Why Japan and South Korea are locked in a trade dispute | FT

The world has been fixated
on Donald Trump’s tariffs on China, but a new
trade war is emerging in Asia, this time between
Japan and South Korea. What started as a historical
dispute over forced labour during Japan’s wartime rule
on the Korean peninsula has swiftly turned into a major
economic and political crisis for Seoul. Tokyo believes that compensation
for wartime forced labour was settled under a 1965 treaty. But South Korean courts have
allowed individual claims to be made against
Japanese companies. Blaming a loss of trust
and security issues, Shinzo Abe’s government has
turned to export controls, threatening to disrupt
supplies of key technologies to South Korean
companies in a bid to pressure South Korean
president Moon Jae-in. South Koreans are outraged,
boycotting Japanese-made goods. And in the most
extreme cases, two men have died after setting
themselves on fire in protest. Some international
experts are also worried that Mr Abe
is following the Trump playbook in weaponising trade. South Korea’s tech giants,
including the world’s two biggest makers of memory
chips, Samsung and SK Hynix, are urgently looking
for replacement sources for some of the key
materials and components that they use to
make computer chips. Any long-term disruptions to
the South Korean companies will cause serious headaches
across the global technology supply chain. There are also fears
that the dispute will drive a lasting wedge
between these key US allies in Asia, just as Washington
needs their co-operation to deal with North
Korea’s missile tests and the rising threats
posed by China and Russia.

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  1. Don't worry too much,S Korean morons.
    S Korean economy will be getting close to default sooner or later.
    Sorry but IMF will not be applied this time.
    Keep in your mind.

  2. According to The Wassenaar Arrangement, South Korea must prepare the certificate documents if they want to import highly-pure hydrogen fluoride from Japan.
     But I think South Korea can't do it because they intends to divert HF to North Korea for the development of mass destruction weapons.

  3. 【Why can't South Korea prepare the certificate document ?】
     We have already learned the lesson from the history of WW-II that we have to prevent the development and proliferation of the mass destruction weapons including nuclear weapon.
     If South Korea intends to share the lesson of history with other foreign countries, they must prepare the certificate document for the import of particular strategic materials as the attitude for the international cooperation among the participants of UN.
     If South Korea couldn't do it, they has a illegal secret purpose of the materials' usage.

  4. 【South Korean people had better distinguish the actual circumstance from their own wish.】
    (1) Today (8/20), South Korea's Minister of Foreign Affairs revealed that South Korea's government attempts to improve the current situation between Japan and South Korea by means of the dialogue with the counter-part person of Japan (Kouno Tarou, Minister of of Foreign Affairs) at Beijing in China on 8/21.
    But we have already noticed that South Korea can never prepare any term of exchange for Japan to make a compromise with South Korea.
    (2) Kouno Tarou has already revealed that it is South Korea's own choice whether the actual situation can be improved or not. It suggests that Japan never intends to make any compromise with South Korea as the spontaneous action from Japan's side.
    (3) South Korea's news-medias reported that South Korea's government is expecting China to arbitrate between Japan and South Korea in the tripartite meeting at Beijing on 8/21.
    But it is very doubtful whether China actually intends to arbitrate two countries. Because there is no incentive for China to do it. Furthermore, China is currently busy with the correspondence to the democratic movement in Hongkong.
    (4) South Korea has ever kept it blur whether South Korea will declare the renewal of GSOMIA by 8/24 (it will be the dead-line day of declaration for its renewal). Moon Jae-in may be thinking that the possibility of GSOMIA's renewal can make Japan revoke its new regulation of trade control administration against South Korea. But I guess that Japan's government would rather expect South Korea's withdrawal of GSOMIA. Because there is so much disparity of the capacity for information gathering/provision between Japan and South Korea that Japan has no benefit.
    (5) South Korea has already been considered that they can do nothing but encumber not only USA's allies including Japan but also North Korea. South Korean people had better recognize this actual circumstance although it is too late to recover their own mistakes by themselves.

  5. I am Korean, who loves Japanese except Abe and his followers. The reason i can not love Abe and his followers is because he is too bellegerent like his ancestors and father in law, who had killed myriads of Koreans in the past. He has repeatedly promulagated the inheritance of their spirit through constitution revision so that Japan can restore its imperialism.

  6. Japan does not recognize the cruel history of hurting Korea. Because they too are ashamed of history.
    So Japan teaches descendants a distorted history.
    However, the descendants of Korea have learned the painful history vividly. Currently, Korea is pleased with Japan's export restrictions.

  7. Who was the activist judge getting his instructions from? Hint: the new President of South Korea does not want to get along with Japan. Also, Prime Minister Abe of Japan has handled this badly by giving the South Koreans too good an opportunity to play the victim.

  8. It is necessary for South Korea not to pick up the issue of historical controversy such as ex-Comfort women but to prepare the certificate documents that can prove the end-consumer of hydrogen fluoride.

  9. 【Non-Sonth Korean foreign tourists keeps increasing their visiting to Japan in this summer.】
     Today (8/21), Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) revealed as follows;
     (1) In last month (July), the number of tourists visiting Japan from South Korea for sightseeing was about 561,700. It has decreased by 7.6%, as the actual number is -46,300, compared with the last year's same period. (In July of 2018, it was about 608,000)
     (2) The total number of foreign tourists visiting Japan from the whole countries for sightseeing was about 2,991,200. It has increased by 5.6%, as the actual number is +159,200, compared with the last years same period. (In July of 2018, it was about 2,832,000.)
     (3) It suggests that the foreign tourists from other countries can be the substitutes of South Korean tourists for Japan.
     (4) From what we have seen about the depreciation of KRW against foreign currency, it is necessary for Japan to attract not the tourists from South Korea but the ones from other foreign countries.

  10. joke Korea. Wants money from Japan for fascist actions but don't want to punish its own murderous fascists from 1954-1987. Hate Japan but worships Japanese military officer Park Chung Hee. South Korea is becoming communist be unilaterally stealing foreign company assets! Professional victims of Korea – if you crash your car on me, how many times am I allowed to sue you?

  11. 1965年に結んだ日韓請求権協定を守れ!

  12. 【Congratulation!】prompt report:South Korea has decided the withdrawal of GSOMIA.
    (1) JDF has developed the military capacities of tactical information gathering system on and nearby the Sea of Japan coast as the countermeasure for old-Soviet Armed Forces. It includes the patrol airplanes, the vessels, the submarines, the radars and so on.
    (2) After the collapse of old-Soviet, Japan has changed those capacities' assignment against North Korea's Forces in the main. Furthermore, Japan has developed and added our own information gathering satellites into the systems by ourselves.
    (3) Now GSOMIA is mainly depending on these JDF's information gathering system. On the other hand, South Korea could do nothing but provide to Japan some Humints about the spy agents of North Korea. But even those Humints were meaningless materials because it has already revealed that Moon Jae-in is the agent of Kim Jong-un.
    (4) About the capacity and the technology of information gathering, the disparity between Japan and South Korea has been non-negligible for a long while. But Japan has provided the tactical/important informations to South Korea one-sidedly so far.
    (5) We Japanese people is so happy now. Thank you, Moon Jae-in !

  13. 【South Korea is the enemy of USA and Japan from now on.】
     So far USA had requested South Korea to keep GSOMIA with Japan.
     But yesterday (8/22) South Korea decided to withdraw GSOMIA.
     This is the sharp revelation by South Korea themselves that they intend to become the enemy of USA from now on. South Korea has already gone over the limited line between the allies' side and the enemy's side.
     As a result of South Korea's decision, USA will intends to get contact with North Korea on a direct line when Donald Trump wants to have a dialogue with Kim Jong-un from now on.
     There is no incentive for USA to make cooperation with South Korea in any case.
     It also indicates that there is no necessity for Japan to make compromise with South Korea anymore.
     USA and Japan will attempt to destroy South Korea by economical methods. It has already started.

  14. The errors of the past should be left behind. China is a poor mediator, after it suffered most from Japan's war. The blacks in the US want reparation for slavery, the Arabs still have in mind injustices of centuries ago, etc… Forgive past generations and look forward.

  15. It's not fake news, but reporters are confused.This is a completely different story.In the negotiation process of the Japan-Korea Basic Treaty, it was proposed that “the Japanese government will provide personal compensation”.The Korean government demanded that “compensation for individuals is carried out by the Korean government, so Japan should pay the Korean government all at once.”The Korean government has used it for modernization.Despite payment by the Japanese government, Koreans are demanding personal compensation.The export control of strategic goods is because the Korean side did not respond to the consultation for three years.It was found that 39 tons of hydrogen fluoride (material used for uranium enrichment) disappeared. The Korean government testified that it was returned. Japanese companies do not receive it. It does not answer even if it asks for an explanation.Korea intentionally connects different stories.

  16. gov to gov situation was settled
    HOWEVER, individual victims can still sue, that is the international law.
    That is why German is still apologizing to Israel and spent almost 100B so far to support the Nazi victims.
    by the way, when japan compensated korea, the president of Korea was Japan's Dog.
    Later most of the money flowed back to japanese war criminal companies.

    In addition, this is really funny that Japan thinks all the war crime is undone by paying money one time without apology to the victims.
    Japan was an alliance of Nazi and they did far more cruel things in Asia and killed countless of people in Asia. Colonized Korea and killed people for fun.
    If they showed only half of the effort what German did to nazi victims, there is no way that this situation occurs in the beginning.

  17. dangerous korea!
    dangerous korean!
    Crazy korean good-bye!
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    Crazy korean good-bye!
    Japan happy、japan peace。
    Crazy korean good-bye!
    Developing countries korea !
    Developing countries korean!

  18. 【South Korea has no capacity.】
     Today morning (8/24), North Korea launched missiles to the Sea of Japan in East.
     After the launching, Japan detected the missiles by ourselves. Although South Korea is most neighbouring country of North Korea, Japan officially announced the missile launching 30 minutes earlier than South Korea did.
     I remember that South Korean people said "We (South Korea) never intend to share any important informations with Japan because Japan has already become a potential enemy for South Korea." before the actual withdrawal of GSOMIA.
     To be honest, I thought "They are really insolent people." at that time.
     Now I guess that South Korean people could learn the Disparity of Capacity about Information Gathering and Analysis actually lying between Japan and South Korea as a non-negligible fact.
     But it is too late for South Korean people to recover from their own faults. And no country intends to help South Korea now. Of course, Japan never intenes to help you.

  19. Japan doubted about the destination of “materials that could be diverted to weapons” exported to Korea. Japan then requested Korea to submit export management records. However, Korea did not submit it. And South Korea started to make noise by bringing up the problem of labors that was not directly related. There is a fact that is inconvenient for Korea and they want to hide it. Japan decided to stop the preferential treatment for Korea due to security issues. If it is diverted to a third country and used to make weapons, it will be Japan's responsibility.
    South Korea responded excessively to this action. South Korea stopped preferential treatment for Japan and denounced GSOMIA. And Korea says Japan is bad. Japan did not respond to the dialogue. NO! If Korea had submitted export management records to Japan, it would not have been a problem.

    The essence of the problem is that South Korea did not properly manage exports.

  20. 【It is necessary to classfy South Korea into the subjects for UNSCR sanction.】
     Today (8/25), G7's participants countries have reached a consensus on the issue of Iran's development of nuclear weapon.
     G7's consensus is to prevent Iran from pushing on the development of nuclear weapon further.
     It suggests that North Korea will be continuously kept under UNSCR sanction because North Korea has contributed to the development of nuclear weapon in Iran so far.
     G7's participants countries have to give their attention to South Korea because South Korea is currently disturbing UNSCR sanction for North Korea.
    It is necessary for G7 to classify South Korea into the subjects for UNSCR sanction.

  21. ─After the withdrawal of GSOMIA─
    On 2019/08/24;
    【6h44m】1st missile launching from North Korea.
    【6h54m】Japan Coast Guard gave out the emergency alarm for commercial ships in the area of missile-falling.
    【7h01m】2nd missile launching from North Korea.
    【7h10m】JDF (Japan Defense Forces) officially announced North Korea's two missile launching.
    【7h23m】NHK gave out a prompt report of two missiles.
    【7h24m】Kyoudou-tsuushin(Kyodo News Service, Japan) gave out a prompt report of two missiles.
    【7h33m】 South Korea's media gave out a prompt report with a quotation from Kyodo News Service's prompt report.
    【7h36m】South Korea MND officially announced North Korea's two missile launching.
    【─h─m】 And South Korea corrected the flight-distances of two missiles again and again.

  22. Crazy korean good-bye!
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    Crazy korea good-bye!
    fool korea good -bye!
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    fool korean good – bye!
    Japan happy、japan peace。
    Crazy korean good-bye!
    fool korean good – bye!

  23. 【South Korea is currently going along fine with USA.】
     On 8/26, a part of Japan's media reported that Donald Trump suddenly criticized Moon Jae-in in the conversation with Abe Shinzou at the dinner on 1st day of G7 as follows;
    (1) Moon Jae-in is not trustworthy.
    (2) Kim Jong-un also said to me (=Donald Trump) "Moon Jae-in is a liar."
    (3) Why could Moon Jae-in become President of South Korea ? A man like him ?
    (4) The other participants were very surprised to hear that Donald Trump suddenly said such a sharp words on Moon Jae-in.
    (5) Abe Shinzou would neither deny nor confirm what Donald Trump said. Abe said nothing but smiled slightly.
     To keep fairness, we have to wait for other information sources.

  24. 【The hate-speech against South Korean people, especially against South Korean women, done by Japanese male journalist.】
     Aoki Osamu(青木 理[あおき おさむ]♂), he is a Japanese male and famous freelance journalist in Japan.
     On 8/27, Aoki Osamu has made his own comment upon the assault case against a Japanese female victim (It happened in Seoul on 8/23.) in Japanese TV program "Morning Show" of Japanese TV station <TV Asahi>.
     Now I am trying to translate his comment into English as follows;
     (1) "If I (=Aoki) was a foreign correspondent either of TV or of newspaper from Japan to South Korea, I never intend to report this case. I (=Aoki) consider that it is not a case of news value. Because it is one of common and frequent occurrence among South Korean men to use physical violence against women."
     (2) "The South Korean male suspect of this assault case abused his victim of Japanese woman with Korean dirty word <쪽발이 (Jjokbari, borrowed into Japanese: choppari)>. But I (=Aoki) never consider that it is hate-speech against Japanese people. Because South Korean people frequently use this word when they refer to Japanese people in daily life of South Korea. It is a mere usual behavior by South Korean people. It is not problem at all."
     After it was broadcasted on national network in Japan on 8/27, a lot of Japanese viewers have regarded Aoki's comment as malicious hate-speech not only against Japanese people but also against South Korean people.
     And Aoki Osamu looks like he is thinking lightly of the violence against women.
     But, surprisingly, there is some possibilty that Aoki Osamu really intended to protect South Korean people with his own strange comments !
     I really think that South Korean people had better criticize Aoki Osamu (and the same kind Japanese persons of him) if South Korean people never wanted to make a bad reputation for themselves.

  25. 【Moon Jae-in and South Korea's government know how to <understand> something.】
     South Korea's government said that they had been able to gain the understanding of USA about their decision to withdraw GSOMIA with Japan.
     After South Korea's government officially said as above, they suddenly began another explanation that the manner of South Korea's language expression is different from the manner of USA in the usage of English, especially in the usage of particular words such as "understand".
     Although South Korea's government and their translators couldn't use English word "understand" in the right way, they could gain <the understanding of USA> about the withdrawal of GSOMIA.
     It was an amazng work done by South Korea's government.

  26. It is not trade war. If South Korea doesn't do illegal exports, they need to show the evidences clearly to Japan. Even though Japan has had warned South Korea to do that for a long time, South Korea never done that. Therefore Japan decided to remove South Korea from White country. This problem doesn't relate to their historical issues or other ones.

  27. Newspaper hasn’t provided correct information so here is the truth.
    The individual trial was also included 1965 Treaty.
    In fact Japan had offer to pay the compensation to each individual. However Korean government insisted that all the compensation has to be paid all to the Korean government and they will take care the lest of it. It means the Korean government, they are the one who have the responsibility for the payments to the so called “ forced labor” in Korea. I’m afraid the Korean government Controls the judges in high Court. New judges has been chosen by the President Moon J for his use.
    On top of this, people who are claiming to be the forced labor isn’t People of forced labor.
    This was clearly announced by prime Minister Abe and Japan has evidence to back up.
    They are the people who went to Japan with their own will to work there.
    They were highly paid and well treated by the Japanese companies.
    Furthermore, this trade war was all to do with Korea doing trade crime. Japan has said, it was for security reason. Korea has fail to provide critical information about missing high-tech material, that’s the reason Japan took Korea off from whitelist. Japan only restricted exports of high-tech materials to South Korea but hasn’t stopped the exporting.
    If Korea can go through necessary process , there’s no problem for exporting to South Korea.
    Korea is making out for “ forced labour issue” to hide the truth from people of Korea.

  28. 방사능피폭을 원한다면 일본으로가세요.
    If you want radiation exposure, go to Japan.

  29. 일본인은 사회,정치,경제에 관심이없기때문에 언론보도가 전부 사실이라고 생각합니다. 국민은 무능하고 정부는 거짓말만하는 나라가 일본입니다.

  30. Since no Japanese person knows what all is what I'll explain this. First, Japan's boycott is done by Korean people on their own will. Started when Japan first announced sanction on 3 items Korea used in their electronics industry. Government has nothing to do with this boycott. Anything else you hear about who is forcing boycott is not true. It's all by the people on their own will. It is not possible to make proper apology if one does not know what to apologize for. People of Japan only has little knowledge of their past. Their history books school uses to teach their history is the proof. Ask you're selves. Is it possible to make proper apologize without knowing what to apologize for?. Ill go over the compensations Japanese are talking about in more detail.

    About 1965 compensation. 1965 During this era Korea was considered potential war zone since North Korea, China, Soviet Union were communist and cold war with US and Soviet union. To world investors Korea was danger zone so no investors took interest in investing in Korea which Koreans needed desperately. During this era Japan had severe industrial pollution and they decided to build steel mill in Korea to supply Japan with steel goods till Japan can solve their industrial pollution. In 1965 Japan made compensation of 300million$ for the past and this was compensation made from nation to nation which Japanese people argue this was complete compensation for everything which is not true. Korea recently found this original contracts and agreements between Japanese government and Japanese companies and Korean government about this deal and this compensation did not include civil settlements between Korean people and Japanese government or Japanese companies who committed forced labors. Japan made 10 payments totaling of 300 million $s across 10 years period of time and 500 million $s were invested in Korea to build subways in Seoul and Steel mill in Pohang which became POSCO today in Korea. Korea paid over double the price of what Tokyo paid for their subway system and also steel mill was also double price and interest was 1% over international standards of that era. Since there were no one willing to invest in potential warzone Korea, Korean government had no choice but to take the deal. During this era Korea was 2nd to the last poorest nation in the world. 500million $ loan from Japan was fully paid back with over 1% of world standard interest rate. These contracts are scanned as is and is displayed in Korean government web site for everyone to see. Korean president even rewarded these Japanese investors trying to have them satisfied so they an feel good about investing in Korea more. Because of this many Koreans think it was Korean president who took the half of them money Japan made for compensation and they think it was 800million $s total because at the time all Korean media had told everyone compensation was 800million $s when it was only 300million$s and 500million$s were loan. During this era all media was owned by Japanese or Japanese friendlies(corrupted people who sell out Korea for wealth and power cooperating with Japanese). Korean president Park JeongHe had saved the original contract and receipts and hid them for the later generations to find to know the truth which was recent Korea did find these original contracts and agreements and receipts.

    In 2015 3 people, Prime minister of Japan Abe, US president Obama and Korean female president Park GunHae made another compensation to end all compensation between Japan and Korea concerning their past. Obama was 3rd party mediator I guess. This was without proper apology from Japan and without consent of Korean people. It was done by 3 of these leaders and Japan is arguing this was official. It was official between these 3 people but not by anyone else. How could 3 people make such agreement official is beyond me anyways this is another compensation Japanese are arguing about. Korea was annexed by Japan for over 35 years. During this era, Korea's mineral mines were stripped specially the gold mines clean mainly in South Korea the easy to reach resources least and Korea had to have national tree planting day because Japanese cut all trees off from Korea's land to use as fuel.

    DaeMaDo island located in south of Korean peninsula were taken away from Korea and large portion of their land bordering North Korea and China were sold to China for coal. Today there are Koreans in Manchuria who lives as minorities in China as Joseon race in China bordering North Korea. Korea lost all of their history because Japanese confiscated over 450,000 books from all over Korean peninsula for 14 months. Today in international market Korean history books can go for over millions in auction because it is only way for Koreans to trace their history they lost from Japanese. Japan burned over 200,000 books for 3 days and took the rest to Japan and rewrote Asia's history and distributed them and somehow made it official to as world record. Today Japanese and Chinese tells all kinds of history about Korea and these stories are all same. basically they are trying to educate the world through internet that Korea was slave race since beginning of their history. Koreans can't say anything back because they don't have records of their history anymore because Japanese took all of their history books.

    Today Korea is still trying to remove those power that came in to Korea to control all the nations wealth when Korea was poor. Through corruption with Japanese capitalists they made friends in Korean government and these people are still trying to rule over everything in Korea for wealth. Japanese friendlies still own many of Korea's mass media and government branches today always tacking Korea's advancements. Today they are trying to remove current Korea's president because he is fixing many corruptions caused by these Japanese friendlies and Japanese capitalists who are supported by Japanese government. This is just part of whats going on between Japan and Korea.

  31. 日本の意見一切聞かないで、韓国の意見だけ聞いて判断するんだね。

  32. here comes a thought who's gonna enjoy the most current situation between SK and JP? it seems raising dust is very easy here by people in the 3rd nations.

  33. 【It is the high time for South Korean people to stand up for their own right.】
     The children of Moon Jae-in's friends can easily obtain the scholarship for the university education. Furthermore, they can easily become the first author of the scholarly treatise in Medical Science even though their academic abilities are senior high-school level.
     On the other hand, the children of South Korea's ordinary citizens have to go on the stage of the university education by themselves. Furthermore, there is no job for the ordinary citizen and their children in current South Korea.
     The time has come for South Korean people to bring about their own revolution.
     Both Moon Jae-in and Cho Kuk are the public enemy of South Korean people.
     If Cho Kuk once became Minister of Justice, South Korean people will be able to do nothing but live in the world of George Orwell's <1984>.

  34. そんなに日本が嫌いなら国交断絶でもしようよ

  35. "We Japanese people have already been tired of keeping relation with South Korea." This is the common opinion shared among most of Japanese people.

  36. 【"No Abe", is it true ?】
     Even if Abe Shinzou resigned from his post of Prime Minister, South Korean people will begin claiming for apology and money from Japan again.
     Even if the next Prime Minister resigned from his/her post, South Korean people will begin claiming for apology and money from Japan again.

  37. 【South Korean people are currently insulting Sean Lennon and his partner.】
     Sean Taro Ono Lennon and his partner Charlotte Kemp Muhl, they are currently getting angry with South Korean people. Because South Korean people are insulting both Charlotte and Sean.
     This is how it happened;
    = = = = =
     Charlotte Kemp Muhl was putting on the designed shirt that has the album jacket's photograph of UK's famous punk band "The Clash".
     The letter of <Pearl Harbour '79> is printed with the photograph on her shirt. It is the title of the 1st album <The Clash (album)> in USA. It is the USA version. [※note: The 1st album <The Clash (album)> was sold after the 2nd album <Give 'Em Enough Rope.> officially in USA market.]
     The jacket of <Pearl Harbour '79> has "the mark of red & radial lines".
     After Charlotte uploaded her selfie of that shirt on Instagram, South Korean people arrogantly demanded her to remove it from Instagram.
     But Charlotte didn't obey South Korean people's unreasonable demand. She didn't remove it.
     And South Korean people began insulting not only Charlotte but also Sean.
     South Korean people began attacking to Sean with the photographs of murder case. Those are the photographs of Mark David Chapman who murdered John Lennon. Furthermore, those photographs include the images of John Lennon lying on the ground of the crime scene.
    = = = = =
     Now you have already noticed how unreasonable South Korean people are.
     This is South Korea.

  38. The reason that Korea get angry is this…
    Even though Japan Governmet pay for apology, they don,t teach the fact of history to japanese students and kids…
    Japanese history book said "Japan help Korea for modernization" But it is not true. They attack Korea and do Bbbbbad things a lot. Korean just want Japanese kids and people to know the all truth of the past.

  39. How's the boycott going? Keep up the good work Koreans! Go Korean go! You can do this!! Never give up boycotting! It's just started, so continue boycotting for centuries all right?

  40. The South Korean government violated the international sanction agreement through exporting banned chemicals to North Korea. The Japanese government demanded them to submit reports where the Seoul sent these materials that can be used to produce nuclear missiles. As a result, the South suddenly changed the subject as usual to historical issues, while denying providing evidence to prove their allegations. Why the UK and French governments deployed battle ships to the region? That speaks everything.

  41. Can’t they just solve the problem already? They should be focusing on the present not on the past! If no one makes a move South Korea and Japan will stay like that longer. I really can’t understand their problems with each other tbh.

  42. Korean government has always made fake story as below and educate Korean people and tried to prevent Korean people to see the real history.

    Meanwhile, Japanese government and Japanese who basically regret what happened between Japan and Korea during world wars period and invasion period, even though it was done to protect Japanese and Korean Peninsula from other invaders ,have restricted themselves to tell the facts /reality on each single fake stories such as “so called” “sex slave forced by Japanese army” or as “forced labor” to with its education program.

    This is has made biased stories made by Korean governments spread and also mislead Korean people to wrong anti-Japan movement.

    Recent action/reaction from Japan is to correct this position and announce the fact /real story to Japan and Korean, and to the world to put the things to the right truck.

    This would also help South Korean people who developed new strong economy. Otherwise they might be tribute to other world while they are focused on controlled Anti-Japanese movement.

    Please look at what is happening in Hong Kong.
    Once you get out from free world and bind yourselves to other world, you will face much worse future.

  43. Japan: Hi, S.Korea. I've heard that 30% of strategic supplies are missing in your country. Find out their whereabouts and report on them.
    S.Korea: …
    Japan: Hey, S.Korea! Report on them!
    S.Korea: …
    Japan: Hey, S.Korea! Let's hold a conference on strategic supplies!
    S.Korea: …..
    Japan: Ok, ok. I will remove you from my whitelist!
    S.Korea: Hwabyeooooooong!!! Boycott Japan! Fu*k Japan! We must discuss!!!
    Japan: What can I do. Sigh…

  44. The Japanese government insists

    1st time : Matter of 'Trust' –>

    Turning political issues between countries into economic regulations

    Can cause international backlash against Japan

    Have to change the subject

    2nd time : Matter of 'Security'–>

    Transition to national safety issues

    But there is no evidence

    Have to change the subject

    3rd time : Matter of 'Process'–>

    There's no evidence, so ask for documents

    and use them as evidence

    Asked Samsung for confidential data

    (It means Samsung cannot hand it over to the others.)

    What's Next –>

    The Japanese government demands

    that Samsung can never hand it over

    and the Japanese government will insist

    that Korean companies did something wrong and try to hide it.


    What's next after the what's next?

    Very Exciting!

  45. Hi, Japanese dudes!

    Please take a look at the links below.



    https://youtu.be/x_cARH_a1tc#t=1m30s (It needs translation option)


    Have U ever heard about it from Japanese media?

  46. Congratulation ! Finally, Cho Kuk has been designated Minister of Justice in South Korea. It is a great good news for Japan.
    We Japanese people intend to support both Moon Jae-in and his friends.

  47. Japan vs korea…

    After they both got destroyed… China will take a lead…

    Shame… They should be friends and destroy those communist country.

  48. Relations between Japan and South Korea are currently strained due to a dispute over former civilian workers from the Korean Peninsula during World War II. The heart of the problem is whether the promises made between our two sovereign states when they decided to normalize their relations in 1965 will be kept or not.
    In some people’s view, Japan’s recent update of its export control measures related to South Korea is linked to this question of former civilian workers. I want to make it clear that they are completely separate issues.
    In 1965, after 14 years of hard negotiations, Japan and South Korea concluded the “Agreement on the Settlement of Problems concerning Property and Claims and on Economic Co-operation between Japan and the Republic of Korea.” Under the terms of the 1965 Agreement, Japan extended $500 million in grants and loans — a sum that totaled 1.6 times as much as South Korea’s national budget then. All problems concerning claims between the two countries and their nationals were confirmed to be “settled completely and finally.”
    Among the eight items in the “Outline of the Claims of the Republic of Korea against Japan” that were raised during negotiations, “accrued wages of the requisitioned Korean[s]” as well as “compensation of damages by war to the requisitioned Korean[s]” were included. The Agreed Minutes to the 1965 Agreement clearly state that the claims that were “settled completely and finally” included any that fell within the scope of these eight items.
    Furthermore, when seeking compensation for Korean workers “requisitioned” by Japanese companies during the war, Korean officials explained that their claim included damages for psychological and physical suffering. In response, the Japanese side proposed that its payments be made to individuals. But the Korean representatives asserted that they were putting forward the claims for compensation as a state and that their government would be responsible for distributing any money received from Japan.
    Four decades later, in August 2005, South Korea reaffirmed that the $300 million in grants received from Japan had included compensation for the “historical fact of suffering” of the victims of “forced mobilization.” In so doing, the Korean government made it clear that it bore the moral responsibility to allocate an adequate amount of the resources received to provide relief to those victims.
    Then, last year, the Korean Supreme Court rendered a series of judgments against Japanese companies, ordering them to pay “compensation” to the former civilian workers. These judgments clearly violated the 1965 Agreement. Yet the Korean government has failed to take any concrete measures to remedy the situation.
    In effect, after more than 50 years, South Korea has unilaterally abrogated the pledges made by our two governments. This is the crux of the issue we face now. If an international agreement can be broken because of the domestic circumstances of one country, we will never be able to maintain stable international relations.
    I strongly hope that the Korean government addresses this issue from the standpoint of international law as well as bilateral state-to-state relations, and takes concrete actions as a responsible member of the international community.
    Japan repeatedly sought diplomatic consultations with the Korean government after the court decisions and referred this dispute to arbitration, as provided for under the 1965 Agreement. However, South Korea refused to agree.
    Just as importantly, I would like to reiterate that this issue has nothing to do with the recent update by Japan of its export control measures, which was required to ensure the non-proliferation of weapons-related materials. This decision was made solely from the standpoint of national security.
    The materials and technologies in question are sensitive because they can be diverted to military uses. The relevant authorities in every country are responsible for appropriately managing exports of such dual-use materials and technologies.
    Since 2004, Japan had applied to South Korea simplified procedures for exporting such materials, compared to the rules applied to most countries and regions including the rest of Asia. The arrangement was predicated on sufficient trust between our two governments, which was to be fostered through continuous consultations.
    Such consultations have not been held for the past three years, despite repeated requests from the Japanese side. Meanwhile, there have been several inappropriate cases concerning export control related to South Korea. For that reason, Japan concluded it could no longer maintain the simplified procedures applied to exports to South Korea.
    This decision was not in any way meant as “retaliation” or a “countermeasure” in relation to the issue of former civilian workers from the Korean Peninsula. Such a linkage only obscures the root causes of two very different problems.
    Japan has been acting as a responsible member of the international community, adhering to international law. We hope that South Korea would do the same, so that we can continue to build a forward-looking bilateral relationship.
    Finally, I would like to touch upon the Korean government’s decision to terminate the “Agreement between the Government of Japan and the Government of the Republic of Korea on the Protection of Classified Military Information” (“GSOMIA”), which had contributed to strengthening security cooperation between the two countries and to ensuring regional peace and stability since 2016. I must say this decision reflects a total misapprehension of the security situation in Northeast Asia. The Korean government has linked its decision to Japan’s update of its licensing policies and procedure for exports. These two issues are of totally different nature and should not be linked together.

  49. South Korea does not keep its contract with Japan.

    After the war, Japan has provided all kinds of assistance and preferential treatment to Korea.
    South Korea has been trying to withdraw money from Japan because of unilateral historical issues.

    This time, Korea is not an economic sanctions, it simply does not give preferential treatment because of distrust in Korea.

    If Japan really sanctioned Korea, Korea will collapse.

    After the war, Japan has been on the path of peace and has supported the world's developing countries.

    Without being confused by the news, you can find the answer when you think about what Japan has done to the world after the war.

    The problem between Japan and Korea is
    Not trade friction.

    Korea is like a child against Japan
    They are just making noise with selfish behavior.

    Japan is fed up with the selfishness of South Korea.

    The fact that South Korea illegally exported military strategic goods to a war-torn country is the reason why the preferential treatment was lifted.

    Moreover, it is a preferential treatment cancellation and not an embargo treatment.

  50. 【South Korea's Special Assistant to Moon Jae-in has officially revealed that USA and UNC are the obstacles for South Korea.】
     문정인(Moon Jong-in) is Special Assistant to South Korea's President Moon Jae-in.
     On 9/08, Moon Jong-in was interviewed by ITAR-Tass (Russia) in Beijing, China. In this interview, Moon Jong-in has made assertions as follows;
    (1) The UNC (United Nations Command) has already been the obstacle for South Korea to unificate with North Korea.
    (2) South Korea deprecate the situation that USA demands South Korea to give high priority to the alliance with USA over the relation with North Korea.
    (3) If South Korea can obtain the nuclear weapon, it will be unnecessary for South Korea to keep the military alliance with USA anymore.

  51. 【Moon Chung-in is the same of Moon Jae-in. Both of Double Moon are lunatic.】
     Moon Chung-in told his opinion to <The Global Times>, one of China's national medias. The interview was done from 9/07 to 08 in Beijing, China. On 9/15, <The Global Times> uploaded Moon Chung-in's interview to the on-line. (※Moon Chung-in [문정인] is a Special Advisor to President Moon Jae-in of South Korea for Foreign Affairs and National Security.)
     Moon Chung-in argued that China has to arbitrate between South Korea and Japan instead of USA.
     The world is divided to two classes in Moon Chung-in's brain; One is South Korea, and the other countries are classified as the followers. Of course, Moon Chung-in thinks that China is the follower of South Korea. I guess that it was so hard for the interviewer of <The Global Times> to resist laughing.
     It is not worth for China helping South Korea. Even a student of primary school knows that China is not a follower of South Korea. But Moon Jae-in and his well-wishers can't understand it. Because they are the complete beginners of the actual politics.

  52. Japanese people all support Abe, that is, all Japanese people hate and hate Koreans !! Remember it well !!! Ignore and cut off Korea !!!!

  53. What you need to understand is that korean politics are all about anti-Japan. When there is presidential elections in S korea, candidates who strongly advocate for anti-japan policies win like always, which never ever happens in Japan. It’s so difficult to eradicate their hatred because they are not even trying to move forward. Poor them.

  54. The majority of the Japanese welcome this movement in Korea. This is the fact. They are so tired of dealing with Koreans. Whenever there is an interface with Korea, the Japanese always feel stressed. It's better to cut (or limit) ties with Koreans as much as possible.Of course, we have to take all necessary measures to prevent war between Japan and Korea. Japan and Korea have to establish the scheme to avoid war, while keeping each other away as far as possible.

  55. As a third party from another Asian country, I have lived for 1 year each in both Japan and South Korea.

    I'll rate Japan and South Korea in various fields:

    Food: Korean, I love kimchi

    Pollution: Seoul air is terrific! And no, it's not from China.

    Cleanliness: Japan, subways in Korea stink of alcohol ewww.

    People: Koreans feel they're the best in this world while there should be equality. Japanese are polite at first but it takes time to get to know them.

    Cyber bullying: I got bullied badly by Koreans and even the channel owner who is a Korean DJ was being unjust.

    Racism: Koreans are very very racist, I never felt so scared in Japan.

    While both countries have good and bad points, my vote will go to Japanese because of my racist experience.


  56. Doesn't Japanese hydrogen fluoride boycott?
    Koreans create a new past history one after another and force it around. If everything is not what Koreans want, they cry out and go crazy soon.

    The reflection of Japan is that Japan treated Korean as human beings. Japan should have imitated China. In fact, Koreans cannot rule the country even now.

    Japanese people just don't want to get involved with Koreans.

  57. The Korean breaks the promise of the country every time the regime changes. This is the only country in the world where the law changes only by national feelings. He also said that he should apologize, but many times the Japanese prime minister has apologized. It's just not being broadcast by Korean media. I am sorry for Koreans who have been educated and brainwashed since they were born.

  58. 한국인은 정권이 바뀔 때마다 나라와 나라의 약속을 어기 국민 감정만으로 법률이 바뀌는 나라 따위 세계적으로이 나라뿐입니다. 또한 사과를하라고하지만 여러 번 일본 총리는 사과를 말합니다. 그것을 한국의 매스 미디어가 방송하지 않는뿐입니다. 태어 났을 때부터 반일 교육을되고 세뇌되어 한국인이 애처 롭다

  59. 【For Japan, Moon Jae-in is the Best President of South Korea.】
    We Japanese people currently think that Japan had better make distance from South Korea. We Japanese people have already gotten tired of having relation with South Korea.
    We believe that Moon Jae-in can destroy the relation between Japan and South Korea.
    This is the reason why we Japanese people support Moon Jae-in from the bottoms of our hearts.

  60. To ID <Park JW>.
    South Korean people support Moon Jae-in.
    Japanese people also support Moon Jae-in.
    I think that it is the best solution for both countries.
    I know that South Korea is the great country. I believe that South Korea can do everything well without the help from Japan.
    As the 1st step, South Korea had better boycott Letter of Credit issued from Japan's banks.

  61. I have considered that <Park JW> is one of South Korean disposable ID. We have already learned that South Korean people really like to write a parting shots with cheap expression.

  62. If you show Korean people the Asahi flag, they will be crazy right away, right? entertainment?
    한국인들에게 아사히 국기를 보여 주면 당장 미치겠 지?심심풀이 오락?

  63. guys can you imagine a group of German citizens holding the Nazi Party flag and protesting JUST TO DISCRIMINATE Europeans? Japan did that recently with the Japanese version Nazi flag and yes its true

  64. 【Perhaps, the foreign currency reserves of South Korea have already run out.】
     At this weekend, a part of medias reported that South Korea currently wants to make the currency swap arrangement with Japan.
     So what? We Japanese people don't care whether South Korea's future will be good or not.
     Japan has already made the currency swap arrangements with other foreign coutries (USA, UK, EU, Switzerland) without either limit of amounts or repayment date. Japan could make these arrangements because those coutries consider Japan as the trustworthy partner.
     Therefore, it is not necessary for Japan to make any arrangement of currency swap with South Korea.
     If South Korea wants some money, South Korea has to raise its own funds without any help from Japan.
     But I guess that South Korea can't do it.
     What do you think about the capacity of South Korea?

  65. When Korea is ruled by the right wing and Japan is ruled by a the far right, they have good relationship. When both have left wing, their relationship is also good. Now the problem is, Korea's always left and Japan's always right, while the only period Korea became right (2008-2017) coincide with the only period Japan became left (2009-2011).

  66. You know when your country is in a down fall when the protesters are not contributing to the economy.
    Just attending rallies from day to night…When you could be doing something more productive.

  67. 【9/25 1USD≒1200KRW】
     Perhaps, the foreign currency reserves of South Korea have already run out.
     At last weekend, a part of medias reported that South Korea wants to make the currency swap arrangement with Japan.
     No kidding.
     Japan has already made up the currency swap arrangements with other foreign coutries (USA, UK, EU, Switzerland) without either limit of amounts or repayment date. Japan could make these arrangements because those coutries consider Japan as the trustworthy partner.
     Therefore, it is not necessary for Japan to make any arrangement of currency swap with South Korea.
     If South Korea wants some money, South Korea has to raise its own funds without any help from Japan.
     But I guess that South Korea can't do it.
     And we Japanese people gladly say "Yes, Moon Jae-in!"

  68. 【Japanese investors will never put money into South Korea's enterprises again.】
     On 9/26, South Korea's newspaper <JoongAng Ilbo (중앙일보)>, its Japanese language version reported a case of South Korean enterprise's money shortage as follows;
     One of South Korea's major enterprise Hanwha Chemical has already failed the act of financing in Japan.
     So far this year, Hanwha Chemical has intended to issue JPY-denominated bond (samurai bond) in Japanese capital market.
     But, neither institutional nor individual, no Japanese investors wanted to put their money into Hanwha Chemical's bond.
     Therefore Hanwha Chemical has given up the act of financing in Japan. And Hanwha Chemical is currently getting into shortage of money about 2,000 million JPY.
     Now it is said that Hanwha Chemical is trying to issue other foreign currency-denominated bond such as USD, EUR, sterling pound or Swiss Franc. Do you believe that Hanwha Chemical will actually succeed the act of financing?
     I guess that this is just a prologue of catastrophe in South Korea.
     This is the result of South Korean people's own choice.
     Enjoy it.

  69. have you realized that?

    korea is known as free suppression of speech nation now.

    in current Korea,
    the person talking about the truth about the history is lost a job,and murdered out socially.
    It is completely Communist Party nation.

  70. 30 Years war 1618-1648
    War of Spanish Succession 1701-1714
    Napoleonic Wars 1803-1815
    WW1 & 2 1914-1945

    Looks like major powers go crazy every 100 years. We are right on schedule. Well done everyone.

  71. rastamanrastman진짜 왜 ㅈㄹ이냐 잘모르면 닥치시든가 ㄹㅇ로 왜 난리야 일본편만들네 한국 이야기는 잘몰르면 닥치시든가

  72. I love Japan's culture and product. And i using it. And i love Japanese! But i hate Abe. He is crazy. He will destroy the whole world. Because of the radioactive ☢

  73. 【Doesn't South Korea's have any realizable assets sufficiently?】
    The Central Bank of South Korea officially announced its total amounts of foreign currency reserves at the end of September as follows;
    [0] total = 403.32 billion USD (+1.84 billion)
    [1] valuable stock = 374.5 billion USD (+3.52 billion)
    [2] deposits = 18.02 billion USD (-1.64 billion)
    [3] Special Drawing Rights for IMF = 3.36 billion USD (-0.01 billion)
    [4] IMF reserve position = 2.64 billion USD (-0.02 billion)
    [5] Gold = 4.79 billion USD (±0)
    ※ values in round brackets; increase/decrease in comparison to August
     = = =
    By the way.
    We have a several doubts.
    [a] I think that it is a strange way to take valuable stocks into account of foreign currency reserves.
    [b] Why South Korea did so? Were there any compelling reason for South Korea's doing that?
    [c] Do the valuable stock of South Korea have sufficient liquidity? Aren't they junk-bonds?
    [d] In the normal discussion about foreign currency reserves, the realizable assets are important and essential. But South Korea's values of deposits decreased obviously.

  74. 【※prompt report】
     USA don't compromise with North Korea on the issue of denuclearization.
     On 10/05, at Stockholm in Sweden, USA and North Korea held the working-level dialogue about the denuclearization of North Korea.
     After the dialogue, North Korea's representative revealed that their negotiation finally fell apart.
    (According to reuters' report, summarized and translated by rastaman rastaman.)

  75. I think many people misunderstood the main cause of this situation, the reason of this situation is preemptive measure of japanese regime and Korean people are doing just protective measures to fight for their rights!

  76. The major cause of this issue is the non-independence of Judiciary in the Republic of Korea (ROK). ROK President has the authority to appoint judges in its Supreme Court and Constitution Court.
    This is why every ROK President changes those judges to obtain a new ruling against Japan to gain the popularity. Subsequently previous agreement is revoked. Also once a new President is inaugurated, the predecessor is always impeached and ends his or her carrier in jail.
    I think it is time for Moon to end its influence over the court for his future life after leaving his office.
    The 1st step is to apologize Japan of last 70-year ROK’s wrong-dong.

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