Will GF Trade her BF for a Lamborghini Urus and Hollywood Hills House? (Gold Digger Investigation)

This is a 2019 Lamborghini Huracan it and this is the all-new 2019 Lamborghini Yaris, oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god Both of these cars are freaking fast powerful, beautiful luxurious and expensive They each have a price tag well over 200 freakin thousands of dollars The good news is that we can use one of these cars in our video today The bad news is that we can only use one But whichever one comes with us today will be helping us find out if Justin’s girlfriend’s Mary is a gold digger We’re gonna be using one of these beautiful cars to see if she will end up leaving him for another guy But before you guys start feeling nervous or anxious for Justin, you guys should know that this guy is not so innocent Okay, please do not misunderstand me. Justin is actually a great and funny guy In fact, he’s a comedian and he met Mary about a month ago at a comedy club where he was performing But the truth is Mary is not actually his girlfriend She’s more like his potential girlfriends because even though they’ve only been talking for a month He really really likes her and he really wants to go out with her But at the end of the day being a great funny guy doesn’t just mean you’re great and funny It also means that you’re a guy and like too many guys Justin has a sidepiece and yes, even though we really likes Mary and he wants to go out with her He also can’t stop talking to the other girl because in his own words she fine So, what do you do when you really want to go out with a girl but your side piece is just too fine to drop well I guess you could do like Justin and put the girl that you like to the gold-digger test pray that she fails and that way if she ever does find out about your side chick, you’re gonna have something against her – Well, let me guys Justin’s plan is very clever, however, you can easily backfire in him And in fact things can get worse if Mary actually passes this freaking test But that in itself is gonna be hard because this test is gonna be epic because we have a sponsor Say hello to my not so little friends everyone Today rain shadow legends is proudly Sponsoring our video forget all of the mobile games that you thought were epic because none of them are as epic as raid this game Is the most ambitious the most immersive and the craziest RPG title of 2019? 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You’re also going to get a free epic champion Like I said guys the link is in the description below give the game a chance I guarantee you guys are gonna freaking like it or you could just choose to not download the game in which case you’re gonna end Up like this girl Don’t be like that girl click on the link and download it But chat with that being said we have to go to sleep now because tomorrow is going to be a big day tomorrow we are Testing Mary but it also marks the birth of our relationship with the mat So the magg team are a group of young entrepreneurs who run the dopest car rental company in LA They literally have every single luxuriant exotic car You guys can possibly think of and if they don’t have it they can get it because that’s just what they do Anyways, it turns out that these guys watch and like our freakin videos so we got a hold of them talked a little bit of business and this video right here officially wants the beginning of our Partnership, so that’s exactly where I told Justin to meet me today and about an hour later We arrived we head inside and meet everyone at front desk in charge of leasing in sales We got yoni across from him. We got operations manager hope along with his operations team member Rodrick next to them We got the VP of MAG Gary and finally in the back office. We got the co-owner of MAG argan Unfortunately the owner the founder and the CEO of Magha Norvin wasn’t here today. But this is the rest of his team See it was supposed to be a simple meet up and pick up but as you guys know by now The magg team did not make it easy for us today. I asked them for one lamb and they brought us to So that brings us back to our dilemma, which car do we choose whichever one you want so Just select the URIs but there’s no denying it that the Huracan is just as badass and that’s what’s making this very very hard to choose one of the cars So in the end instead of us Deciding we decided to let you guys decide on which car we should use I hop on to my Instagram and I start telling you guys about our dilemma. I make a poll ends Yeah, like I said, I’m letting you guys make the decision for us I decided to give you guys 20 minutes to vote, which I know it’s not enough time But we do have schedule to keep and after 20 very long Minutes the results are finally in So we got the euros on the right hand side and we got the Huracan on the left-hand side right here It’s only been a couple of minutes, but it’s been close but we’re just gonna go with it. There was 936 votes for the Huracan and there was So it was a really close call and I did only give you guys a little bit of time but the Lambo SUV came out victorious. I personally feel you guys made the right decision But before I can drive it we first have to say goodbye to Justin at least for now Justin has to go pick up his girlfriend now and we’re gonna head to the shoot and stuff We’re gonna go in the car and just pick her up. I’ll send you to the address of where the house is And yeah, we’ll go from there. Okay, so here’s what’s happening guys The Lambo is not the only thing that we’re using in this video to test Mary We’re also using a multi-million dollar house in Hollywood of freakin Hills Justin right now is leaving to meet up and pick up and possibly hang out with Mary while me and my team will be heading To the house to set everything up I’m gonna be sending Justin the address to the Hollywood home and in a couple of hours Justin will make it to the house a with Mary and then this test will officially begin What is that what is up you must be Justin nice to meet you Justin my name is Nur Mary asked me to marry. My name is Sergio The test has officially begun which means that someone will now have to hit on Mary that someone definitely has to be experienced funny and smooth and definitely not me a Lot of you guys might know this is Anthony and last episode he also played a decoy personally I felt like he did such a hilarious and good job, but I thought you guys might enjoy watching him hit on Mary this time Hopefully this time though he won’t get rejected From the moment that we’ve arrived at the home though. We’ve been preparing for Mary and Justin to arrive We have set up our cameras and Anthony has been practicing his game. I came. I don’t mean hitting on parry game I mean rain shadow legends Don’t forget it downloaded by clicking on the link in the description below But after about two hours Justin finally calls us that he has arrived So Justin just called but we missed his call because we were trying to get the cameras rolling and stuff But let’s give him a call back. I think he’s here Yo, yo Justin. What is good? Are you here? Yeah Yeah, you can park on the street just be careful with the no parking signs. And then yeah, and you can park right there I’ll go outside to meet you guys right now Okay, so I start making my way out But first we need to know exactly which way Justin is coming from because we need the best shop But once we find out we set up our camera angles and begin this test as always This test will be split into three phases and we are currently in phase number one This phase is all about us meeting Mary and more importantly Mary meeting. And you guys remember that justin is a comedian, right? Well in order to get married to come to the house We had him tell her that aunt and I supposedly wanted to hire him for him to do some stand-up comedy for an event that Were supposedly throwing that of course is a big giant lie again We just wanted Mary to come to the house that we she starts believing that aunt and I are hella Hella rich, and they’re being off the bat She should get a taste of that because I mean we got a Lambo parked in the parking lot not to mention Also a Tesla speaking of which which SUVs you guys think is better Is it the Tesla Model X or is it the Lamborghini Eurus? But anyways, we head into the home and like you guys know aunt is there waiting for us? So so far everything is going as planned we have successfully gotten married to the house And right now she’s meeting aunts the next step in this phase is to just simply get comfortable Make some small talk and just get to know each other you guys may want any water or something But I’m not gonna bore you with all that So I’ll just give to the next step in this phase which is to sell the scene what I mean by that is to just basically make Mary believe that aunt and I really want to Hire Justin to do some stand-up for are you are you comfortable with it? I don’t mean to put you in spa No this kind of like an audience. Hereby you come through with performing Is it cool right you can do my thing. You’re not to get up or anything you do from that Before you get started So Justin’s performing a small comedy snippet for us and I bust out my phone to record again We’re just doing this to make merry believe that without a shadow of a doubt aunt and I are really looking to hire him Justin continues his performance and when he’s done it’s now time to move on to our last and final step of his face and that Is to leave aunt and meri alone. It’s comedy So you guys might be wondering how we’re gonna leave these two alone right well, let’s very simple Remember when Justin performs it’s usually at different venues So the plan is to simply pretend to go check out one of these venues where we want him to perform it What are your rates? Now when you can give me like an accurate Rate as opposed to like an estimate like, oh it’s gonna be this much or maybe more so now that we are set on checking out a venue it’s time to make sure that Mary stays behind and that part is very simple also It’s literally down the street we’ll be back in like By telling Mary that I prefer speaking with Justin in private about numbers we have Accomplished exactly what we wanted Justin and I step out of the door and we have bought aunt 20 to 30 minutes to hit on Mary We are outside of the house We have to get back in there, but we’re waiting for anything need to ask her to take a picture of him outside so Justin And I have to get back into the house in order to listen to aunt and Mary’s Conversation and like I already mentioned we’re going to be doing this when aunt takes Mary to the deck outside Before we steps outside with her though aunt Texas me to let me know that we can make our way inside again He then gets up and heads outside to get his Instagram photo So I now take the camera that was in the Tesla when Justin and Mary first came and Natalie place it in the Lamborghini then I start making my way back inside with Justin our plan so far was going very very well as aunt takes his pictures we slip Away into a bedroom. We’re less Linden’s l have been waiting for us This is where Justin will be listening in as aunt asks. His girlfriend’s on a date So we got a great camera in here. We don’t no longer have to use the phone now I just have to wait for Anthony when he comes back inside to give me a call That way we can listen in to everything. That’s about to happen over there. Yeah I shoot answer text letting him know that he’s gonna come back into the house and to call me so that we can listen into the rest of the test Aunt does his plant and we are now officially moving on to phase number two in this phase ant war reminds Mary how rich he Is these headphones kind of suck? Just let you guys know they are ants He’s not really rich Aunt might not be rich in real life before this test He is which is why the first step to this phase is to tell Mary exactly how he makes his money. You should definitely consider We do real estate So the way aunt and I supposedly make all of our money is through real estate which in real life is actually very lucrative We’ll put money into them and they will put it back on the market and flip it make it back anyway, so Now that Mary knows exactly how aunt makes his money it’s time to move on to the next step in this face and that is For aunt to show off his new Lambo that he supposedly just bought he reaches into his pocket Pulls out the key and then course is married to step outside to check it out. This is where the Lambo comes in He’s just gonna show it to her turn it off and stuff like that and he’s not gonna take her on a drive with it Though that’s a very expensive car and it’s not Even though is it gonna take Mary on a joyride? Just seeing and getting inside of the car should be enough to get her to believe that the car is actually his do you want? To hear the engine start up Jesus close. Let me ask you serious question though Lamborghini here is or Tesla Model X After about seven or eight minutes of checking out the car though, it’s now time for them to come back inside. Well, I mean Oh, yeah wish me could arrive Anton Marie spends a couple more minutes talking outside and I take advantage of this time to check on the status of our cameras I want to make sure they got good batteries and are still rolling because the next space is the most important space of all Mary takes one last picture of the Lambo and then heads back inside with ants and ladies and gentlemen we have Now made it to face numbers Ant directs Mary on where to sit so she stays in perfect view of our camera He now gets come to row as he prepares to execute the one and only step of this space to ask Mary out it was nothing. I was going to ask you something. Oh, yeah. You were Justin So like are you guys like in like a business and pleasure thing or like are you as manager or something or like you guys? Are you guys dating you like it together? Oh you did nice You wait get the fuck out of here so you land let me get this straight You guys have been dating as long as you’ve known each other. How do you start getting some? heat with that bomb digs The fact that Mary is mentioning Justin is a good thing, but remember Justin doesn’t want Mary to pass So, how do you guys start dating that fast-talking? Yeah talking, yeah, so you like Dating is like actually a commitment No, they’re not talking his life so she’s trying to say that they’re just like friends are talking right? Yeah, but she’s saying that they’re dating right now. Maybe we’re talking. Oh, we’re just like conversation Well, yeah, it’s up to her like it’s dating is like just talking Yeah, it’s not like it’s not like I’m exclusive right? I guess she called a gray area. Yeah That’s like okay. Okay. So like do you feel tied down suggesting? Is that a better way for me to say? What do you mean? If I actually to go on a date right now would you say yes There it is people ant has asked Mary out. What will she say? So technically, it’s fair game you single damn Okay so things are not looking good for both ant and Justin Mary so far is not budging but can ant change her mind at the moment It doesn’t look like it but aunt seems to have a plan up his sleeve that we did not even know about Wait, so ant just completely walked away to get some big baby. This is not a part of the script After about a minute aunt re-enters the scene and he has something in his hands, but it is definitely not a condom I mean I was I was gonna get you flowers, but funny, I feel like that still flowers I’ve had no idea what ants strategy isn’t giving Mary weed. But whatever it is for Justin’s sake, let’s just hope it works It sounds a good chart, I don’t think he gave her blood. Did you give her a full jar of that? Some day It’s fine But you in your ass. Okay, maybe ant is planning to get Mary. Hi and then ask her out or something I don’t know but this this plan is making no sense to me Mmm-hmm. Just flying right? Shit tell them I gave it to you. Oh, that’s so awkward. Right? It’s not awkward. I’m pretty sure he gives weed to other girls Hold on is it possible that this whole time that Justin has been trying to hide his side-chick from Mary? It was all pointless because Mary already knows about her cuz she literally just exposed him Seeing that Mary might be in a vulnerable state Aintree evaluates the situation and he takes the softer nice-guy approach And I’m not the funniest nigga, I’m not a comedian I just I’m not perfect I done fucked up a lot But like I know when I got a good girl sitting in front of me And I would love to take care of you and provide for you being Because I just you know, you deserve that you know, so with that being say Can I take you on a date please? Okay. Now I’m starting to wonder was this aunt’s plan all along? Did aunt bring out the weed in order to tell her this Thus planting the seed and mary’s had that Justin might be talking to other girls and therefore it would be okay for her to go Out with him because Justin’s already talking to other girls if that was his master plan then Wow Bravo genius However, I’m sorry, but I don’t think ants that smart I think his plan was to smoke and get high with Mary and ask her out while she was high, but unfortunately for him But heck I mean he’s still got lucky because Mary was already feeling doubtful about Justin shit, I wish I could take you country To Paulie I mean, I love Chipotle. But like I just had that shit like five times man if I eat another burrito. Imma turn to a Burrito And with that Mary accepts to go on a deke with ant which is exactly what Justin wanted However, he doesn’t seem happy about this result anymore So I’m assuming Justin’s not happy because he didn’t gain any leverage by doing this Mary already thinks that he’s talking to other girls Which means he basically did this for nothing even saying that Mary failed to this test is an overstatement because they’re not even dating in the first place I like pretty Pakistan Why do you think she would feel Weight Mary is not even Armenian. Do you guys remember this? Jesus but now Justin has to decide if he wants to walk in there and talk to Mary or not And you better do it fast because Mary actually noticed one of our cameras and she’s getting very suspicious about it Yes, less Legos, there’s nothing I’m super into Legos. No, seriously. Yes, I can’t be bad. We are just talking about a been together for a month EPA So yeah, I guess um if you want me go for it What brother great I just told you that’s Legos you see the light blinking red no And that right there is our cue to get our cameras ready but it’s also your cue to get your talkies ready because if you aren’t already munching on a bag then this is your chance to Get one because you guys already know This shit’s gonna be good So Justin really likes Mary and he wants to date her however, he also wants to hook up with his sidekicks though So in the event that they ever made it official between them and she ever found out about his side-chick Justin wanted to have something against Mary also So that’s why he decided a placer to the gold digger test in hopes that she’d failed Well, Mary did fill the test, but Justin wasn’t too happy and that’s because throughout the tests We learned that Mary already suspects that Justin is talking to other girls So basically his plan was ruined and this whole test was really for nothing So realizing his predicament and the fact that Mary is technically free to date whomever. She wants And also that she may already be on the verge of ending what they have Justin, figured his best bet was to just come clean about everything Okay So, let me help a nightmare and stuff so Basically this whole entire thing right from the second IQ medicine walks into this house was all just like a big old giant test none Of it is real. I’m not rich. He’s not rich. We’re not in real estate This house is actually rented the land we’re going outside well It was set up but it was set up for a purpose to do I test you to see if you’d end up going out with him because of his money and stuff and so we were back there listening to Your guys’s conversation you guys had right now and so he heard the second that you accepted going on a date good stuff And that’s why Anthony was like flashing the house going off to you flashing Lamborghini and all that stuff And yeah again, I’m not even mad that you’re accepting to go on a date with him. I just understand we Well, yeah like I mean I just want you to know though Like I didn’t choose to go on a date with him for his money I mean, maybe it’s not a maybe like I know I did it. So I said let me ask you this So you’re saying you didn’t do it for the money you didn’t do because Elena Is it the car because it’s life saw so I could do it. Just well, I actually felt like a connection with a Nice guy, I mean I even told him like, you know, I don’t really care about that stuff. I Get that and I mean I get straight to the point Like I heard the conversation back then how you’ve got worried about me talking about the chicks and stuff like that I mean, I like that you’re apologizing but I mean, we’re not exclusive Okay, so this is actually going smoother than I thought it would Mary is pretty common understanding as opposed to getting all wild and angry But I believe though that’s because this is not new news to her Remember she did already suspect that Justin was fooling around with other girls Are you mad that he like tested you because like testing something I mean, I just think it’s weird that you would think I would accept it for like money So just as I suspected Mary didn’t really feel like Justin was taking her serious, so she wasn’t taking him serious either but anyway since this confrontation wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be I then explained to Mary that we were filming for YouTube and that there would be an emoji covering her face and then I asked her if I could remove it and show her face and She said yeah, so you’re welcome Okay, I need you to release form After every day, but you’re really really doing yeah so, this is Mary everyone and Off-camera, I kind of told her I would give her a shout-out on Instagram. So here’s her Instagram Anyways, there was only one last question left to ask i this was all real would you have done with Aunt still? if this is all real what? give my motherfucking weed back nigga you re fucked up That’s all connection shorty warm, yeah giv And so with that we decided to shut the cameras off and let these two speak in private. Hopefully they can work things out However, if they don’t and they stop talking heck I mean at least Justin still has a sidekick Right, and that’s for all you single lustful men who end up sliding into Mary’s DMS? This is your one and only warning that you will be tested. Yes. I’m talking directly to you in What we just did oh my goodness we just dropped three new designs at universe comm they’re live right now for $19.99. However, if this video gets a hundred thousand comes up I’m about to do something that no other youtuber is ever done before I’m gonna put these shirts on sale for three days for $4.99 and of course, yes, you’re gonna have a people shipping But let me ask you do you want to pay 99 plus shipping or $4.99 plus shipping anyways as I always say that’s the price that I get them at and plus the shipping that you’re gonna be paying is what I wouldn’t Be paying in order to ship them to you guys. So I’m making zero dollars profit here. Why am I doing this? Well one I’m crazy too. I’m a bad business person and three. I’m not a gold digger I just want you guys rocky the freaking universe man Or not or not or not in which case you would be saving me and making me more money and stuff and yeah You know, you know or works for me, but yes, okay. I might regret this later, but

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  9. Idky you would even do this to a girl that isn’t even dating the guys…first off thats creepy as fuck that that guy wants to do a test on a “potential girlfriend” not to mention he fucks with another girl so wtf is he trying to find out? They aren’t official so i mean if she wants to be with someone else she can imo

  10. https://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be/pbELpTyd_HIhttps://youtu.be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  11. 7:03 and 22:16 tells me everything about Sergio and I hope that one day a girl breaks and crushes his ugly little heart

  12. I see a lot of people getting upset because of the fact that Mary wasn’t really at fault here. And that’s good. I like people speaking up.

    But, I haven’t seen these many angry faces when it’s a guy who’s been done wrong. And guess what, it’s almost always a guy.
    Selective outrage much, eh?

  13. You can't use Ant. Dude has zero game. You need to use a real baller who's used to getting hot girls. Ant look like he's used to getting rejected by employers.

  14. I actually got annoyed at the part where she noticed the camera, all he had to say was "yeah i have cameras set up for security reasons" since he's rich af it'd make sense, instead he said it's a lego LMFAO

  15. He donsnt have the right to be or upset or hurt because there not together and he has a side chick anyway she is just a nice girls looking for a potential bf he got friend zoned but he wanted to amywahy

  16. This shouldn't even be an episode. We shouldn't be entertaining people who are potential cheaters. Justin needs to grow up and leave women alone when he himself isn't even ready to be a man.

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