Which strategies to learn first. The Day Traders Fast Track Program

hello traders its a samurai trader here
welcome to this video I’m just gonna run through which strategies I recommend you
focus on when you first join even though I’ve covered this probably in three or
four other videos they tend to get just with the number of videos in the program
it’s they tend to get a little lost so just thought I’d do another fairly quick
video as a reminder for new members and perhaps even existing members on where
you should start so as we get underway of course there is a risk in trading as
a member please ensure that you review the risk disclaimer on a regular basis
but let’s get into it now first of all as a new member you would receive the
welcome email you actually receive two emails and email from membership
services with your logging details and of course my welcome email and please
take your time in watching all of the videos the links are in embedded in the
welcome email I know there’s seven or eight of them but they’re all very
important recordings please take your time
a new member recently remarked that all of the information and files that I have
on my Google Drive is like a treasure chest so please take your time in going
through every folder PowerPoint and document
just remember trade is that the markets are going to be here next week next
month next year so just slow down get your notepad take notes as you start to
go through each folder so you can keep track of what you’ve actually gone
through but take your time very very important now also I upload new videos
and upload such as ebooks training materials etc almost every week into a
folder on my Google Drive called new recordings and downloads so in the
spreadsheet which you would have received with your welcome email you
will find these I think now over 300 video links there but I’m adding each
and every week as I do new Q&A sessions as an example with the rule of one one
of our new setups that we’re trading on Renko charts you’ll find though
in the new recording and that downloads very very important
so let’s now discuss where do I recommend you start as far as the
strategies go well I want to quickly refer to Mark Douglas in his great book
the disciplined trader now mark talks about mastering the art of day trading
or trading in general and as a reminder and I know I bring this up on a regular
basis he states here to become an expert
choose one simple trading system that identifies a pattern preferably one that
is mechanical instead of mathematical and so virtually every one of our
strategies are pattern based very important but because there’s now over
what have we got now there’s over fourteen or fifteen strategies we want
to really drill down and chew mastering as he points out here one now a lot of
our strategies are inter interrelated such as a t1 and a t2 which will refer
to in a moment they’re very closely related but slightly different but I’m
going to show you in a moment which one I really like you to focus on now we’ve
all heard this trading is really easy buy dips and sell rallies the trend is my
friend so we’re gonna start with the trend strategies and I really want you
to focus on learning the trend strategies and trading now I actually
just want to stand back a little bit from what I just said then I do in the
end wants you to learn the counter trend strategies and one of the reasons being
even though we may not trade them or I’d recommend in many cases you don’t trade
them it’s very important that you recognize when you have a counter trend
or a very very strong counter trend strategy set up setting up and the
reason being that’s a good time to stay out of a market to not take a trend
trade so it is important that over a period of time but you learn these
strategies and as you’ve probably heard me say in a number of recordings it’s a
little bit like a tradesman or a craftsman when they open their toolbox
you’ll see they’ve got different too in there for different jobs and that’s
the reason we have different setups different setups for different market
conditions so the trend following strategies are of
course the t1 the super scalper that’s my white paint bar but t2 of a slingshot
the t7 now you’ll hear me talk about the t7 in two different formats one with the
trend so you’ve got a t7 which is a double bottom or double top with the
trend or counter trend but t18 now that t18 is a little confusion over
t18 the T18 basically encompasses all of the trend following trades okay
so it means all of these now once again on the spreadsheet which we’ll look at
in a moment there are recordings on the T18 and talking about all of these but
t25 now with the rule of one I don’t have a PowerPoint with the rule of one
but there is a folder called Renko charts and now with the new version of
Renko I’ve put together what I called for rule of 1 and there’s some comprehensive
notes in that folder and actually we’ll probably have a quick look at that in
the moment so it’s new for trading Renko charts and it’s a brilliant brilliant
strategy the rule of two for 21B you have a 21B I don’t talk about so much
but you’ll hear me refer to it and the rules are exactly the same as the 34
except you’re using a 21 instead of a 34 but your most accurate and just keep
this in mind the number one strategy I want you to master to begin with is the
34B remember that 34b my second if you’re trading Renko is the rule of 1
provided you follow the rules that I have outlined in the videos and the
training notes and of course there we have as a trend following strategy the
89b now for change in trend or new
in conformation we’ve got the t9 and the t10 there you’ll see the differences and
look very quickly the only difference really between the t9 and t10 is with
the t9 it’s where we have the super scalper plot to confirm for new Trender
but the money on the floor or arm has been around for many many years it’s a
great strategy okay be so it’s a change in trend along with the t20 now we’ll
look at the recordings in a moment where to find the recordings on all of these
but the t20 is another strategy that I want you to learn very early on not just
as a trading strategy but it will confirm a new trend and it’s very very
accurate so it’s very important that you master the t20 now for your can of trend
trades as I mentioned earlier I really want you to learn
Counter trend trades or how to at least recognize the patterns because it’s a
good heads up of wind perhaps to stay out of a market so can a trend divergence
trading you’ve got your t3 your t89 also at times I called a V trade now
this is where you get an extreme market move or even a mean reversion trade or
reversion to the thing depends which side of Attraction come on what you call
it but it’s where you get a very strong move and then it pulls back very quickly
that’s it t3 89 or a V trade now you’d t 19 is your classic divergence you
want to really learn that and you wonder you 2d is just the way it’s just a great
way of cementing and really dramatically improves the probability of your
divergence trade coming off now for 200 B which I used to call it a traine
following trade but the challenge were the 200 at times it’s such a deep
pullback they have a 200 B that it’s quite often the start of a new trend
it’s a count can be a counter trend trade so that’s why I’ve got it
here on the counter trend area so I’m not going to include the 200b as a trend
that following trade because it’s such a deep pullback now as a reminder in your
welcome email you would receive the spreadsheet now if you don’t have a
spreadsheet of videos don’t worry just simply go onto my Google Drive and
you’ll see it there under new member downloads okay so in the folder new
member downloads new member downloads you’ll get this complete excel
spreadsheet it’s got over 300 of my recordings in it now one thing a lot of
members don’t realize down at the bottom of the spreadsheet okay at the bottom
you’ve got master strategy John Shelley general webinars live trading videos day
trading Q&A CL NQ ES YM forex there’s not so much there of stocks but remember
traders it doesn’t matter what market or what time frame you trade each one of
the setups is applicable remember all of the markets if you to remove off every
chart what market it was at what time frame they’d be very very hard to tell
what market it is now I mentioned here and under the strategies you’ll be able
to go straight to that spreadsheet and say in this example where I’m
recommending that you start with the 34b on the strategy you’ll find a ton of
videos there on the 34b okay so there’s a lot of videos there we also have of
course under the John Shelley videos these are the ones for brand new members
now these are the the 290 minute training sessions that we run and record
for new members okay so you want to start with these now remembering that
traders we’re trading and learning to trade
about against some of the the best traders in the world so we’ve got to be
the best we’ve got to lift up our skill set you know I’m
I still have traders rights I mean so I look at there’s too much information
here I want to want to keep it really easy well trade is remember we’re
trading against the best of the best so we’ve got to become good so yes there’s
a ton of training materials focus on this is the one or two strategies to
begin with and you’ll pick it up over a period of time but we’re going to teach
you a wide variety of setups but it’s very important so once again as you
watch these mark them off in your journal so you know you’ve watched them
before but strategies and concepts part 1 2 3 4 and some of these are short
videos but watch all of these because we go through the setups in great detail
and of course sir under day trading I’ve got a lot of live videos here well recap
and now some of these are also on YouTube for the general public but the
majority of these videos you see here are privately listed which means that
they’re for members only now I just wanted to quickly go to the Google Drive
now as a reminder here traders that when you first join you want to go to the
strategy powerpoints so the strategy powerpoints have the key
PowerPoint so all of these are downloadable you can download them from
our Google Drive you can then print them out or have them on your computer and we
don’t have powerpoints or cheat sheets for every one of our strategies but we
do for all of a key ones and so over here now the DD is the one or two
double divergence strategy so it can be a loop so some members have got a little
confusing so DD is the one – two double divergence okay so there’s that there
now also there is cheat sheets there for my key strategies so you want to focus
on the strategy powerpoints and the cheat sheets now remembering also that
every week I upload new ebooks handouts you’ll see here there’s a lot of new
recordings so most weeks I do new Q&A sessions I’ll
do renko videos etc and I post them in the new recordings and uploads folder
now I mentioned it Renko which I’ve trading virtually full-time now and I
love the Renko I’ve opened up a specific chart there or so sorry folder on Renko
now these are also in the new recordings but I do have folder but I do have a
Renko folder there as well so just getting back then finally what
strategies do I recommend you absolutely focus on well first of all for 34b
that has to be your real foundation setup okay it’s a trend following
strategy you’ll find and just sorry just to go back to the Google Drive there so
where it says 34b if you go into that folder
you’ll find a ton of research of screenshots of feedback from members etc
and there’s another one where some of the information is reported sorry is
repeated but there’s two different folders there are and there’s even one
there on 34b yes trading a heap of research there on
trading the ES with it now remember of a 34b works on all
markets and all timeframes to whether you trade stocks Forex start off with
the 34b it works the second one I mentioned their traders was the rule of
one if you’re going to trade Renko now back to the PowerPoint now a lot of
these you’ll see of research reports going back two or three years ago some
of the stuff I’ve done Scalpers goes back many years ago but you’ll see here
extremely profitable strategies 80% win loss ratios etc one of our members sent
me through Dave and thank you Dave from Seattle Seattle Dave this is from the
11th of the first 2018 continue to trade the 34b d’amour 41 ticks today
strain changed my performance about a thousand percent Dave virtually solid
trades the 34b it works it’s a brilliant core strategy
so trade is what I’ve just done is showing you those once again in the
introduction email we go through these two degree as far as what I recommend
but we do now have the new introduction of the rule of one for Renko so thank
you traders and I hope this was informative and helpful for you

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