Why 98% of Traders LOSE MONEY [Learn to Be a Profitable Trader]

Why 90% of traders lose money my name is
David Jaffee from BestStockStrategy.com I earn around a million dollars a year by
trading options and I teach my students how to make successful and profitable
trade so they can consistently earn money in the stock market so I saw this
video from Sky View Traders and I actually think it’s complete bullshit
because the reality is that I believe that 100% of traders who
trade penny stocks for day trading or buy options or sell futures or engage in
forex I think that they lose money like 100% of them I’ve never met a
successful day trader or anyone who uses technical analysis etc and you know I
should have a pretty substantial pedigree like I graduated from an Ivy
League university with a 3.8 GPA I worked as a Wall Street investment
banker and completed $5 billion – $10 billion dollars worth of transactions and I did
that for five years actually left as a Vice President in Investment Banking and
I’m actually a super successful trader who post my full trading statements and
a screen recordings that show my entire transaction history but if you don’t
believe me and you wanna think I’m bullshitting then that’s completely cool
like I respect your opinion and I understand that not everyone is going to
agree with me and I’m not trying to change anyone’s opinion I’m just telling
you what I believe at this specific moment and what I believe is that not
90% of traders lose money I believe that a hundred percent of traders lose money
as long as they are not following the strategy that we teach and the strategy
that we teach is you need to sell option premium if you want to have a long-term
chance of being a successful trader in the stock market and the reason is it’s
just probability of profits right if you buy options then you have a 30%
probability of being profitable so yeah three out of ten times you’re going to
earn I don’t know 50 or 100 percent of an option but the reality is that people
tend to be greedy they tend to you know they give in to that agree they tend to
lose more than they win when you have something that has a 30%
probability of profit the more occurrences and the more time we make
that trade the more money you’re gonna lose so when you day trade the
probability that are gonna make money on any one specific trade is probably
around forty or a maximum of 45 percent manufacturing commissions when you use
technical analysis which you’re essentially day trading you’re probably
going to be profitable on I don’t know 42 to 45 percent of your trades maybe 40
to 45 percent of your trades so you might misattribute the winning trades
that you have to actually skill when the reality is that they’re just purely luck
and that’s part of the expected return so for example you might win forty to
forty five percent of your trades and then you might think that it’s that is
skill and that you’re trying to develop a system to increase the probability to
around 55 or 60 percent but the reality is that you are not you’re going to keep
your win percentage at forty to forty five percent and the more trades that
you make the more the higher probability is that you’re gonna lose and you know
you might have months where you make a lot of money just like if I flip a coin
a thousand times there are going to be ten heads in a row and there’s gonna be
a time where I get like ten tails in a row or maybe not ten but it’s definitely
gonna be if I flip a coin a thousand times there’s definitely gonna be a few
occurrences of six heads in a row six tails in a row I mean that’s just
statistical probability that you’re going to have those strings and that
doesn’t mean that I am any better at flipping coins and having it land on
heads it’s just the probability of profit so the point that I’m making is
the reason why 100 percent of traders don’t make money is because they are not
following our statistical probability and the probability of profit which
tells you that the only way that you can make money consistently in the stock
market as a trader is by selling option premium all of these people who try to
sell you a product and they tell you to use technical analysis and look at
charts and look at patterns and buy options they’re complete scam artists so
like Jason Brown, Jason Bond Tim Sykes they’re not profitable
traders are just selling you a bullshit product so the only way to
make money consistently in the market is by selling option premium and the reason
why a hundred percent of the traders do not make money is because the
probability of profit dictates that the longer you trade something that has a
probability profit of thirty to forty percent the higher the chances are that
you are going to lose all your money this is David Jaffee from BestStockStrategy.com
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  2. I don't know why but I disagree. I must be extremely lucky . I swing traded 7 times in a row successfully . My last 7 trades I made profit n I am up 45% my 1sy year trading (using the free ROBINHOOD platform ) . I have not tried options yet (still gathering info on options)

  3. Hello Sir.
    I lost lots of money in Trading.
    Plz tell me how can i get it back.
    and become profitable Trader.

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