Why the marketplace solution is right for High Court Enforcement

Hello I’m delighted to be here with
Jamie Waller and some of the rest of the team at Just to talk about the launch of the new
company so Jamie to kick-off could I ask you what is Just and why was it formed?
yeah absolutely so Just is a digital marketplace for want of a better word
is a debt market integrator so it sits between the creditor and the enforcement
providers but it’s really an extension of the creditor so what it does is it
takes the judgment debts it deals with the data science the behavioural
stuff the first stage of the enforcement process which is the compliance stage
and it issues the work out to a panel of providers across the entire country
so we cover every square inch of England and Wales and we make sure that
all of the cases are dealt with in a transparent but more importantly a
consistent manner. Is this the first time a debt market integrator has been
trialled? no it’s worth noting that this isn’t the first debt market integration
project actually the first one was implemented by government back in around
2015 and the business plan for that integrator was actually performed by
myself and a number of others in the industry but we took control of the
data analytical part to prove that it was a model that could work and that
later on went on to be a joint venture with TDX group and that’s now used to
collect almost all central government debt. So Chris what are the high court
enforcement industry’s biggest challenges and why has no one else
address them? at the moment the high court enforcement industry is facing a number of challenges and those range from the way VAT is
charged on high court enforcement officers fees the way the enforcement
agents apply the fee structure apply the various stages to that fee
structure body-worn video there was a parliamentary review earlier in the year
and recommendations were made as part of that review that will result in
legislation around how enforcement agents use that video
and you know how the data is captured in relation to it. So Dom Just is a
commercial organisation doesn’t that mean that it’s always going to come out on the
side of the creditor? isn’t this really about big businesses? what about the
little guy? no this is not about big business or favouring the creditor
it’s about doing the right thing and do it in the right way so Just only act
on enforcement cases that been through the court and the court has decreed who
should pay the debt it’s about taking the right approach to collect that and
do it in a fair and just way so the key of our approach to the beginning is
to add data science behavioural science and data analytics to ensure the right
approach is taken a fair approach is taken so for example vulnerability it’s
easy or possible to identify vulnerability upfront with the data to
ensure still right thing to do to collect the debt but we take the right
approach and a fair approach I’ve had the opportunity of when I was running
consumer collections of BT of working with the principal with a debt market
integration I’ve seen the value that adding that data up front can create
both from taking the right approach but also ensuring compliance and a level of
structure around industry so I think this is you know a sea change in the way
that the industry the enforcement industry is run it’s a great opportunity
some people might say it’s a threat but I’ve seen the benefits that having
structure and upfront analytics can have I’ve both been as I said a creditor via BT
but I also ran or was MD of a debt collection company so seeing the
benefits that the debt market integrator principal can have so I think it’s a
great time and a real opportunity for Just to make a difference. Jamie your
previous company JBW Group was the subject of a Panorama expose were you at the helm during that time? how can you ensure that any of the issues that are
uncovered then won’t happen again at Just? so yeah JBW was part of a Panorama
programme in 2014 and I was there I was actually CEO of the organisation and it
was a very challenging time actually one of the most difficult in my
life but one of the things that we did realise is that we thought we had
robust policies and procedures but we had a rogue employee
and we dealt with the allegations at the time and it would be easy to say that
the allegations were all incorrect but they weren’t the majority were correct
and I stand up and take responsibility for that but what’s more important is
what we learned from that process and what we did afterwards and we spent the
next two years putting in robust ISO accredited policies and procedures
external auditing policies and all of the lessons we learnt there we are
implementing here on day one so hopefully ensure it never happens again
you mentioned ISO Standards would you mind telling me a little bit more about
what you’ve done? yes ISO Standards are obviously an
external quality mark but what they enable us to do is implement a procedure
and a bunch of policies across the entire network of operators and for us
to audit our panel members against those but also for an external organisation to
come in and audit us against them which is really pivotal to ensure that we’re
delivering the creditor a single solution across the entire industry
that’s consistent. Dom as Just is not an enforcement agency itself but it’s
instead a marketplace how can you be sure that the enforcement agencies
you’re working with are in fact credible? yeah so the credibility and the
activities of the enforcement companies we work with is a prime
importance and core of the Just strategy so that the first step really
is the way we choose the people we choose to work with partner with so that
the process of selection all choose credible agents with a lot of experience
in the marketplace but actually what we’ve also looked at is their reputation
for compliance and behaviour the other area we’ve really focused on is the
process we’re getting everybody to follow so we have an ISO Standard
documentation of the full collection cycle we model that process closely all our partners will follow it and we will audit that following and
order that compliance as we go through the process the other thing worth noting
is all of the agents we’re working with they’ve been in this industry for quite
a while so again that credibility and that knowledge is there. And with us
today we have some of the panel member companies that will be working with Just
Chris how is working with Just going to change your business? so luckily we don’t
need to make any changes at all to our business because we currently work with
a number of the largest high court enforcement companies across England and
Wales what you’ll find is within the enforcement industry a lot of the larger
certainly larger enforcement companies will actually help source a lot of the
enforcement action I’ve worked with some of the you know much larger companies
well-known companies like JBW Marston’s Equita Newlyn we’ve had links with so it’s a case of this is well known within the industry we tend to
support each other now one thing I was actually very impressed about when
speaking with Just is they are very focused on compliance but also it’s
their forward thinking in relation to technology and actually looking at the
cases and actually making it easier for us as enforcement companies to actually
work more effectively now one of the things is as an owner of a high court
enforcement company we are very good at managing our enforcement agents and it’s a case of what Just actually does is gives us the ability to focus down on that so
we can now focus on concentrating on getting the best results for our clients
and Just’s clients in relation to we focus on looking after the agents making sure
the agents are effective and compliant to what’s needed and Just can ensure the
back office side of things is all doing what it needs to do and actually more
importantly making sure the clients are happy and wanting to use our services
again. So Gareth can you tell me why you decided to start working with Just? so
the reason for me deciding to work for Just was basically through my background
and I’m a third generation bailiff I work for the majority of the high court
enforcement companies across the country civil enforcement companies as well
from Equita to Share Group to CES and each company is very professional in
their own way but there is always some room for improvement and when a
company like Just comes along you’ve got a fresh platform the looking at how
the agent actually works on the ground all the way through to obviously the
debtor to what the client’s needs are so the system that’s in place it works for
all three categories in my eyes and that’s why I have chosen Just. Mark the
same question to you why have you decided to start working with Just? Yes I decided to work with Just I believe it’s a great business model which is going to be
new to industry and to shake the industry up a bit
I believe in relation to using the technology to lead from the client space all the
way down to the enforcement agent on the ground
adding the day the more information we give the enforcement agents means the
best collection rates and better result for clients for our source and for
Just throughout. Jamie there’s a lot about this which is new could you
summarise where you think you are with this right now? absolutely so I mean I
would love to take the credit for it and say this is a great new bright and shiny
new idea but as you’ve heard from people today it’s not the debt market
integrator is already being used by central government to collect billions
of pounds worth of government debt where it integrates with 20 or 30 different
debt recovery agencies across England and Wales and as you’ve heard from the
panel members the majority of them are actually performing enforcement services
for some of the largest companies in the industry already they’ve worked for me
previously at JBW Group you’ve heard them work for Marston Equita Newlyn
what we’re doing is we’re bringing a single set of processes procedures and
really implementing the infrastructure the digital technology the data science
the behavioural stuff and bring in a big wraparound service which really is
creditor focused so for once we’re going to put the creditor at the heart of the
operation and make sure that reputations are protected and that the
vulnerable debtors in society are treated as fairly as possible. Thank you
all very much for your time

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