When to Buy Etfs OVER Stocks (6 Times When Investing In Etfs Is Better Than Picking Stocks)

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  1. I wouldn't want to hold physical gold/silver etc. I move around too much and too afraid of being robbed haha. You are right, if I feel like investing in these, I think investing in ETFs is the smart move.

    I like to pick individual stocks in general for my dividend experiment portfolio as I am trying out an 'experiment' to pick sotcks that fill specific income requirements. So although I beleive investing in ETFs is usually a smart move, for my dividend portfolio picking individual makes sense.

  2. Happy Sunday everybody. Thank you for the continued support everyone. I was pleased to be able to upload again. Last week we had a bunch of home renovations going on so I did not have time to produce a new for last Sunday. Luckily those renovations are complete. I want to clarify that although I am a big fan of etfs and I own about 4 or 5 different etfs, my portfolio mainly consists of individual stocks, because I enjoy researching companies. In a future video I'll flip the scenario of when to purchase stocks OVER etfs. Hope you all enjoy.

  3. **When do you find yourself investing in etfs over individual stocks? What factors help you decide of when to purchase one over the other?***

  4. Awesome video, yet again! Thank you so much! This added extra value, as often you do, by not just regurgitating common advice…. that (common advice) is ok too sometimes though… in all circumstance, what really matters is solid information and advice.

    Congrats on the remodel. No worries on posting schedule… the main thing that matters is something worthwhile when you do post… quality over quantity, and you always make the right choice.

    Have a great rest of your Sunday!

  5. Great video! again thanks for explaining about the ETF & Stocks. I always wanted to get a good understanding and you just did it for me.

  6. Awesome thoughts Mike! I think I'm going to load up on a couple ETFs. GLD is an interesting example. I think they are great options for smaller amounts and beginners. Could have a place in everyones portfolio! Even real estate with VNQ

  7. Well done, Mike! I never owned an ETF, always individual stock…like you, I enjoy the research, and also, the adrenalin rush 🙂 about being right. LOL

  8. Excellent video, the use of ETFs are one of the easiest ways for an investor to not make serious blunders. I understand the gold/silver attitude about ETFs, but there is generally 1) no promise they actually hold that bullion, 2) no guarantee they'll stay in business (and ETF/ETN liquidations do not always give 100% back to investors to say the least), and 3) no guarantee that you will have access to that stock and its liquidity. I suggest having at least a small amount of physical if this is a factor in your diversification.

  9. What a quality video, i am somebody that has barely considered investing due to lack of knowing where to begin; but i think i just found the right startpoint, thankyou!

  10. Good video Mike.

    Im considering again changing my strategy lol. I invested 95% of my m1 portfolio to these ETF sectors.

    Tech 30%
    Consumer Discretionary 20%
    Communication 15%
    Utilities 15%
    Health 15%
    and not etf but 5% to two cannabis stocks.

    Since I have almost half of the total market sector, do you think it's a better idea just to invest in VTI, VOO, or Spy?

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