Why Scalp Trading Works – 2-3 ticks all day long

Good morning traders. My name is John Paul.
DayTradeToWin.com. I have the Trade Scalper software up and running. I happen to see here
a short signal at 1930.50. Let me just fix that. Let’s do a couple more contracts. (Order
pending). And I want to be short 1930.50. (Order filled). All right – there you go.
One thing about markets – they love to test where they have previously traded. Those of
you who have the Trade Scalper software, you get the signals just like I do. Unfortunately,
it just tagged my target. I’m going to hold on to this just for a little bit more. Maybe
a partial fill at 1929.75. Six tick stop. Can only make three ticks target if three
ticks are available, so be certain to look at the ATR as I teach. Otherwise, just go
for two ticks. Let’s see if I get the three ticks here. (Order filled). Finally, it went
through. I am finished with the trade; not risking a lot, not using complicated indicators
– no MACDs or moving averages. It’s clutter-free – only price and time are used when trading
this method. And that’s a good thing. Now, if there is another trade, I want to take
it. I see another short at 1930. Those of you who want to take it, have the 1930 short.
Remember to use a limit order or as soon as price hits 1930, go in at market. The ATR
looks good to me. It’s about a point. That’s more than enough volatility and activity to
make the 3 ticks. I also get a lot of questions about when you should take 2 ticks instead
of 3 ticks. It all has to do with what the current conditions can provide. Look at the
ATR. The ATR is above a half a point, go for 2 ticks. If the ATR is above three ticks,
say one point, go for 3 ticks. That’s how you gauge it. Those of you who got in short
here at 1930, look to exit with 2 or 3 ticks, never risking more than 6 ticks. And there
you have it. So here we are about an hour later. There was another short trade at 1928.50.
But I’m actually focusing on a long opportunity that’s about to trigger. The Trade Scalper
method is taught in its entirety – nothing is held back – you fully learn how this method
works. I’m looking for 1927 to go long and I am placing my order to go long based on
the rules that are taught in the course. The software provides all this for you automatically,
but you do fully learn it. I think it’s important for you to understand the behind-the-scenes,
not just following software. Why does it work? How does it work? So, I am long here. Remember
the ATR. I am focusing on the current conditions. 3 ticks because the ATR is above 3 ticks,
which is .75. I’m good to go – I have my stop, my target, I just have to see this trade through.
Now, for those of you who are interested in learning more about the Trade Scalper method,
you can visit DayTradeToWin.com – just search for the Trade Scalper. You can use this method
on any equity, currencies, as long as the market is moving. The other thing I forgot
to mention is the BarTimer. The BarTimer I have added counts down the number of seconds
remaining in the candle on this one minute chart. Therefore, every 60 seconds, a new
candle will start and the BarTimer resets itself. This is important because you want
to look for an opportunity based on price and time. The BarTimer is a great tool to
help you and prepare when a candle closes and when a candle opens. I’m also starting
a new Mentorship Program. The next class will begin the first week of September (Sep. 4,
2014). I have a new Mentorship class beginning. This class includes the Trade Scalper, the
Atlas Line, all the software, all the courses, in one complete package, in two months, eight
weeks, with me, complete support, and I even provide you a free trading platform, the NinjaTrader
platform, for you to practice and use with live data. My name is John Paul. If you’d
like to learn more about the products we offer, or, if you’d like to become a day trader,
please visit DayTradeToWin.com. Remember to subscribe to this YouTube channel. We have
new videos coming out on a weekly basis. A subscription is a great way to get notified
when a new video comes out. Until next time, good trading!

24 Replies to “Why Scalp Trading Works – 2-3 ticks all day long”

  1. How many trades can you scalp per day?
    How much money can I make on average scalping the market for 2,3 pips every trades?

  2. because, every time, i wanna make a change the prices that offered, whether low or high, i cannot make it. usually i just use the market execution without put any SL or TP!.

  3. Is there any traders judgment involved other than the odd days like FOMC? Does it work with Ninja 8? Are you doubling down after a lost?  If you are trading for 3 tick with a 6 tick stop you need to make 2 to 1 to break even.  Should be easy to back test and forward test to get the win loss ratio. Ninja, you can event trade practice after the market closes.

  4. how do i get into scalp trading on crude oil etn or scalping in general…every broker i called even tradeking n all the cheap brokers r saying i need 25k to day trade vs 500 to swing trade n none of them even allow scalping thru their firm…what do i do

  5. sorry for a very basic question .. but what is a tick ? 🙁 and how much money is made or lost on a tick or is the question incorrect? sorry ..

  6. @Day Trade to Win do you guys have a scalp trading course. I generally scalp between .04, .05, .07 and .10 cents when I scalp. Usually it's based on what the price action is doing. If there's a better strategy, I'd like to learn it. I don't have any desire to change from platforms though, at least not right now.

  7. The problem that exists is the graph is random to the end user the trader so strategies and training are just for fun but gambling is not.

  8. Nice man. Why dont you use an automatic breakeven+1tick to work when you hit 2 ticks instead of 2 tick profit? After that you could move your stopgain manually to the rest of the pips the trade has to offer.

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