WooCommerce – Product Categories not showing in Menu settings

Hi Guys this is Jaime fromsystem22.net and great-webdesign.com/ just been building a WooCommerce site here an e-commerce
store it’s part of one of our upcoming courses come across a little interesting
problem that a few people have asked me about we’re getting ready to customize
our menus and put in what we want to in our menus here and as you can see our
categories menus got got a regular cart and shopping cart in it
so if we go to our menus section in the dashboard here and their appearance and
menus you’ll notice there is no product categories for the WooCommerce you know
those categories that are actually for our post and posts we haven’t got
anything in there so you know if we’re creating a menu
there’s no way to add our categories to that menu
well thankfully it’s very easily solved what you need to do is I’m sure a lot of
you WordPress veterans will know this and to go out to your screen options
they don’t clutter up the screen by putting everything on there at once so
sometimes you’ll have to go up click that little screen options tab up there
and now we can check the product categories and it’ll add it there it’s
just added it there so now we’re free to add our product categories to our menu
as needed and continue with our menu creation well I hope that’s been helpful
to you once again this is Jamie from system 22 and great web design calm
little things like this can drive you absolutely crazy so I hope that saves
you some time please subscribe to our Channel and thanks for watching

35 Replies to “WooCommerce – Product Categories not showing in Menu settings”

  1. I'm having another big problem, I've been searching for everything. but at the add new product page. My product that i added does not show the product categories. So i cannot assign a product to a specific categorie in my vertical menu, it only shows some random page categories. i've been trying everything but nothing works. can you help me out?

  2. Brilliant, thanks been looking for a solution to that, but oddly on my Surface Pro and MS Edge in screen options there is no "product category" option to tick, yet it's right there on my desktop and Google Chrome

  3. thank you sir ………….. love you……………………….. i am from india.. your video 100% help for me…

  4. Cheers fella 🙂 That was a great help. I was worried that I was going to have to write a function or something to fix it.

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