I bought too early at market close and the stock changed direction. You're awesome Tim!!!!!

  19. Thanks Tim! Great knowledge to understand. It's about patience and waiting for the best of the best opportunity. Don't become addicted to trade!

  20. they might as well tell tobacco smokers to smoke 3 cigarettes a week.
    Fucking government always want to control our shit.

  21. 2:30 Tim, in your video with Steven Dux, you both said not to use paper trading and instead use very small positions.

  22. Thank you so much for explaining the PDT rule in a simple but detailed explanation. I have been confused about it, but thanks to you, I finally understood what it is. I personally don't like the PDT rule because that means I'll have to take a huge risk in swing trading.

  23. I have a question, if I'm labeled a pdt and I have well over $25,000 in equity. If I use my full buying power 4:1, can I hold position until the next day? Thank you

  24. I appreciate your explanation on PTD and how it is important on beginners being patient and not to over extend themselves.

  25. Wow! that's mind-blowing, I didn't know its even an option

    I saw the video below before to understand it too:


  26. If I only have 4,000 dollars in my account, but keep making money off each trade, why should I be forced to stop?

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  28. Since when has the govt ever tried to help us KEEP our money. Rules and regulations are usually there to screw us. Having traded quite well for weeks now and seen nothing but profits across the board, the PDT rule is keeping me and such small gains a day itll be forever before i hit 25k. Im sure once there THERE WILL BE MORE REGULATIONS

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