Winning Trades Wipe Away Losing Trades

4 Replies to “Winning Trades Wipe Away Losing Trades”

  1. When your trading if I was to guess you only put a small percentage of your trading capital towards penny stocks as risk management. And that's why you don't care about if their a penny stock or not.

  2. Great video Clay! Check this out.. my biggest realized loss this year is $-0.66 cent lol. I am not kidding you. And my biggest win is $65. I have 20 shares in JNJ and a $-22.50 unrealized loss on JNJ and $-7 on ADM 15 shares But i aim to keep JNJ into my portfolio forever. And ADM also for a long time for dividends. Sold my other dividend positions with a profit. Now im 57% in cash lol. Waiting for stocks to go down. I wanted to redesign my portfolio and focus on quality dividend stocks.

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