100 Replies to “When to Buy Stocks Overnight? How to Grow a Small Trading Account Under PDT”

  1. I really enjoy your videos.. excellent information. I would love to see a video detailing commissions and fees. I'm an active trader that is always looking for the best deal. Very interested in IB fees and overall fees.

  2. I'm really new to trading. Still using a simulator. For overnight trades do you look further back than a year for resistance and support? Thanks. Love the videos!

  3. Thanks for sharing this strategy. 🙂 Just to avoid confusion, in one of your videos you talk about WeBull and I wanted to try it but I don't think it's available for canadians right? The closest I found was Wealthsimple but it doesn't look as complete. Thanks for your work and generosity!

  4. Great content always. If i buy 1150pm sell 9am is this considered as "swing trade " ??? U are close to 50k u are gainimg popularities cause of great contents. Keep up great work Mahalo.

  5. How big was your account when you made the decision to go full time and what would you recommend for someone to make a decision?

  6. Sorry to ask so many questions. I love your videos!!! You recommend Benzigapro, I tried their free promotion but was bit disappointed as they don’t offer level II. Where do you get your level II?

  7. Good reminder! Thanks 🙂 Made a 1.00 a share taking the meat of the move on NNVC live after the washout, then ramped to 10! Been verifying all my trades. I like to track the stats and see where I can improve. Best.

  8. Im just impressed you are a female trader! Im not canadian but i know what you are talking aboooot. I like your system…One of the 3 ways i trade is on overnights…post market price action is important too…and making sure its not overbought…you can get stung ..look at SPCE last Thusday night i think it was.

  9. Your teaching skills will be Legendary in the Trading world. Real recognize Real. Not since I read the "Larry Livingston" a.k.a Jesse Livermore book have I been so inspired.

  10. Got into the PINS about the same price but didn't manage to get out at $24… Why you guys don't see the resistance at $24.7 and get out right $24?

  11. Great video Humble Trader. You teach lots of good info and my trading performance has improved due to watching your videos. Keep doing them.

  12. One of the great video for swing strategy. People just hate when she shares the knowledge. Thanks for the video. Keep going Lady.

  13. FCEL would have been terrible. It gapped down the next day.
    Ideally you should have pointed out the risks of overnight plays.

  14. Humbled Trader. What up you badass little trader you? Lol! You know you are. Love you're shows. So important to watch.

  15. @HumbledTrader You should make a video how to scale in and out of a position. It is a really nice way to deal with the pressure and increase the profit.

  16. Made $87 with this method on GE. I did play the earnings though which was taking a chance I think. Small account and I am maxed at 3 round trips so I needed a swing.

  17. Thanks for your video. Will buying overnight work for RSP type of the account? Means if they won't be considered as a day trades? Thanks

  18. Great vid 👍! You check the finviz scan after the market closes? How would this be a swing trade if the market is closed?

  19. I'm no trader but I've been studying statistics to prepare to become one. And I don't understand something, why do so many look down on patterns? Aren't they just a visual representation of real world price changes?
    Ive heard humans are heavily sight dependant animals hard wired to look for patterns so it seems like it's just a more natural way to spot trends.
    It makes sense to me to play to our evolutionary strengths.
    Just try making sense of only the written numbers behind a scatterplot and with just a look at it and you can easily see trends and connections.
    So why the hate on patterns ?

  20. Thank you for another great video. For the 3rd criteria, do you care about the news is actually announced a week ago?

  21. I don't understand the how poeple can money trading stocks over 5 bucks a share . I saw a penny stock do 80% today . And institutional buying

  22. I have news. One post I put on one of your other vids a couple days ago said I had used your suggestion and (hopefully) accurately traded on your reverse split strategy. The numbers are in, at least for me. My $317.80 investment yielded $3208.93, slightly more than 10 times my investment. I can't tell you how happy I am that I found your page! The stock I traded on was Implanet (IMPZY).

  23. I love watching you talk and explain things coz youre always smiling and with positive vibes, you also throw in some humor here and there. Cute humble trader indeed. 🙂

  24. Hi humble, I vigorously clicked your 'like button' enjoyed your video, what is your success rate on your swing trades please? Call me we'll get coffee😁

  25. I did this overnight swing for years. I don't invest as much time. I can knock it out with about 40 minutes total. I made a ton of money over a one month period but i also overall kinda am treading water with it and basically mimicing the overall return of the SnP. I'm making maybe 1.7x the snp overall.. while using leverage. Anyway. Morning daytrades work the best for me. I can leverage em, and the certainty is way higher. The return is way better. Way more consistent. And i only need to do around 2 of em per week to get a terrific return. Once I get into the mid to latter point of this year i'll set up a youtube channel. I have so much experience with everything in the markets. And I'm taking my CFA3 exam this June.

  26. Hey HumT, I love FinViz free but the pop ups are overwhelming, any way around them? Destroyed the like button 23 times btw-

  27. Thanks for your video. It's very informative. Liked and subscribed. Just wondering is there any website like FinViz to screen TSX stocks with charts in a glance? Thanks.

  28. This is the best channel. All the other channels promise the large returns etc, listening to jim simons is boring. And this channel gives me the techniques to get a lambo love it!

  29. I despise Walmart. They pay their employees garbage wages and the tax payer gets to pick up the left over the employees can't afford to pay. All the while paying nearly nothing in federal taxes. The Walton family blows

  30. When you say you buy overnight, do you mean you buy before 4pm and sell it after 9:30am.?! Or you buy after 4pm??? Is it even possible to buy after 4pm. Great video by the way. I have been liking all your videos and now I just got my lambo, my imaginary Lamborghini

  31. Don't do this type of swing trade on a Friday and hold until Monday, that's a HUGE amount of potential for negative news which can drop a stock like a brick at opening on Monday morning before you get a chance to sell. I once gained $4,000 on a Friday, held the stock until Monday and on Saturday the CEO of the stock/business was in the news for some criminal charges and the stock dropped on Monday at 9:30 AM, I lost the $4,000 plus another $100. I was lucky I didn't lose a lot more. Live and learn. Save one of your day trades for Friday, get in, make money, get out all in the same day.

  32. Stop focusing so much on the stupid PDT rule. My interest in overnight swing trading has NOTHING TO DO with the pdt rule. I have $50,000 in my account so pdt doesn't affect me. If the video is supposed to be about overnight swing trading, just talk about that and not the other fluff. DON'T ASSUME.

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