Why Do Most Traders Lose Money in the Stock Market?

what’s up Tim Sykes here in LA check out my Villa that I have for the week I just threw out the Dodgers first pitch just met with Keanu Reeves it’s been a crazy few days pencils of promise we did a little charity dinner that I hosted at Nobu Malibu delicious sushi so it’s been a crazy few days but I’m here to answer your questions I get questions every single day why do most traders lose money okay no one really talks about it if you look at like etrade commercials on TV you have a little baby oh it’s so easy to trade if a baby was actually trading in the stock market he would get slaughtered it would be a bloody baby it wouldn’t even be able to be shown on TV it would be ugly it would be terrible you lose your appetite for weeks the stock market is not a friendly place it’s a fucking battlefield and you have to understand that so I know a lot of people say Tim if you were just nicer you know you would have more students I don’t want more students I’m already fucking overwhelmed I’m drinking coffee for the first time in my life because I can’t keep up with a demand that’s already there so I’m not looking for more students I’m looking for better students the sad reality is that 90% of traders lose 80% of my students don’t even bother studying the video lessons they just want hot stock picks so I’m fighting the trend how do I get you inspired to actually study is it beautiful billows like this leave a comment just below this video if you like this bill if you want me to film in front of more of my villas I stay all over the world I don’t own this villa in case you guys are asking you can just rent them for a few days or a few weeks or a few months it’s kind of cool it’s a new way of looking at things why do most people lose because of lack of preparation because of lack of studying that’s what I want to combat I want to teach you how do you find the best stocks you stocks to trade software how do you create a plan watch my trader checklist guide how do you determine what is a hot sector you have to study and see what different sectors what different patterns and different strategies are working right now you always have to be adapting you always have to be testing I wish the stock market were in exact science it’s not it’s more of an art and there’s kind of like a moving car so even if you master let’s say buying earnings winners earnings winners might work for a week or a month or three months and then they’ll stop working even if you master you know shorting morning spikes it might work for a week a month six months and then it’ll stop working so you need to have different strategies and this is why I have so many video lessons DVDs webinars I track every single thing I do my top students track everything that they do if you’re a fan of my top student timber taani who’s now made close to seven million I’ve only made close to five million so he’s actually surpassed me if you’re a trading challenge student you have over 50 archived webinars of him live trading and even though it’s in the past it’s still relevant because you can see his process it’s all about what is your process sadly most people don’t have a process they just follow other people they just want hot picks and that’s gambling that’s why most traders lose I want you to become self-sufficient yes I have a few millionaire students who have passed seven figures in profits but more importantly they don’t need me anymore I taught them how to find the stocks how to trade the stocks how to manage the risk how to maybe you know sometimes cut losses quickly if you’re wrong maybe exit half the position take half profits exit the other half later sometimes you just have a solid profit all inside of an hour I’ve done thousands of trades my top students have done tens of thousands of trades we show them all that is what makes us different we’re fully transparent there’s a lot of websites there’s a lot of gurus out there they say oh nobody ever shares their trades no real trader shares their trades on social media and I’m like what what what is this is this a secret secret committee is this a secret group that I don’t know about you know there’s so much BS and there’s so much fraud and so many liars and fakers on social media and in finance we show everything it pisses me off but there’s nothing you can do all you can do is be real and you try to take advantage the best you can I’m sorry the Sun is in my eyes I’m squinting a little bit I need more coffee the lawnmower is getting louder do you hear that why is he like getting closer that’s real life if you don’t want to learn for me it’s cool a lot of people say Tim might be more professional no go fuck yourselves like I’ll be myself I’m talking in front of cameras laptops I dedicate 16 18 hours every single day to video lessons blog posts tweets commentary watchlist trade alerts I kind of lost my mind a few years ago so I apologize in advance but I’m trying to just share everything I’ve learned over the past two decades I’ll just be real with you you know like I do have several millionaire students it’s not easy to make a million dollars especially when most of my students start with a thousand two thousand three thousand dollars it seems impossible it’s not impossible it’s just tough and it’s an uphill climb this is why I have my workout gear you know I’m gonna go actually running in a little bit I got a little fat in these past few years just like focusing on my growing education business like I’ll be totally straight up with you about everything that’s what makes me different because it’s in my own best interest to create successful students it blows my mind that hate towards teachers towards you know education like ignore teaching ignore education see how you do good luck I don’t know all I can do is share with you the lessons that I learned the hard way and hopefully they can you know help you maybe take a little for me take some from Tim Burton II take a little lessons from Michael good or Mark crook all my top students we try to share with you patterns and rules that we learned along the way little tidbits that might help you on your journey I don’t think that there’s anything bad that I can share like every lesson I try to be as honest as possible because this isn’t easy like I said 90% of traders lose so it’s an uphill battle but it is possible to make a lot of money if you’re dedicated if you have strategy and frankly if you have a mentor nobody else is creating as many successful students as my team and I because nobody else has as much content nobody else wants it as bad nobody else is incentivized as much as I am you know I have books I have TVs TV shows I have video lessons I have pressed everyone is coming to me for answers and I want to give you guys answers I want to help you it pumps me up like saying in this villa it’s nice I’ve stayed in villas and penthouses and mansions all over the world I don’t mean to sound cocky or you know spoiled but I frankly am very I’m very grateful for it all but now at this point in my life I get more excitement I get more enjoyment out of sharing it with you and maybe if I can reach one person with this video somebody who might have said Oh Tim Sykes is full of shit he’s not real or you know I don’t really care about studying this is boring maybe if you look at the life that you can have if you follow me on Instagram if you follow what I do every day I mean I’m living the dream and this can be your life that’s the beauty of this even though most traders lose guess what there are some traders like me and my top students who have profited year in year out and we teach openly I’m not afraid if you become profitable and I’m profitable like we’re not competitors I’m proud of the fact that timber Thani has made now nearly 2 million dollars more than me I’m proud of Michael good mark crook steamin Dux all my top students I’m proud of everybody because I want to share this knowledge with you I want to change your life there’s so many fakes out there I’m not even again into that I’m not gonna be like drawn into like a mudslinging war with with people who have never made millions of dollars or people who have never created millionaires from scratch I just encourage you if you are going to learn from somebody asked to see all of their trades not just a screenshot of their profits or losses which they’re not going to share with you ask to see audits and income tax returns which I share publicly asked to share how much money was wrist it’s not just enough to know how much money was made or lost at the end of the day you need to see what was risked what’s the winning percentage what is the risk on every trade I know some people out there a lot of newbies these days are making money in a bull market what if the bull market turns into a bear market are they prepared I’d be very very very worried learning from somebody with one to three years experience because they just haven’t seen it all they’re not bad people they’re just inexperienced and learning from inexperienced people is very very dangerous and very risky and you don’t even know it until it’s too late if and when the market changes guess what they’re not prepared because they’ve never seen another market I’ve made money in bull markets and bear markets so I’m not here to brag I’m just trying to explain to you the landscape and a lot of people say Tim like why are you this cocky you haven’t this much money it’s not cockiness its experience I’ve seen the ups and the downs I’ve seen real traders I’ve seen fake traders I’ve seen every kind of stock movement possible so I’m trying to share with you from my years of experience so that it can help you be better prepared like I said the stock market is a battlefield I want to arm you with like the best weaponry I’m basically like a drill sergeant and I’m not here to be your friend if you don’t like my personality if you get offended if you’re like the grammar police with my blog posts you know go fuck off I don’t need you and you don’t need me the world is very big but if you don’t care about little stuff and your focus on like ok this guy actually knows what he’s talking about then hit me up message me go to Timothy Sykes calm don’t trust any of these freaking random people who say like I have imposters these days people on different social media and they say oh I’m Tim Sykes your student no don’t learn from random people on the internet okay I’m sorry that there’s so many imposters that’s what comes with being real go to Timothy sites calm slash contact I’ll also post a link just below this video if you want to learn just do me a favor and be dedicated and don’t sweat the small stuff because I have no tolerance and no patience Cheers hey Tim Sykes millionaire mentor and trader thank you for watching my videos I hope that they helped you I want to share everything that I’ve learned over the years you can check out more videos right over there and 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