Why Trading The 2-Minute Chart Is Better

[Music] hi creators happy Friday what an incredible trading day today in fact it’s been such an incredible trading week many of my traders put in some very very impressive trading during this week and I’m so very proud of it but now it’s time for me to address another very frequently asked question now remember if you have a question you’d like me to answer just make sure you’re included in the comments below if it happens to be one of the most frequently asked questions then I’ll definitely get to it but listen this question is a technical one Oliver why is it that you encourage your traders to make their trading decisions off of a two-minute chart versus any other time frame why not a one-minute chart why not a five-minute chart why not an hourly chart why the two minute charts specifically I get this question very frequently and it’s actually one of the very good questions I want you to understand that my approach to trading is a technical one which means that I want my traders making their trading decisions off of a chart and specifically off of a two-minute chart which means that every bar that forms on that chart forms over a two minute period now the reason why I focus almost predominantly on the 2 minute chart is largely due to experience I need my traders to get as many trades under their belt as possible I want them trading frequently I want them trading several times a day I do not want them treating once a day or twice a day this is too slow for them to ultimately become the master traders that they’re all trying to become so we need a time frame that offers enough opportunities every single hour of the trading day if I were to have my traders trade off of a five-minute chart it would dramatically slow down their trading development the trades while being berry-berry sounds off of the 5-minute chart as an example those trades would happen so infrequently compared to the 2 minute chart that they would slow down the number of trades they ultimately accumulate to build their experience so while the 5 minute trading time frame is an excellent time frame for training purposes for developmental purposes it’s too slow too few trades develop every single hour of the day on the 5 minute chart the 2 minute chart however will offer anywhere between 8 and 15 trades every single hour of the day that’s the huge difference now some sure to see what Oliver okay then if that’s the reasoning why not drop down to the 1-minute chart well relax let’s not go too far the 1-minute chart in my opinion is too close to chaos the unreliability of patterns and trading events that occur on the 1-minute chart are not worth a traitor dropping that low you can have too much of a good thing and you can go too small in your timeframe so I don’t encourage trading off of the 1-minute chart exclusively I’m not saying that you can’t find some decent opportunities on a 1-minute chart of course you can but the higher level of inconsistency that occurs on the 1-minute chart is not worth the effort to try to make your trading work on the 1-minute chart in my opinion so 2 minute chart is the lowest timeframe will go now once a trader has gone through a good portion of their developmental period once they’ve accumulated enough experience to be fairly sound and consistent in their trading I do encourage that they actually add 5-minute chart trading not to move to five-minute chart reading exclusively we don’t want to do that we want to add 5-minute trading opportunities to our overall arsenal and that’s my answer as to why the 2 minute chart is so incredibly important during your developmental phase as a traitor you can’t have success before you become experienced so your number one goal in the beginning is not to actually make money your number one goal is to become experienced in all of the different market cycles you want to become as experienced as you can with every possible event every possible occurrence the market could ever throw at you and it is only after the accumulation of that experience can you expect to have some measure of progress development success and consistency so goal number one get experience how do you get that experience utilizing the 2-minute chart you’ll get that experience the fastest and in the most secure way and that’s my answer another question doubt enjoy the rest of your weekend and until next time trade well [Music]

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