What’s Popular on Robinhood? (TOP 10 STOCKS)

What’s up guys welcome back to the channel. My name is Bruce Wang Today’s video is gonna be about Robin Hood investing another Robin Hood challenge Robin Hood has a list of the 100 most popular stocks I’m gonna go over the top ten of them and let you know what I think about them Let’s jump right into the app for anybody. That’s new to investing and want to start investing today You can use the free trading app Robin Hood I have been using this app for the last six month or so and I highly recommend it The links are in the description when you use that link, you’ll get a free stock right when you sign up Some of the stocks you can get you can see on screen right now, Berkshire Hathaway Century Link an ally capital and it’s 100% free right when you sign up so You can just download it and test it out yourself, but let’s jump right into the portfolio today My investment portfolio is worth two thousand six hundred eighty five dollars and forty seven cents. It’s a very good day for me I’m up about thirty dollars on the day on the week. I’m up sixty dollars on the month. I’m up one hundred eighty seven dollars Under three months charts. I’m up two hundred eighty dollars on the year It’s about the same two hundred forty dollars for the all-time chart I’m still down two hundred and eleven dollars and I’m trying to make up with this with fundamental investing and dividend investing So now let’s take this time to open up a few free stocks from some of my subscribers Look, the first one is from chance. So thank you chance for using my link in the description Let’s open this one right in the middle real quick, and I’ve got sprint. I’ve been getting a lot of referrals recently So I’m just gonna open two more Again I’m gonna go for the one right in the middle. I Got Groupon Groupon is worth three dollars and forty eight cents I’m still waiting on that super rare stock that’s worth over hundreds of dollars. Hopefully this is it right here. Come on Nope again, I got Siri XM. I mean I got Sirius XM worth right now six dollars and four cents I still have a few stocks here, but I’m gonna open them up Next time also don’t forget to do your taxes Robin Hood makes it very easy for you to do any taxes. All you have to do is just download the Document and give them to your accountant or you can just use those documents and go through TurboTax I think they have an affiliate link in their app so you can just go through that now Let’s cut to the chase and jump into Robin Hood’s most popular stocks Let’s just take a look at the top ten because I don’t want to take all your time up the top stock on Robin Hood Right now is Aurora cannabis. I’ve done I think one or two videos on Aurora cannabis already It is a cannabis stock a wheat stock Very volatile. I don’t recommend you guys jumping into this with all your money right now I think the cannabis industry is gonna marry the cryptocurrency industry It’s gonna be very volatile is gonna be very speculative, but there is a high chance for growth Let’s look at some of the statistics for Aurora cannabis And the day is it’s moving sideways on the week down seven percent on the month is up one percent on The three-month charts up seven percent on the year is down twenty percent So this is what I’m trying to say guys this it’s very volatile Only jump in here if you know what you’re doing. The market cap is 7 billion 52 weeks low is for 52 weeks highest $12.50. I originally bought into Aurora cannabis at $5 and I sold at seven dollars and twenty three cents I think after our cannabis drops below seven dollars again That’s when I will decide to jump back in again. The second most popular stock right now on Robin Hood is Apple Apple is a blue chip stock. It is a it is a fan favorite. I am a Apple fanboy I don’t have my Apple watch on right now, but I’m using an Apple phone. I use the Apple earpods I’m an Apple fanboy to the core. I use a MacBook Pro to edit all my videos. So I believe in this company Today it is is kind of moving sideways on the week is down half a percentage on The month is up 13% I think I bought in to Apple about a month ago Because I’m up about $20 on the stock. The three months chart is still down 10% on the year There is almost no growth on the year chart on the five-year chart. You can see that there was a 130 percent growth Apple stock right now is at $170 Like I said, I don’t have that much money to reinvest right now But I was able to get one share at 1:48 and right now equities at 170. I’m up to 22 dollars and 36 cents So here are the main stats Very staggering market cap is at eight hundred seven billion dollars It is crazy how much money this company has it is one of the world’s most Richest companies and what else they have a dividend yield of 1.2 just yesterday on Valentine’s Day I got paid a dividend of 73 cents for owning one share of Apple. I don’t have anything bad to say about Apple at the moment I wouldn’t buy Apple at this price. I would probably buy Apple at 160 165 that’s when I’ll decide if I want to jump back in again. The third biggest company is GE One thing that I want to say about the mobile app versus the desktop app you can actually see the exact amount of people that Owns the stock if you’re on the desktop app for whatever reason on the mobile app there, then we’ll show you I’ll give you a screenshot to let you see exactly what I’m talking about General Electric is the third most popular stock on Robin Hood at the moment on the year It hasn’t been doing too good. It is down 30% but there was a big recovery over the last three months GES market cap is 87 billion dividend yields is at 5% and why the dividend yield is so high is because The price of GE dropped so low, but I think that they’re cutting back The dividend yield because the company hasn’t been doing too well over the past few months 52 weeks high is $15.60 52 weeks low is six dollars and 66 cents. There’s always mixed news coming out about GE How is doing well or how it’s doing better or how it’s doing worse? If you believe in GE invest in it in the long term If you do not believe in GE don’t invest in it at all I bought GE around October when I first started because GE was considered a blue chip stock But I think that the company is too volatile for me and I don’t want to be investing in this company at the moment I sold all my shares at 11 dollars and 32 cents back in October the fourth. Most popular stock on Robin Hood is Ford Ford is eight dollars and 54 cents at the moment on the week It’s up 1.5 percent on the month is down five percent on the three months charges down eight percent on the year it is down 21% so On five years is down 40% Ford is trending down guys Ford is trending down a lot a lot of the investors in Florida and now they’re just holding I’m not telling you you should sell or anything, but Ford is trending down. So just be aware I don’t know if it’s a good time to buy in or not I sold all my Ford shares on February 7th, so that was about weeks ago I had to I only had two shares nothing too serious and It paid out a different of 30 cents. So here is a bad example of Investing for dividend yields Ford is a very big company But the stock price is trending down and when the stock price trends down the dividend yields centage will always go up and You don’t really want that type of Dynamic when you’re investing for dividends, the market cap is 35 billion dividend yield again is 7.8 percent, but Don’t let that fool you the 52-week high is $12 15 cents d 52 weeks low is $7 and 41 cents just some of the headlines the CFO’s retirement would bring more uncertainty at tough times for Ford right now the stock price of Ford is gonna be very volatile at the moment There’s a lot of negative news coming out of the company right now if you are investing in Ford The analysts say that you should be holding instead of selling So just be aware moving on to the fifth most popular stock on Robin Hood To my surprise. It is another cannabis stock. Another weed stock price is at $21 26s. I’ve done a video on this So I think that if you guys want to check out that video, I’ll link it Because this video is starting to get a bit long if you want me to cover cannabis stocks again Leave me a like and leave me a comment and I’ll be glad to do so G, but you guys got it But you guys got to let me know the six most popular stock on Robin Hood is Microsoft Microsoft is a computer company created by Bill Gates one of most richest man in the world Microsoft is one of the most richest companies in the world stock price right now is 108 dollars and 15 cents. It’s been trending up in the past three months On the year, it’s up. Almost 18% is up 18% It is It is up almost 200% in the five-year chart. So this this is a very great growth for Microsoft Market cap is 821 billion. But this is a company that I need to keep a watch on so I’m gonna turn on the I’m gonna put this on my watch list. I can definitely By Microsoft within the next week or so. I just got away from my deposit and there’s nothing but good news coming out for Microsoft And analysts say 88% buy for their earnings per share. They exceeded their earnings per share just by a bit they can’t get the correct numbers on the mobile app, but when I looked in the desktop app I’m sure able to find it but Microsoft is a great company one of their main competitors is Apple the Seventh most popular stock on Robin Hood. It is GoPro $5.99 per share right now It is doing pretty well in the last three months up 10% on the years of 5% But it has seen better days on the five-year chart. You can see that it’s down almost 80% at one time GoPro shares were worth almost $100. That’s uh, that’s pretty insane I didn’t jump into the stock market until last year So I was not aware of this their market cap right now is under a billion dollars So GoPro right now is considered a small market cap. I did not know that I haven’t done much research on GoPro so this is one of the first times I’m looking at them 52 week high right now is 7 dollars 60 cents on the low on the low end is $4 I own one GoPro, but that was from like four or five years ago and GoPros are very expensive They they have their own niche market for action cameras so right now is a very critical time for GoPro, but it does seem like they’re Trending upwards in the last three months on their fourth quarter report. They beat expected earnings per share By five cents that is good news. I’m not gonna replay there any calls, but you can enough listen to it here So the eighth most popular stock on Robin Hood right now is Facebook Everybody knows what Facebook is Even my grandmother knows what Facebook is Stock price right now Facebook just one hundred sixty two dollars and thirty cents on the day. It is trending sideways On the week is trending down about three percent on the month It is trending up 11% I think this is a good news from there Expected earning calls Facebook is one of the companies that has been on my watch list since I’ve gotten into Robin Hood I would love to own a piece of this company their market cap is 467 billion that’s one of the most richest companies in the world 52 week high is at two hundred and eighteen dollars fifty two weeks low is that $123 Facebook has no dividend yield because it is considered a growth stock. One thing that I love about Facebook Is that their global company and how they do their ads? It’s very smart, even though they might be stealing some of your data. Other than that. Let’s go. Other than that Let’s move on to the next stock. I first heard about AMD from crypto mining So AMD, they create those GPUs and other computer parts Right now the stock price of AMD’s twenty three dollars and sixty eight cents AMD is the I think is the ninth most popular stock on Robin Hood on today. They’re trending up On the week, they’re training up to point two seven percent on the month. They’re up fifteen point eight percent three months They’re up twenty percent on the year two up ninety percent. So On the five-year chart, they’re up five hundred seventy six percent. There’s been crazy amount of growth in AMD I think this company is quite new At the moment I own two shares of AMD and I bought in at eighteen dollars and 86 cents and You can see that my total return at the moment is almost ten dollars. I push I bought more stocks at that time It was stupid. I should have bought a lot more at that time. I would be a lot a lot I would be up a lot more at the moment AMD is a growth stock. So you can see that there is again, no dividend yield just like in facebook Their market cap is a lot lower though market cap is at 23 billion 52 weeks low is at $9. It’s two weeks highs at $34 AMD I see that I think this company is gonna be one of the bigger companies in the future It’s gonna be able to rival Nvidia Nvidia is one of their main competitors and I also believe that one reason why AMD is so popular And Robin is the stock price is a lot more affordable than nvidia and video stock prices It is in the hundreds of dollars This company might be of interest to you If you want to invest in a tech company the tenth most popular stock on Robin Hood right now is Fitbit I’m Somewhat familiar with Fitbit because I keep getting Fitbit for my referral Awards. I think I received maybe five Fitbit rewards from Robin Hood, but I like I said earlier in the video I’m an Apple fanboy so Fitbit I haven’t owned one or worn one or even tried one on Right now Fitbit is six dollars and 46 cents on the week. It is down one percent I mean on the day it is down one percent on the week Again, one percent on the month is up almost 9% Three months of 15% So it’s been doing pretty good over the last three months to a year but on the five-year chart You can see that it has been trending down and I think that is because of the popularity of the Apple watch So that is one thing that you want to consider if you want to jump into the stock No different yield That so, I think that’s one of the reasons why I sold all my Fitbit, there’s just no dividend yield Market cap is 1.6 billion 52 weeks high 779 52 weeks low is 423 Again, I think that Fitbit is one of the more popular stocks from back in the days I’m generalizing but I think today is all about the Apple watch I think Fitbit has been beaten and I think that they don’t really have that much of a market share in that in that space anymore because of Apple You can see here on January 3rd. I sold three shares at five dollars and 24 cents and on February 6 I sold one share at $6.24 So I’ve received about four Fitbit rewards from robin hood at the moment. It’s been trending up in the last few months, but Are they gonna come out with some type of technology that can beat the Apple watch? I’m not so sure about that. Robin Hood has a lot more popular stocks that I didn’t go over There was a hundred of them. I think if I went over all of them, I would lose my mind I would lose my voice. So I only went over the top ten and those are my thoughts a few of those companies I’ve invested in aurora cannabis Apple AMD and a lot of them I’m not invested in them because I either don’t believe them or I don’t have enough Buying power in my account right now to purchase them For example, like Microsoft depending on the type of investor you are that’ll determine on what type of portfolio you will have I am a dividend investor at the moment. I am focused heavily on Investing in dividend stocks, but I’m still very open to growth stocks such as a Facebook and Microsoft but I just don’t have that type of buying power and that is why this is called the Robin Hood Challenge is Supposed to be challenging. Hopefully, that’s what and hopefully that makes it more entertaining to see me get over that type of struggle That’s gonna be it for today’s video. So if you enjoyed it, you made it this far leave me a like Subscribe to the channel if you haven’t I make a lot of content. I’m making 3 videos every week right now so if you like this type of content stick around for more Leave me a comment Let me know what you guys think of this type of video Do you want to see more Robin Hood investment challenges. Do you want to see more crypto? Do you want to see more? YouTube growth hacks Other than that, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram, and I’ll see you guys in the next video. Bye

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