Why Synapse AI is a useless marketplace?

hello everyone it ICOguru and
today we will talk about synapse ICO synapse AI it’s a new project building
artificial intelligence marketplace and usually marketplaces are very useless
projects as you know. they are going to build place where someone will place own
data and others will buy this data so why do we need synapse?
no one knows. so let’s start from their website as you can see here it’s
written that data is the new oil. It’s correct. In the 21st century data is much
much more expensive than oil and they are going to tokenize your data. For example
you know how to detect good music, yes? so you use this ability and put your music
into the system of synapse AI here. then someone is coming and using this data to
provide better music experience for its users. for example, Spotify but they are already know how to do this and we are talking about the companies which are
not exist for now. so later on, synapse is going to provide
us with interfaces and with smart machines which will be learning under
our data which will be collected from us and we will be paid in these tokens SYN.
let’s have a look at roadmap the first question about road map, for
me you can see here product roadmap, they have a lot of tires presale ico
tire 1 ico tire one ends ICO tire 2 starts, tire 2 ends, tired 3
begins and ICO tire 3 closes and only in Spring’18 I will see tokens
released. I want to ask a question why they need 3 tires and no
development? First development will be in spring’18 when tire 3 close. so they
are going to make three rounds of ICO for what?? just to collect money?? why
three rounds?? no one knows. Moreover let’s have a look at whitepaper. the same here.
according to the whitepaper as you can see it’s their white paper, nothing different. it’s big enough you know 22 pages. 22 pages for company which is going to make AI marketplace artificial intelligence marketplace just
imagine 22 pages they are talking in such a essential way you know so Initial Coin Offering will be in two stages first of all of course Site Live so it’s a
big achievement, then Pre-Sale then ICO starts, then ICO ends that’s it. But here again they have tire 1, tire 2, tire 3. Why information is not the same? I
don’t know. That’s the first red flag for me then I found International Business
Times article created by CEO of synapse this guy Dan Gailey he’s going to be
decentralized AI summit you can see him first February San Francisco and if you
want you can visit and talk to him. here is again he is talking about his
revolutionizing model, he’s going to buy our data and then sell our data and
doing for this marketplace actually website there is no alpha, no beta – nothing and now we will talk about guys who is in team here is Nathan Ross he is
here and you can see that guys are going to make AI with
three people from technical side if we believe to this written. this guy Dan Gailey, this guy Nathan Ross Chief operational officer and this guy,
blockchain developer doesn’t matter what about linkedIn they have been linkedIn, of
course, 500 plus contacts but it’s not a problem today to have five hundred plus
contacts and do not talk to even one of them so let’s have a look at github
that’s an interesting Nathan Ross he has 58 repositories 3 stars 29
followers and 23 people he is following by himself mostly you can see that he is
using javascript, HTML, CSS and a little bit of Ruby his latest commit was on 21st of
January 9 days ago. Not to bad. But his front-end developer he is using
javascript and Ruby and the Html/CSS nothing serious to develop products
such AI and now we’ll talk about (sorry) we
will talk about this guy Jamie Cushenan sorry if I pronounced wrong and his page
on github let’s have a look his blockchain developer Ta-Da! blockchain developer of the project github page is 404 so we cannot verify any experience
of the team this guy is lead designer yeah their website looks great you know
designed very good everything’s here iPhones you know good icons video
anything but difference in white paper and with the website are very strong and
can I cannot understand how it is working
moreover they’re accepting any currency almost like about 20 currencies they
accepting it’s written in their whitepaper Team is five people, five people and
Elizabeth Dixon even no contacts so it may be just in image you know nothing.
advisors one of them is very interesting guy is Jackson Palmer. I’ve tried to
contact him but it was yesterday until now he didn’t reply for my query
but when I will have a response I will update this video with a comments so I’m
not sure that this project is legitimate and our rate is not more than two point
three because there is written that they have marketplace if you
into the marketplace and waiting to find you know something great something
working maybe even alpha but no they are talking about beta, you see is beta you
are going to join the marketplace and what we see? we see subscribe to the list.
I did it my email is already there and you know I
still didn’t receive anything and after this you are coming back you are
redirecting to the main website let’s have a look on ratings here is a rating
by the guy who has weight 25% on ICObench it’s very great rate and well
respected way he put three three and three and I agreed with him but not
three because on under our rating methodology three means that you have
already done MVP or alpha they do not have this so we will put maximum 2.5 and
for this even two because blockchain developer has no page on github team is
three people white paper 22 pages so strange project. We will keep you updated
about this project put your thumbs up sorry again put your thumbs up and don’t
forget to subscribe to our Channel and in the links under this video you will
find project card and on our website and all necessary links about these guys and
answer further from the advisors of this project thank you much bye bye

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