Yourviews – Ideal para todo e-commerce

Your e-commerce has visitors but do not convert as you want it? May be your customers doesn’t trust it enought to buy in your store approximately 75% of the consumers are influencied by buying experience from others So, why not encourage your customers to tell about their experiences? To do it you can use Yourviews. The ideal solution for any e-commerce Upon receiving the product in his house, the consumer will receive an e-mail to review it through a form personalized by you This review will appear on the product’s page Improving it’s SEO, generating trust and answering doubts of other costumers This way, your own consumers give credibility to your store And they can post their opinion on social networks too Every e-mail sent by Yourviews contains personalized offers for your customer Instigating them to buy again All buyers can also review your store, giving rates to buying process, support and delivery It’s another way of gaining trust from future customers and increase your income With Yourviews you will also have a smart Q&A system. Where question from consumers can be answered by you or by your past clients After just a few time, the system will automatically answer commom questions What are you waiting for increasing your sales? Yourviews. The best solution for any e-commerce

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  1. Excelente ferramenta , fazendo com que o cliente tenha uma feedback de outros usuários, gerando assim segurança e conforto para o cliente efetuar compra. Yourviews está de parabéns. Excelente custo beneficio.

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